In this modern era, technology is one of the most talked-about genres. People are using the smartest technologies in every aspect of their lives, whether they are managing their personal life or work life. With thousands of electronic gadgets and tools available, life has become super easy for modern society.

There is probably a specific technology for every purpose now. Today, in this blog, we are going to discuss one of the best ones among them; AirPods. They are one of the smallest and easy-to-carry Bluetooth gadgets you can have. But only until they stop working!

Airpods have one single button on their charging case, so mostly, at a glance, it seems like if there are any problems with your AirPods, you cannot do anything to sort it out. But this is not the case with Apple Airpods. That one button is enough to fix many problems relating to it.

Moreover, you don’t have to run to the repair center every time there is a problem or keep wondering why won’t my Airpods connect to my MAC. Yes! This is one of the most common problems that Airpod users have to face.

So, if you also have a question like, “why won’t my Airpods connect to my MacBook?”, you have come to the right place. This blog will discuss a clear answer for ‘why my Airpods won’t connect to the MacBook?’ and how you can establish a successful connection between the two. 

Read about some of the quickest and smartest solutions to solve the Airpods not connecting problem, all by yourself! Here we start: 

Tip #1 

Your AirPods not connecting to the MacBook issue can be due to several reasons; it can be due to a complicated balance problem or certain hardware issues. The most common failure gets started with either the left or the right AirPod, which might stop working or get disconnected. 

If this is the case, you need to put your AirPods back into their charging case. And you need to ensure that your AirPods are charging back again. After that, you need to wait for a few seconds, and your Airpods will start working.

If they are still not working, you need to consider repairing your Airpods back with the help of your iOS device. However, when your Airpods are not connecting to your MAC, the first step you should take before thinking about anything else is cleaning your Airpods first. 

AirPods are one of the unique types of technology. It requires continuous cleaning, but they are not water-resistant; the 1st and 2nd generation AirPods are not claimed to be waterproof. However, Airpods Pro is one step ahead; They are liquid resistant up to a certain point in time. While you clean the Airpods, you have to remember that you are not doing any extra damage while removing the dirt. 

While you clean your Airpods, you need to take care of the below aspects :

  1.  Use a clean and slightly dampened cloth to remove any marks from the Airpod. Make sure you are using a soft, dry, and lint-free cloth. 
  2.  You have to make sure that your Airpods are completely dry before placing them back in the charging case. 
  3.  You should use a cotton swab for drying and cleaning your microphones and speakers. 
  4.  Make sure you are not using any sharp object for cleaning your Airports, irrespective of whether you have Generation 1, Generation 2, or Airpods Pro. 
why won't my airpods connect to my mac

Tip #2

Another effective answer to your problem that revolves around the question, ‘why won’t my Airpods connect to my Chromebook?’ is nothing but unpairing and repairing them with your MAC device. In almost 90% of cases, this trick works for the connectivity problem of Airpods.

You have to forget your Airpods in the settings while trying to pair and repair your device. The steps that you need to follow in this tip are:

In case of an iPhone: 

  1. First, open the setting of your phone 
  2. Choose Bluetooth
  3. Select the ‘i’ icon which lies next to your AirPods
  4. Forget your device 

In case of Mac Devices: 

  1. Go to System Preferences 
  2. Select Bluetooth 
  3. Choose the ‘X’ button, which lies beside your Airpods 
  4. Forget Device 

However, before you perform these steps, you should ensure the below factors:

  1.  Both your AirPods are in the charging case; you have closed the lid well and waited 30 seconds. 
  2.  Press and hold your Airpods’ button until the white light comes out. 
  3.  You have to keep your Airpods near any Apple devices, open the lid, and repair it again. 

Tip #3 

One of the significant reasons for having connecting problems with your Airpods is the non-availability of charge on your Airpods. Typically, in such a situation, Airpods don’t function or produce a very mild audio output while connecting to the host MAC device. 

So, what you need to do in this condition is put your Airpods back if you want them to charge up. When your AirPods start charging, you will be able to see it.

Tip #4

How you can connect back your Airpods to your Macbook if they are not getting connected is by booting your Airpods into a Bluetooth pairing mode. The Bluetooth pairing mode is one of the smartest MAC features used to connect the Airpods with any Apple gadget, even if your device is not connected to an iCloud account. This is absolutely straightforward. Isn’t it?

