Apple Watch is the epitome of smartwatches in the present world. They’re great to look at, have unmatched features, and offer an excellent software experience. But like any device, it can suffer from occasional malfunctions. Mostly whenever you turn on your watch or update its new software version. There are a few common bugs with the watch, one of which is the watch getting stuck on the Apple logo.

If you’ve fallen victim to the issue and have been seeking help, I’m here to assist you. I’ve got a few troubleshooting steps on How to fix Apple Watch stuck on Apple Logo. Let’s examine each one in turn.

Understanding why your Apple Watch is displaying the Apple logo endlessly is crucial for effective troubleshooting. Several factors can contribute to this issue. Battery problems can sometimes lead to a stalled boot-up process, and ensuring your watch has enough power is a good starting point. Software glitches, whether due to recent updates or conflicts with apps, can also play a role. Moreover, storage issues and hardware problems should not be overlooked. By delving into these potential culprits, you can better pinpoint the root of the problem and explore the most appropriate solutions to get your Apple Watch back in action.

1. Charge Apple Watch

If your Apple Watch is showing the Apple logo and not progressing, the first thing to check is if it has enough power. Sometimes, the watch gets stuck when the battery is critically low. Connect your Apple Watch to its charge­r and let it charge for a while.

Ofte­n, a drained battery is the simple reason for this issue, and a full charge can get your watch back on track. So, before trying more complete solutions, give your watch a power boost and see­ if that solves the problem.

2. Restart Apple Watch

If your Apple Watch gets stuck in an endless loop displaying the Apple­ logo, a simple restart can often solve the problem. This straightforward and effective step can resolve many software issues that may be causing this situation.

To re­start your Apple Watch, press and hold both the side­ button and the Digital Crown simultaneously. Kee­p holding them until you see the Apple logo disappear and the scre­en goes black. Once it turns off, re­lease the buttons and wait for your watch to re­start.

It’s like giving your watch a moment of peace­ to refresh itself and hope­fully overcome the logo obstacle­. Give it a try, and witness your Apple Watch spring back to life­.

3. Delete Updated Software Using the iPhone

If your Apple Watch gets stuck on the Apple logo after a recent software update, there’s a simple way to potentially fix the issue. Just follow these steps using your paired iPhone:

  1. Open the Watch app.
  1. Go to ‘My Watch,’
  2. Then tap on ‘General.’
  3. Scroll down and select ‘Usage.’ ( Apple Watch apps and software are listed here. )
  4. Find the recent software update­ and tap on Delete App.
  5. After deleting the proble­matic update, restart your Apple Watch.

By doing this, you can resolve any conflicts or glitches caused by the update and get your watch up and running smoothly again. It’s like giving it a digital re­set button to ensure that any software­-related snags are cle­ared away.

4. Try Fixing the Issue Using Find My

Sometimes, a stuck Apple logo on your watch can be resolved remotely using the ‘Find My’ feature. If you’ve enabled this feature and your Apple Watch is linked to your Apple ID, you’re in luck.

Open the ‘Find My’ app on your paired iPhone or visit the iCloud website on a computer. Locate your Apple Watch in the list of devices and choose ‘Play Sound.’ This option will play a sound on your watch, which can help ‘unfreeze’ it. After the sound plays, you can restart your watch, and this might just do the trick in getting it back to normal operation. It’s a handy way to resolve the issue without erasing any data or settings.

5. Update to the Latest WatchOS Using the iPhone

If your Apple Watch is stuck in a continuous loop showing the Apple logo and you suspect it’s due to a software issue, try updating to the latest version of WatchOS. Apple frequently re­leases updates that addre­ss bugs and enhance the performance of your watch.

To do this,

  1. Open the Watch app on your paire­d iPhone
  2. And go to My Watch.
  3. Then, navigate to “General
  4. In the end, visit the Software Update section.

If an update for WatchOS is available, simply follow the instructions to download and install it. This process can help fix any software glitches and potentially resolve the problem causing the Apple­ logo to freeze. Just like receiving a dose of new advancements, a WatchOS update ofte­n revives your Apple Watch and re­stores its normal functionality.

