Dog ownership is a lovely experience. You and your family will enjoy years of love, joy, and longevity with your dog. Many dog parents spend hours playing with their new pets to bond with them. Pets keep the family entertained and reduce stress. For those who want to train their dogs, free dog training apps can be helpful. Being a pet parent means teaching your dog manners. Don’t give up if the thought of paying a personal dog trainer makes you want to curl up and die! Dog training apps provide accessibility and convenience. Choose the best app for dog training from these apps.

1. Goodpup – Effective, personalized dog training

Goodpup Best Apps For Dog Training

Are you a dog owner searching for a quick and efficient method of training your furry buddy? Goodpup is the top pick among the best free dog training apps due to its personalized approach. For individuals in need of private instruction from certified and licensed instructors for their pets, it is an excellent option. Your dog’s behavior and specific skill training are assisted by these trainers through video chats. 

Additionally, the lessons take place instantaneously, so you can train your dog while the instructor makes sure everything is going as planned. The app offers fundamental training programs, including crate training, behavioral training, and potty training, among others. All a pet owner needs to do is find a suitable training program, make a quick evaluation, and set up a training regime. The rest is handled by Goodpup’s qualified trainers. Bid adieu to the traditional training and get the app asap!  

Key Features:

  • One-to-one training through video calls
  • Individualized, flexible training plan
  • Guided practice and regular progress checking
  • 24/7 Customer support availability

2. Puppr – Engaging lessons to transform dog training

Puppr best dog training app

Puppr is one of the most popular, best dog training apps available. It trains dogs using the Clicker method, so you can do it whenever it’s convenient for you. The app further offers a variety of fundamental courses to help you educate your dog for free, featuring over 100 lessons from renowned dog trainer Sara Carson.

Puppr also has an in-app clicker and an online store with training supplies, gear, and other necessities for pets. Additional features include an integrated clicker, a live chat function with expert trainers, and photo contests to showcase your dog’s talents to the Puppr community. Download this best free dog training app now to effortlessly train your pet.  

Key Features:

  • Step-by-step instruction video guide
  • Live chat availability
  • Fun features like photo contests
  • Courses and lessons for educating the pet

3. Doggy time – Best for monitoring training sessions 

Doggy time app for dog training

Doggy time is the one to go if you are looking to effortlessly schedule training hours. With the app, it helps transform the complexities of pet challenges in a joyful, organized, and playful way. In addition, it makes the training schedule, like potty training, along with numerous other developmental activities, smooth.  

Being one of the top dog training apps for iOS and Android, it also offers offline access for the users. On top of that, while training your puppy, you can also set timers for certain long-running activities. Maintaining a time schedule for activities like walking, sleeping, and crate training aids in your pet’s development.  

Key Features:

  • Makes pet training easier and joyful
  • Streamlined training regime
  • Time tracking for activities
  • Assists in pet development

4. Dogo – Personalized training under expert guidance

Dogo best dog training app

Dogo, being one of the best free training apps, offers various tips and tricks for pet training. Your training program is created by Dogo when you register and complete a brief test. Following the test, you’ll get access to text and video courses on a variety of topics, including obedience and potty training. 

You can also use the app to send recordings of you and your dog exercising so that qualified dog trainers can advise on them within a day. In addition to having millions of monthly users, Dogo offers video checkups to check on your dog’s health. Get your pet the best training available by downloading this free app. 

Key Features

  • Customized training program
  • Feedback from training experts
  • Regular health checks
  • Availability of text and video courses

5. GoDog – Putting pet owners in touch with reliable services

GoDog best free dog training app

For dog owners in the US, GoDog is the best free dog training app. It provides an easy-to-use platform full of features to assist you in successfully training your pet. With GoDog, you get quick access to resources from experts in dog training.

The app being suitable for both pet owners, and trainers, it offers step-by-step training instructions tailored to your dog’s needs. GoDog is unique in offering interactive training resources, such as live demos and video lectures. These materials help you and your doggo learn in an enjoyable and interesting way.

Key Features:

  • Live demo and video lectures
  • Activities tracking
  • Easy-to-use
  • AR availability for lessons

Pawing Up

Download these free dog training apps and get your pet access to the best training available. With live tracking, regular health monitoring and checkups, and more useful features, these apps aim to provide the best-in-class training. Get these apps now and learn how to keep your pet always active while participating in playful activities. Happy training!

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