Android is the most widely used OS around the globe. Additionally, you may already be knowing security codes if you’ve been using an Android device for some time. But are you aware of some crucial Android Secret codes that you must know? The majority of Android devices introduced by major brands come equipped with advanced security features. The Android system that is pre-installed has already activated some of them automatically.

Understand Android Secret Codes and their Importance

In the world of Android devices, there exists a secret world of secret security android codes. These codes, already fitted into the OS, offer users the pathway to a range of functionalities and tools. Taking note of and understanding these Android security codes entitles users to have a deeper understanding of their smartphones.

Understand Android Secret Codes and their Importance

The security codes are invaluable for customising and troubleshooting your device as they enable access to advanced settings of the device. These codes offer deeper perspectives beyond the surface-level-user interface and operations, ranging from signal strength to battery health.

Android Security Codes Categories

There are two main categories of security codes that you can run on your Android device.

  • USSD(Unstructured Supplementary Service Data):

In simple terms, USSD codes are used to unlock the hidden functionalities on your device. When the USSD codes are entered on a mobile device, a number of services, including tracking data usage, mobile recharges, and balance queries, are instantly accessible. It appears as the silent but effective communication link between users and their mobile service providers.

  • MMI(Man Machine Interface):

The phone manufacturing brands configure MMI codes, which you can use to unlock your phone’s hidden settings. MMI codes provide users with backstage access to device settings, enabling them to examine device information, set up call forwarding, and solve problems. Users can precisely and easily navigate the internal workings of their gadgets by using MMI codes.

Must Know Android Security Secret Codes

The most helpful Android Secret codes that you should be aware of and utilise on your phone are listed below.

1. *#06# (Viewing Phone’s IMEI)

You can view the IMEI number of your Android phone with this secret code. Acting as the digital fingerprint of your smartphone, the IMEI of your device is another crucial unique identifier. Checking the IMEI information can be helpful when purchasing a secondhand device.

2. #12580369# (Review Your Phone’s Software and Hardware)

You can verify details about the hardware and software of your phone, including the model build and OS version. But you’ll need to manually go through a number of menus in your phone’s settings. With the help of this code, you will be displayed the software and firmware version information, the hardware and device information, or the battery status and information more quickly.

3. ##4636## (Check Smartphone battery, WLAN, and other info)

security code to Check Smartphone battery, WLAN, and other info

This code allows you to review phone information related to WLAN, battery life, and other features. Using this USSD code, you can find out who is accessing your apps in addition to WLAN and battery status.

4. #0# (Activate General Test Mode)

The General Test Mode features are the best place to look for indications of a functioning Android phone. Access to a number of testing capabilities, including grip sensor, RGB testing, subkey, barcode emulator test, LED, front camera, touch testing, and device version information, is available once you enter this code. There is a high chance that your device has been tampered with if one or two of these functions need to be fixed.

5. ##1472365## (Carry out GPS test)

android secret code to Carry out GPS test

Being aware of whether your smartphone’s GPS is turned on or off can come in handy in a number of unanticipated scenarios, like losing or having your device stolen. Use this USSD code to determine the accuracy or strength of your Android GPS.

6. ##2664## (Touch Screen test)

Android Secret code for Touch Screen test

Testing the touchscreen through this code guarantees smooth functioning. It makes feedback faster and more precise, enhancing the overall responsiveness of the device. This technique helps detect and fix problems with the touchscreen, offering maximum performance and user satisfaction with the device’s touch-based functions.

7. *43# (Enable Call Waiting)

If you’re constantly on the phone, call waiting is the solution you need. Call waiting enables you to answer an incoming call when you are already on a call at that time. As a matter of fact, you can occasionally be able to move between the calls. To enable the service on your phone, just enter the code into the dialer. On the other hand, only a small modification to the code is required to deactivate it; simply enter #43# to turn off the call waiting.

8. *#67# (Shows the details of call forwarding)

Android Secret code to Shows the details of call forwarding

Callers can verify whether their calls are being routed to another number by dialing this code, which provides information regarding call forwarding settings. This security code is very helpful for keeping track of and controlling call forwarding settings in different scenarios. It further offers a practical means of guaranteeing that calls are routed in accordance with the user’s requirements and preferences.

9. ##225## (Displays stored calendar data)

Android Secret code to Display stored calendar data

To know more about the total events and holidays, this is the code used for accessing the stored data on your device’s calendar. This is helpful for getting quick access to the overall annual information. Moreover, you can also obtain information about the birthdays and any upcoming events while saving you time by not looking it up into the calendar manually.


Users looking for improved device control and security features should investigate these Android hidden security codes. When used wisely, these codes provide users access to advanced settings and troubleshooting tools. Including these codes in one’s collection of Android knowledge enhances one’s comprehension of the device’s operation and promotes a safer and more effective user experience.

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