4 Excellent Apps To Make Friends Around The World

apps to make friends around the world

Want to make new friends around the world? Then, have a look at the excellent apps brought to you by Technographx in this article. These apps will make you connect with people who share same interests with you. Here, we gives an example of apps to make friends around the world! 

1) Patook

Source: girlgonelondon.com

This App named Patook is one of the most popular apps to make friends around the world. The app uses a very simple mechanism for finding friends according to your interests, age, opinions, and values. The app provides an option for contacting the people that are far from you. The best asset that the app offers is an excellent opportunity to meet someone with the same interests.

2)  MeetUp

Source: meetupstatic.com

It is one of the most effective apps for making new friends. The best part of the app is the focus on letting the users be able to meet with people in real life. It allows you to find people near you and make plans with them for going to parties, events, movies and so on. The app is having an integrated messenger that you can use to maintain contact all along the day.

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3) People hunt

Source: idownloadblog.com

If you are preferring to meet only one person and not a group – then this is the perfect app for that use. This app is available for iOS and will help you to connect with the people with whom you share the same interests. It will help you to connect with such people and talk with them about common interests and topics. You can sign in to the app with a simple click and also link your Facebook account with it. There are the best productivity iOS apps which will surely amaze you.


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It is one of the best and oldest apps to help people meet others. It will allow you to connect and meet people close to you or around the world if you want to cross borders. The app is having a huge platform full of new people to get in contact with. You will be able to chat, meet and make new friends through this app.  

So, these were the different apps to make friends around the world. Download them now for making new friends across the world.