Beats has come up with the new Beats Powerbeats wireless earphone and it is really worth checking out. After the Powerbeats 3, this latest Beats Powerbeats 4 earphone has been released recently and it offers excellent functionalities. The most special point that we can say this earphone has is the Apple H1 chip which provides Siri support. 

The sound quality of this earphone can be compared with the very popular Powerbeats Pro. Today, we will check out the earphones and have a look at the features in detail in this post. If you are thinking of buying a new one for yourself anytime soon then you should definitely decide to go for this one. 

Let us move ahead and have a look at the features point-wise so you can quickly make the decision to buy it or not. 

Battery Performance and Playback Controls

This earphone has a battery life of 15 hours upon a full charge which is really great. Just charge it completely once and then you can continuously listen to your favorite music or attend n number of company meetings on it. It lasts three hours longer than the Powerbeats 3.  If you charge it for 5 minutes then it will give you a one-hour long-lasting duration. 

The playback controls are given on the right-sided earphone. Press the button once for play/pause, two times for skipping and three times for going back. For activating SIRI, press it and hold it for some seconds. Volume control is given on the top of the right pods and the left has the On/Off button. 

The audio sharing feature is provided with this earphone is really good. You can share your audio with other Powerbeats earphones or Airpods that any other person is using. 

Beats Powerbeats 4

Apple H1 Wireless Chip

It comes integrated with the H1 wireless chip developed by Apple which helps to call Siri and sync it with other Apple devices as well. 

Connecting with Siri, you can have the same experience as you have with your iOS devices. It can make a call for you, read text messages and answer all the questions that you want to ask. 

You can ask anything to search on the internet and it will do instantly and provide you with the answers. In short, it will be a similar experience as you have when you use it on your iPhone. 

What is the Price?

The main concern while we buy a new product is the price; we should know how much it costs us so we can plan out the monthly budget accordingly. Talking about the price of this earphone, it is $149.99. It is completely justified with the awesome features provided by the earphone.

It is $50 less than the previous version with better features, isn’t that great! It has got available online and in-store from March 18, 2020 and people have already started buying it.

Beats Powerbeats 4


The design of these earbuds is really good, it is having the curved stem that was seen in the previous models. The curved stem lets it have a good ergonomic design. When you first unbox it, you will find a small lightning USB cable, a small case for carrying it from here and there and 2-3 earpieces to try out. 

Try out all the different ear tips that are available (small, medium, large) and figure out which one suits you in the best way and use it. The right ear tip will not only provide you comfort in the best manner but will also provide you with an excellent sound quality as well which will change your mood from low to high anytime. 

There is a wire running between the two buds but you will feel comfortable using it as Apple ensures that they have put proper efforts to make it feel invisible. 


Talking about the performance, it is really good, similar to that of the Powerbreats Pro. Powerbeats Pro provides excellent sound quality when you hear your favorite music or any audio and similar to it, this earphone piece provides amazing music quality. 

The more you listen to music from the earphones, the more you come to know about its quality and performance. As the earphone has got recently released, true feedback about its performance will come with time. But as per the feedback we have received from some of the users, we can say that it is a well-balanced headphone and you will really enjoy it. 

It doesn’t cancel total noise and allows some to enter your buds which is actually good for your health. If it cancels total noise then it will be really bad for your health as it can impact your hearing ability. If you are a professional singer or musician and want to buy the earphone for your work then this will be a con for you.  

Beats Powerbeats 4(1)

Water and Sweat Resistance

It is water and sweat resistant which is really good as you won’t have to worry if it falls in water or if your sweat falls onto it while you do heavy exercise in the gym or do running or jogging. It has got an IPX4 rating.

So, if you need them to carry to your gym or at your garden while you walk or do jogging, you can carry it without any fear and even if it falls in a swimming pool or gets wet in the rain then there are not many worries, check if it works and if it doesn’t then give it a blow of dry air and it will be ready…


Here were the Beats Powerbeats review. I hope you got a complete idea of it. Now, if you are looking to get one for yourself then you should definitely get this one as it will be worth its cost providing you great sound quality. 

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