Every one of us is certainly aware that the iPhone is a powerhouse that can fit in the pocket and offers us a whole universe of information and entertainment. However, for security purposes, when ensuring your children are using the digital terrain safely, it’s time to get the cavalry, otherwise known as the “parental control apps”.

The online world is similar to a gigantic digital playground. Although it is full of fun and knowledge, it also has its own issues. Such are these tech-savvy, digital godfathers. They are your spies in monitoring, managing, and limiting your kids’ iPhone expeditions.

Here, we are embarking on a journey to the land of iPhone parental control apps. These are not ordinary applications but your friends in providing your child’s environment with safe and balanced grounds.

Google Family Link stands out as a good choice for iPhone users who want to keep an eye on what their children are up to online, while still trusting them with some level of independence. Family Link is not only watching over their shoulder in the virtual world but also promoting an even use of devices. This small app will give you control over privacy settings and let you know how your child is using the screen and where their devices are exactly.

Google Family Link Best Parental Control Apps for iPhone

However, Family Link is not about surveillance alone; it promotes collaboration among parents in digital parenting. As a protective parent, you can help your child go through age-suitable information by allowing or rejecting app downloads. You can also select what to let your children watch from Family Link – a YouTube environment to observe or a safer YouTube Kids. The app also lets you know what information your child is sharing online and allows you to grant permission for specific sites and monitor all extensions to keep your child safe online. Google Family Link provides a unique combination of trust and control to ensure your child’s iPhone use is kept under control.

Key Features:

  • Set screen time limits, downtimes, and app-specific restrictions
  • Check and monitor your kids’ YouTube activity
  • Check their location status in real time and know their whereabouts
  • Secure their account with PIN and take control of their device

2. FamiSafe-Parental Control App

FamiSafe is not just any parental control app; it’s an award-winning digital guardian that’s here to make your iPhone parenting journey a breeze. Recognized as the 2021 Family Choice Award Winner, this app doesn’t just play the role of a watchful eye but acts as a comprehensive digital parenting assistant, ensuring your child’s iPhone experience is safe and sound. Whether it’s limiting screen time, blocking apps, filtering websites, or explicit content, you’re in charge with FamiSafe.

FamiSafe-Parental Control App Best Parental Control Apps for iPhone

But that’s not all. FamiSafe introduces a cutting-edge feature – AI rewriting your family story. It’s like having a digital partner that helps shape a responsible and secure digital world for your child. You can keep a keen eye on your child’s screen time, even remotely blocking or allowing access through Screen Time control. Location tracking is a breeze, and you can set up safe zones for your kids, receiving alerts when they venture beyond these boundaries. For teens with a need for speed, FamiSafe keeps tabs on driving habits by recording speed, driving time, and hard braking, encouraging responsible driving.

Key Features:

  • Check apps your kids are installing or uninstalling
  • Get alerts when your kids download explicit content
  • Remotely track their phone activities
  • Monitor blocked apps and games for your children
  • Find WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and more

3. Parental Control App – Kidslox

Kidslox is one of the innovative solutions that have been developed in the arena of digital parenting. It is not just spying on children’s devices but also promoting sanity in digital life. With functions like blocking apps, disallowing Internet access, and filtering web content, Kidslox gives you the power to control your kid’s online experience. It enables you to create weekly schedules, including daily screen limits, and also offers information about how your children use their devices.

Parental Control App - Kidslox Best Parental Control Apps for iPhone

However, this feature would be a game changer — Screen Time Rewards, a brilliant tool which motivates kids to first finish their homework or home chores before they can enjoy screen time. You can control up to 10 devices in your one account, whether they are iPhones, iPads, iPods, or any other smartphone. Worried about your kids’ whereabouts? Location tracking on a map is also available with Kidslox and they will send you a message if your kids enter or leave predefined areas. The whole idea is to ensure that there is a safe browsing experience; you can filter adult content which includes pornography, gambling, and violence, among others.

Key Features:

  • See the location of your kids’ devices on the map
  • Switch between different restriction levels at the touch of a button
  • Kidslox PINs prevent clever kids from changing restrictions
  • For extra security, block internet access completely
  • Ban games like Minecraft, Clash of Clans, and Pokémon Go

4. AirDroid Parental Control

In terms of having the safety of your child’s digital parenting at the core of iPhone security, AirDroid Parental Control is unquestionably a true friend. This app allows direct contact with any parent concerned about their child’s health. AirDroid allows you to spy on child’s activities and keep track of what he or she is doing at school in real time.