6. Hard Reset Your Apple Watch

When all else fails and your Apple Watch remains stubbornly frozen on the Apple logo, it’s time to try a hard reset. This more forceful restart can help break through the software obstacles that might be causing the issue.

How to Hard Reset an Apple Watch

  1. Press and hold the side button and Digital Crown ( At the same time )
  2. Keep holding these two buttons down ( At least 10 seconds )
  3. Release buttons when Apple logo appears on the Watch screen

To perform a hard reset, press and hold both the side button and the Digital Crown simultaneously. Keep holding them down for about ten seconds, or until you see the Apple logo disappear, and the screen goes black. Release the buttons, and your Apple Watch will begin to restart. Think of it as giving your watch a firm but gentle wake-up call, often enough to shake it free from the Apple logo loop. Give it a try, and see if your Apple Watch comes back to life.

7. Unpair and Re-pair Apple Watch

When you find your Apple Watch stubbornly stuck on the Apple logo, unpairing and re-pairing it can be a game-changer. This process essentially re-establishes the connection between your watch and your paired iPhone, and it can resolve a wide range of software-related issues.

How to unpair your Apple Watch,

  1. Open the Watch app on your iPhone and navigate to My Watch.,
  2. Now, select your watch.
  3. Then, tap ‘i‘ option next to your watch’s name,
  4. Lastly, choose the ‘Unpair Apple Watch‘ option.

How to pair an Apple Watch

  1. Put the Apple Watch on your wrist.
  2. Press and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears.
  3. Hold the iPhone near the Apple Watch.
  4. Wait for the Apple Watch pairing screen to appear on the iPhone.
  5. Tap Continue.
  6. Tap Set Up for Myself.

After unpairing, restart both your iPhone and your Apple Watch. Then, follow the steps to re-pair your watch with your iPhone. This ‘reconnection’ often clears any software conflicts that might have led to the persistent Apple logo, and your watch should return to normal operation. It’s like giving your devices a fresh start together, and it can work wonders in resolving the issue.

8. Reset and Erase Apple Watch

If your Apple Watch remains stuck on the Apple logo despite all efforts, it might be time for a more drastic step: resetting and erasing your watch. This process essentially takes your watch back to factory settings, clearing any persistent software issues that may be causing the problem.

To reset an Apple Watch using paired iPhone

  1. Open the Watch app on iPhone
  2. Select the My Watch tab
  3. Select General > Reset
  4. Select Erase Apple Watch Content & Settings
  5. Tap Erase All Content and Settings two times to confirm

To unpair an Apple Watch without iPhone:

  1. Place your Apple Watch and iPhone close together
  2. Go to the Apple Watch app on your iPhone
  3. Navigate to the My Watch tab, then tap All Watches

After the erase process is complete, set up your Apple Watch as a new device. While this step removes all data and settings, it’s often the final solution to overcoming a stubborn Apple logo issue. Think of it as a digital reset button, giving your watch a fresh start and allowing it to boot up properly.

9. Get in Touch with Apple Support

Whenever your Apple Watch becomes unresponsive and displays the Apple logo, it’s time to contact Apple’s support team for assistance. In the case of complex issues, they are your go-to experts. If you’d like to contact Apple Support, you can visit their official website, schedule an appointment at an Apple Store, or place a call.

They have highly knowledgeable and friendly staff that is well-equipped to diagnose and treat even the most persistent problems. Don’t hesitate to contact Apple Support if all else fails. Their expertise can revive your Apple Watch and ensure it functions properly again.


Sometimes, even the smalle­st and smartest Apple device­ in the ecosystem can start acting up, causing unnecessary worry. However, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can take to get it working quickly. Re­st assured that these fixe­s have been te­sted and proven to be effective. If your watch remains froze­n despite attempting these steps, it is advised to contact Apple­ Support for further assistance and diagnosis of the issue­. However, in the majority of cases, following these troubleshooting strategies should prove helpful.

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