With the exponential growth of eCommerce and online shopping, package tracking apps have become essential for monitoring order shipments and deliveries. These convenient mobile apps allow you to monitor the progress of shipments from pickup to doorstep delivery with just the tracking number. They provide up-to-date status information, delivery estimates, location tracking, and notifications to help you stay on top of all your purchases without wondering where they are. 

This article covers the top package tracking apps for iPhone and Android that provide the features and carrier support needed for hassle-free parcel monitoring.

1. 17TRACK Package Tracker

17TRACK Package Tracker

17TRACK is one of the most popular and full-featured tracking apps available. It supports delivery monitoring for over 1500 major and niche carriers worldwide including USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL, China Post, TNT, Hermes, and more. The app provides detailed tracking with status updates at every step of the delivery process. You can view the entire route on a map along with each location and date. Expected delivery dates are shown and you get notifications whenever there is a status change.

17TRACK also works for international packages and less known carriers. The Timeline feature neatly arranges all scans and events on a package. There are also handy tools like package sharing and searching by reference numbers. However, 17TRACK displays ads within the app interface which can be removed via a premium subscription. The free version lacks some useful upgrades like real-time tracking and enhanced push notifications. But the core tracking experience remains excellent.

  • Supports over 1500 major and niche carriers worldwide
  • Provides detailed delivery timelines and status updates
  • Useful timeline and map views to track packages
  • Delivery date estimates and push notifications
  • Package sharing and search tools
  • Displays ads in free version
  • Paid subscription is required for full features
  • Can occasionally miss updates on some carriers

2. AfterShip Package Tracker

AfterShip Package Tracker

AfterShip offers tracking for over 700+ major and obscure carriers worldwide including USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL, Canada Post, Australia Post, China Post, Singapore Post, and many more. One of its most useful features is automatically importing and tracking packages from shipment notification emails sent by online retailers. This makes adding new orders effortless.

The app provides in-depth tracking timelines for each package showing the entire transit history with detailed status events, expected delivery date, origin and destination addresses, location history mapped out, and more.

You can enable delivery milestone notifications so AfterShip alerts you when there are status changes like out for delivery, arriving at destination, etc. Packages can also be organized on a map to see their current locations. While the tracking can occasionally miss the mark compared to carrier sites, AfterShip remains an excellent choice for its expansive support and automated email import which simplifies monitoring orders.

  • Tracks over 700+ global couriers and services
  • Automated package tracking from email receipts
  • Expected delivery dates and status change alerts
  • Organizes packages on map view
  • Tracking accuracy can be inconsistent at times
  • Limited customization options

3. ParcelTrack – Parcel Tracker

ParcelTrack Package Tracker

ParcelTrack focuses on providing a seamless, hassle-free tracking experience for domestic and international packages shipped via major carriers like USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL, Canada Post, Australia Post, Singapore Post, and more. Once you enter the tracking number, ParcelTrack quickly fetches the data from the courier databases and displays core details like origin address, destination address, current status, expected delivery date, location pinpointed on the map, and a basic timeline with the main status events and scans.

One of ParcelTrack’s key strengths is the simplicity and responsiveness of its tracking interface. Details load rapidly with no lag or bloated designs. You can drill down for more timeline scans if needed or view the current location plotted on a map. ParcelTrack also sends push notifications to your device whenever there is a status change like “out for delivery” so you don’t need to constantly check the app. For users who just need basic reliable delivery monitoring with no hassles, ParcelTrack delivers an excellent experience.

  • Simple, fast, and lag-free interface
  • Reliable tracking for major domestic and international couriers
  • Essential details like current status, expected delivery, map
  • Push notifications for status changes
  • Lacks support for smaller, more obscure carriers
  • Minimal timeline information

4. Route: Package Tracker

Route Package Tracker

Route is a top-rated package tracking application that provides users with real-time visibility and updates on all their shipments. With Route, you can easily monitor deliveries from over 600 carriers worldwide right from your smartphone. The app automatically imports tracking numbers from your email receipts so you don’t have to search for shipping notifications. You’ll receive real-time push notifications as your package makes its way to you, keeping you informed of each step from origin scan to out for delivery to delivered.

Route visually maps your package’s journey so you can see its current location and progress. The app syncs with major US carriers like USPS, UPS, and FedEx as well as international couriers like DHL and Canada Post. The route also compiles your full order history across retailers into one place, making it easy to track previous purchases. With its user-friendly interface, automatic tracking capabilities, and real-time alerts, Route provides an unmatched experience for tracking a package.

  • Auto tracking number import
  • Real-time status updates
  • Visual map tracking
  • Syncs with major carriers
  • Consolidated order history
  • Track all orders & carriers
  • Premium required for full features
  • App’s package insurance is not reliable
  • Privacy concerns with data access

5. Shop: All your Favorite Brands

Shop Package Tracker App

Shop provides a convenient one-stop dashboard as a package tracker from over 400 major online retailers along with shipping carrier updates. Instead of hunting down order confirmations from different merchants, Shop lets you see pending orders from stores like Amazon, eBay, Target, Walmart, Home Depot, Etsy, and many more all in one place. For each order, Shop fetches and compiles the data to display details like retailer, order number, purchase date, items purchased, shipping service, current status, timeline, expected delivery date, origin and destination addresses, and location pinpointed on the map.

The app sends push notifications to your device so you are alerted for status changes like “shipped” or “delivered.” Quick access links make it easy to jump to the carrier’s tracking page for more details. Shop neatly organizes all your packages in one dashboard. While Shop may miss some more obscure online stores, it makes tracking orders from multiple retailers incredibly smooth by combining merchant and shipping data into one clear interface. For avid online shoppers, it is an invaluable tool for tracking a package.

  • Tracks orders from 400+ popular online retailers
  • Combines merchant and shipping info in one place
  • Push notifications for delivery updates
  • Quick access to carrier tracking tools
  • Misses more obscure online stores
  • Occasional tracking errors or missing data


In summary, there are a variety of excellent parcel tracking apps to choose from based on your specific needs. The top all-round choices provide extensive carrier support, detailed tracking information, and notifications to make package monitoring smooth. Specialized options are also available if you just need domestic tracking or international coverage.

Evaluate the pros and cons to decide which app aligns best with your online shopping and delivery tracking preferences. With the right package tracker, you can conveniently stay updated on all your orders and purchases right from your mobile device.

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