AirDroid Parental Control Best Parental Control Apps for iPhone

It is also possible to monitor the apps they use, as well as the frequency of their usage. The real-time sync function keeps parents who are conscious of social media updated with their children’s activities on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. You can even go further by allowing them to make calls if only on the approved apps. Worried about their whereabouts? You will also know their accurate locations on the map with a daily track of the routes they take. Moreover, custom geofencing is a virtual guard that will notify you when your child goes beyond predetermined areas. Also, if you want to know the charging level of your kid’s device, AirDroid Parental control will be very helpful for you.

Key Features:

  • Livecast the screen of your child’s device to your phone
  • Track your child’s chats on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, etc.
  • Protect your child’s privacy by setting up phone access permissions
  • Track their location throughout the day and their whereabouts

5. Findmykids: Location Tracker

Findmykids makes it easier than ever to stay connected with your child, even when they aren’t by your side. This app is built to ensure your child’s safety and to provide you with a reliable means of communication. The app goes beyond tracking; it’s about keeping your kid safe and connected.

Findmykids: Location Tracker Best Parental Control Apps for iPhone

The featured GPS location tracker is a digital map pointing to your child’s whereabouts and their location history of the day. Additionally, Findmykids provides you with valuable data about your kid’s screen use time. It tells you which educational applications your kid has used or how much time he/she spent using their smartphone. As for security, this tool gives you the ability to receive alerts when your child arrives at school, gets back home, or gets to another place of concern. The low battery notification makes it easy for you to monitor their device, keeping you updated anytime your child has a low battery. Findmykids is much more than just a locator; it allows you to remain connected physically to your child and feel confident they are safe.

Key Features:

  • Make your child’s phone loud if they are having difficulty finding it
  • Chat with your child using the app using funny stickers & more
  • Look for distractions that keep them from focusing in class
  • Keep track of your child’s arrival and departure from school.

6. Parental Last Seen Monitor

Digital spying has never been easier and more convenient than through the Parental Last Seen Monitor app. The app allows you to track their whereabouts, whether online or in person, ensuring that they are safe all the time. That’s all you need to say to feel connected despite the distance or absence.

Parental Last Seen Monitor Best Parental Control Apps for iPhone

The app helps you check the time intervals for the online and offline moments of your little one’s devices giving you insights on what devices they are using. Additionally, it allows sending you real-time notifications concerning the situations. Moreover, if you would like to control their online time, the application helps you block their screen access at specific hours. Not about control; just right for your child’s digital lifestyle. A must-have for parents is the Parental Last Seen Monitor app as a companion that helps keep your children safe and accountable in our digital age.

Key Features:

  • Get notified when your kid goes online and offline
  • Keep track of their last activity

7. Parental Control App – OurPact

Our last app in the list provides an easy way of monitoring your kids’ online activities and making sure that they are safe and secure. It has an app blocker that stops browsing or any message coming into your phone with a simple press. Another way to protect your online environment is by blocking certain websites and even adult content. The new app alerts ensure you are constantly updated whenever a new application is installed on your children’s device.

Parental Control App - OurPact Best Parental Control Apps for iPhone

OurPact goes even further and it includes real-time notifications through Geofencing with Places so that you will be aware when your children leave or arrive in the most crucial places. With Find My Family, you can trace a single family member using geolocation and geofencing. OurPact is more than just a parental control application. It is a total solution that will help you ensure that your children are safe and responsible online.

Key Features:

  • Block apps, texts, websites, schedules and more
  • Parental controls also enable parents to locate their paired devices
  • Keep track of your child’s new app installations
  • Set daily screen time limits for your kids

8. Qustodio – Overall Best App

Qustodio is the most full-featured parental control app that provides complete oversight over your child’s device usage. It has precise location tracking that allows you to see where your child is at all times on a map, enabling you to monitor their location when they leave the house. Qustodio’s web filter blocks millions of inappropriate websites and content to keep your child safe from adult content, drugs, violence, and more.