The steps that you have to take in this process are:

  1.  Place your AirPods in the charging case, and don’t close its lid down
  2.  If you consider the front part of the charging case, turn it around and find the round button. This is nothing but the setup button.
  3.  Press and hold that. Make sure you are not releasing the setup button until you can see a white light. 
why won't my airpods connect to my mac

Tip #5

Another effective way to connect your Airpods to your MacBook if they are not getting connected automatically is nothing but doing it manually. The Airpod not connecting issue can probably be solved perfectly by this process. Though you might think that it can be complicated, it is not. 

You have to take the below steps in this process. They are:

  1.  Turn on the Bluetooth and open the lid for the charging case of your Airpod
  2.  You need next to open the System Preferences section of your MAC and navigate towards the Bluetooth section
  3.  From the list of your connected devices, you have to click twice on your Airpods
  4.  You are done! 
  5.  These steps will force your Airpods and Macbook to connect 

Tip #6

This tip will be another smart trick to keep your Airpods and Macbook connected. If you are working with a bigger system, you need to try to troubleshoot the issue. But when it comes to your MacBook or an iPhone, all you need to do is make the Airpods your default. 

You have to take the below steps to connect your Airpods with your MacBook in this process:

  1.  First, you have to start with activating Bluetooth on your MAC and bring your Airpods near your MacBook. Make sure you are keeping the lid open 
  2.  Navigate to System Preferences, then Sounds, and then Output
  3.  Lastly, you must select the Airpods option from the list of connected devices to make it the default option for sound on your setup. 
  4.  Your MacBook and Airpods will be connected now 

Tip #7

Yet another amazing way to connect your Airpods and MacBook is resetting your Airpods. Resetting your AirPods will delete all the set configurations of your Airpods. So, what you will get is new software for your Airpods. You might consider resetting your AirPods as the last option as it might sound scary to you, but this is not the case. This is one of the most fantastic ways to solve your AirPods not connecting issue. 

You have to take the below steps to implement this step practically:

  1.  Press the Setup button and hold it there until the status light is amber in color a few times, and after some time, it flashes white 
  2.  This will help reset your Airpods back to the default position. After this, you should try to connect your Airpods with a MacBook. You will be successful. 

Tip #8

Updating your MacOS to its latest version is one of the best ways to connect your Airpods to your MacBook if they are not getting connected. If you update your operating system to its latest version, it can provide a lot of support to all of your new Apple devices, whether your Airpod or your MacBook. It can improve the performance and security of your MacBook, along with helping it get connected with your AirPods. 

If you are using the first-generation Airpods, you will need a minimum of macOS Sierra. When it comes to second-generation AirPods, make sure you are at least using MACOS Mojave 10.14.4. And if you are using the latest version of Airpods, Airpod Pro, go for macOS Mojave 10.14.4. It will help you get better connectivity for your AirPods and MacBook. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it Possible to Connect Two Airpods to One MacBook? 

Yes, you can connect multiple Bluetooth earphones to your MAC. But there can be only one active device at a time. It’s not possible to use two active Airpods with your MacBook at once. But you can use a couple of AirPods on an iPhone and share audio. 

2. Can I connect My Fake Airpods with My MacBook?

Yes, most probably it is possible to do so. For example, if you have knock-off Airpods, you can connect them to any device that supports Bluetooth.

3. Are Airpods Only Compatible with iPhones? 

Not at all. Airpods are compatible with devices that support Bluetooth headphones, including Android phones and Windows PCs. 

4. Why My Airpods Won’t Connect to My MacBook?

There could be many reasons behind your Airpods not being able to connect with your MacBook. Some of the most common ones are outdated operating system (OS), the low battery of the charging case and headsets, dirty charging port that prevents the device from charging, incompatibility problems between the macOS and Airpods. 

The Bottom Line  

Is your Airpod not getting connected to your MacBook?

Hopefully, it won’t be a hassle for you as you have already read this blog. The tips discussed above to re-establish a good connection between your Airpod and MacBook are the most effective ones!

In case you missed!