The number of YouTube videos published and viewed is immense. Now, many people would want to listen just to the song and not watch the video. Those people need to convert the video on YouTube to mp3 format.

Today, there are a lot of online converters that help to convert videos to mp3; however, many of them are for downloading copyrighted videos. But still, you will get a genuine YouTube to mp3 converter that you can install on your PC, smartphone, or any other device. Apart from converters also, there are many ways that one can use to convert the videos to mp3.

YouTube is the best platform for streaming videos to learn new skills, get news, learn something, and for many other purposes. It is also the biggest video-streaming platform, and due to this, millions of people use YouTube to gain knowledge and for entertainment purposes.

When you want to download a video from YouTube, make sure to read teg terms & conditions, as downloading the video without the consent of the content creator may be a rule violation. So, make sure to be considerate about this particular thing.

Many people want to know how to convert YouTube to mp3, so here, we will aid you by telling you the ways to convert YouTube videos to mp3.

Major Ways to Convert YouTube Videos to MP3

1. With the Use of a Browser

youtube to mp3

One of the easiest & simplest ways to convert the video is through a browser. You can term it as the best method for video convert YouTube to mp3 as there will be no requirement of any 3rd party app.

The website “YoutubetoMp3convertor” is one of the most popular converters you can use to convert videos to the mp3. It can provide the best quality audio file to the users.

Follow the below steps to convert the video to mp3:

  • Firstly, go to the YoutubetoMp3convertor website and browse its search box.
  • Now, you must paste the video link in the search box, which you want to convert into mp3.
  • Hit the convert button.
  • You will see the “file size” and “file type” options, select the desired size and type, and click the download button on the side.
  • Your audio file is ready to play.

2. YouTube Music

youtube to mp3

If you only want audio music, whether online or downloaded, you should use YouTube Music. Using YouTube Music, your videos will automatically play in mp3. However, you must note that you must open the YouTube music app if you want to listen to the songs. If you have a premium subscription, you will be allowed to play the songs outside the app.

On YouTube music, you can choose your favorite singers; on that basis, the app will suggest the music tracks and channels. The app also keeps track of the songs you play, so you can easily re-listen those songs and present similar music.

The normal version of YouTube music is free; however, if you want to select the premium version, you need to pay for it. The premium version will cut the ads and also let you download the youtube videos so that you can use them even in offline mode.

3. Using SnapDownloader

youtube to mp3

With the use of SnapDownloader also, you can convert the videos to mp3. However, note that it will work for only Windows & Mac.

Follow the below steps to convert the video to the mp3:

i. Install the Trial Version of the Snap Downloader on the Desktop or Mac.

SnapDownloader is an amazing choice for downloading the best quality audio from any YouTube video. It also allows you to do the same on other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. The software is chargeable, but there is a trial period with limited features for testing purposes. Later, you can decide whether to purchase the premium version or not.

ii. Copy the Video Address

Now, you need to copy the video address you want to use for extracting the audio. For this, you need to bring up the YouTube video. The URL may then be highlighted by clicking the address bar, and then Control + C (on a PC) or Command + C (on a Mac) will copy it.

iii. Paste the Copied URL into the SnapDownloader

Now, you must right-click the field at the top of the SnapDownloader and select paste.

iv. Select Audio from the Output Format

On the top left side, you will find the option to select the audio format; click that option.

v. Select ‘Mp3’ Under the Output Format

Now, there are many audio outputs; to be specific, you must select the ‘Mp3’ format.

vi. Select the Quality

You will get various options to select the quality of the video, ranging from 32kbps to 320kbps. Choose ‘320 kbps’ for the good quality.

vii. Click Download

Now, you only have to click to download to get your audio file.

4. ByClick Downloader

youtube to mp3

You can also convert video to mp3 using ByClick Downloader, but remember that it only works for PC.

The following steps will help you to convert video to audio with the use of ByClick Downloader:

i. Install the ByClick Downloader

It is a free application for downloading the best quality mp3 records from any YouTube video. Simply visit the site of ByClick Downloader, and tap the download button to get this application.

ii. Select the Download Preferences

After introducing the application, you can use the toolbar to choose your inclinations. You really want to pick an organizer where you need to save the document; then you want to pick the configuration, so select the mp3 design. At last, you need to choose the quality; for the best quality, go for 320kbps.

iii. Get the YouTube Video Address

When you’re prepared to download, open the YouTube video in a new tab in your browser to retrieve the URL. To highlight the URL, click the address bar. Then, on a PC or a Mac, use Control + C to copy.

iv. Return to ByClick and Click

In addition to downloading the MP3 to your computer immediately, ByClick will provide a preview of your video. When the file is prepared, the tile will display “Download Complete.”

5. Motionbox’s YouTube to MP3

YouTube to MP3

The Motionbox’s YouTube to MP3 tool is a well-known and easy conversion website. You need to copy the link to the video and paste it into the app in the respective field. To save it to your device, you can click the download mp3 format.

youtube to mp3


In conclusion, we would say that YouTube is a large video-streaming platform, everyday lot of videos get uploaded on this platform on numerous topics. People can acquire skills, get an education, and even entertain themselves through all these videos.

Many people only want to use the audio of the video; then they need to convert that video to the audio, which you can do in different ways; we have mentioned major ways of doing so. You can take the idea from here and complete your task.

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