Qustodio Parental Control App

You’re able to monitor texts and social media chats to stay on top of who they are communicating with and what is being said. Detailed activity reports provide insight into exactly how your child is spending time on their device including apps used, sites visited, and search terms. Qustodio works seamlessly across iOS, Android, Mac, PC, and Kindle devices through its user-friendly cross-platform dashboard.

Key Features:

  • Robust web filtering blocks
  • Real-time Location tracking visibility
  • Activity reports for device usage
  • Protects from online risks
  • For iOS, Android, Mac, PC and Kindle

9. Bark – Monitoring Texts and Social Media

What makes Bark stand out is its advanced monitoring of texts, YouTube, emails, and 30+ apps for any signs of cyberbullying, depression, online predators, and other risks. It uses AI and machine learning algorithms to discreetly analyze all conversations across platforms and alert parents about any concerning activity detected.

Bark Parental Control App

You’ll get alerts for suggestive messages, signs of self-harm, connections with strangers, drug terms, and more. Bark also filters YouTube and video game streams for violent, sexually explicit, or age-inappropriate content. Weekly email summaries give parents greater insights into their child’s online well-being trends. With web and mobile access, Bark makes it easy to stay on top of your child’s digital life 24/7.

Key Features:

  • AI monitoring of texts and 30+ apps for concerns
  • Catches signs of cyberbullying, depression, predators
  • Filters YouTube and Video games
  • Weekly summary emails provide usage trends
  • Web and mobile access enables

10. OurPact – To Managing Multiple Devices

OurPact makes it easy for busy parents to set consistent parental controls across an unlimited number of iOS and Android devices. No matter how many phones, tablets, or laptops everyone in your family has, you can sync OurPact’s settings to all of them in seconds. Restrictions like app blocking, web filtering, location tracking and screen time schedules are quickly and seamlessly applied to every device connected to your account.

OurPact Parental Control App

OurPact also enables geofencing to receive notifications when your child leaves or enters designated areas. With OurPact’s centralized cross-platform management, you gain visibility and control without the headaches of configuring separate apps for every device.

Key Features:

  • Syncs restrictions across unlimited iOS and Android devices
  • Enables consistent rules for all kids’ devices
  • Blocks apps, filters web, sets screen time schedules
  • Tracks location with geofencing alerts
  • Centralized management avoids per-device config

11. Circle Parental Controls App

Circle stands out with its industry-leading content filtering capabilities across iOS, MacOS, and Windows devices. Leveraging crowdsourced ratings and algorithms, Circle blocks millions of inappropriate websites in 30+ categories including pornography, violence, gambling, and more to protect children.

Circle Parental Control App

Customized filters can be set per family member based on age and maturity level. Time limits, app blocking, and pausing internet access are also configurable to shape healthy digital habits. Circle prevents kids from accessing dangerous content while allowing parents to still permit certain approved sites. For powerful content filtering across all devices, Circle Parental Controls is a top choice.

Key Features:

  • Leading content filter blocks inappropriate sites
  • Customizable filtering based on age
  • Works across iOS, Android, Windows and MacOS
  • Limits screen time and pauses internet

12. Life360 – Live Location Tracking App

Life360 is the leading family location tracking app, providing parents with real-time visibility into their child’s location via an interactive map. Custom alerts can be set up for important places like schools, homes, and friends’ houses. Life360 goes beyond tracking with crash detection alerts, direct in-app communication with family members, and roadside assistance if your child needs help.

Life360 Parental Control App

Parents gain valuable insights into location history to understand routines and driving habits. With advanced real-time tracking, safety features, and family coordination tools, Life360 gives parents the visibility they need to monitor their child’s location and ensure greater peace of mind.

Key Features:

  • Real-time location tracking on a map
  • Custom alerts for places important to your family
  • Crash detection and roadside assistance features
  • In-app communication with family members
  • Location history provides insights on activities


We’ve had a look at the champions of the digital scanning world, and all with unique characters and characteristics. No matter if you are a movable professional, a student trying to clear up your desktop, or simply a person who wants to keep important files, there is an app for you.

Keep in mind that every app is different with respect to its features and your needs when choosing the best app for you. Do not hesitate to experiment, sample various applications, and get that app which makes your workflow easy. But here’s the bottom line: By going digital with your documents, you save time, and space, and reduce the carbon footprint of handling papers. It’s a win-win!

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