Coronavirus outbreak is spreading across the globe with the number of positive cases increasing day by day. With more than 10 lakh positive cases globally and more than 50k deaths, the virus is becoming dangerous for us and the world economy is also deprecating. 

Amidst the pandemic, many people have started thinking of innovative ideas that can help us to prevent getting infected. It is really good to see how the creativity and innovativeness of people are coming out at this crucial time. One’s mind indeed gets very active when some critical situation bangs the door. 

People have started thinking out of the box and are putting efforts to reinvent something or make changes to the existing ones to help defend the pandemic in a better way and easy way. There are few coronavirus gadgets that we will show you today in this post so that you can have an idea about it.

Let us check out the first one.

Hook for Opening the Door

new gadget for coronavirus


One such idea was to find something that can help us to stop getting infected while we open the door. You know that doctors and medical experts are informing us to stop touching any unnecessary things to avoid getting in contact with the virus. If it is absolutely necessary to touch the thing then we have to wash our hands afterward with soap and water or a sanitizer. 

Forgoing in or out of the house, we need to touch the door handle and it is an object which is touched multiple times in a day. 

Thinking of this problem, Steve Brooks, designer and owner at DDB Ltd. produced a hook that can solve our problem. This hook is small in size and can be easily fitted inside the pocket. One can easily carry it from one place to another; it is made from a nonporous material so it is easy to clean too. 

With this hook, you can easily open the door and now no need to use your little finger or finding the part of the door that is untouched. 

Companies Coming Forward to Produce Medical Equipment

new gadget for coronavirus


It is seen that due to the rapid increase of positive cases around the world, there is a dire shortage of medical equipment like masks, ventilators, sanitizers, gowns, etc. 

Many political leaders have asked companies to help combat the need for this shortage and replying to this request, many top-notch companies have come forward to make the equipment or donate the equipment to those who need it. 

Big companies like Airbus and Ford have started manufacturing sanitizers, masks, and ventilators. 

Ford is partnering with GE and 3M to speed up the process of making ventilators. The company is providing products and technical efforts to increase the ventilator units that GE makes, it has simplified the design of the ventilator to reduce the time for its production. 

With the partnership with 3M, Ford is sending engineers and setting up more facilities to increase the production of powered air-purifying respirators that 3M is manufacturing for the healthcare workers.

This partnership will contribute to getting more ventilator units for the medical staff and eventually setting quick treatment for the Corona patients. 

Many such companies have taken the initiative and set up the factories and production units to manufacture the medical equipment in a short period which is appreciable. 3D printing and high-tech software and advancements are helping us to quickly deliver the necessary equipment. 

Creative Contest held in California

There was a contest announced two weeks ago by a California based product design company- CAD crowd where people had to come with new products that can help us combat Corona in a better way. 

The contest received around 65 entries. One idea was of a device that can open the car doors for you so that you don’t have to touch the handle. The second was of a wrist-mounted disinfectant sprayer, a third new invention was of a glove that can help you to push any button with your knuckles.


new gadget for coronavirus


There is a company called Slightly Robot that had developed a wristband that helps to reduce hair-pulling, nail-biting and skin-picking. 

After Corona got spread in the USA, the owners of this company: Joseph and Matthew Toles decided to do something in the direction where people can defend Corona in a better way and so made a new smart band called the Immutouch.

This smart band gives a buzz when the wearer’s hand goes near the face so the person gets alerted and avoids touching his face unnecessarily. As we know that our face, mouth, and eyes are the place where the virus can enter our body, this COVID 19 gadget will help us to prevent infection more effectively.  They have already made 400 devices and are going to sell now. 

One robotic software company has found a way to automate the filing of virus test results so that the nurses don’t need to take time for filling out the data and can pay attention to the patients for quick recovery. 

Another US-based company has come up with a new gadget for coronavirus that can measure the temperature of a person’s forehead. It will send alerts immediately if it detects a fever. This gadget for coronavirus can be used at airports, offices, and hospitals.


This was all about the new invention for coronavirus. Hope to see many more inventions and coronavirus gadget in the upcoming days. These inventions are going to help us a lot to tackle the outbreak.