iPhone MagSafe chargers have revolutionized the way we power our iPhones in this era of ever-evolving technology. MagSafe chargers have become more popular as Apple keeps putting user convenience first. Apple’s advanced technology offers secure and user-friendly charging for a great charging experience. In this article, we review the best iPhone MagSafe chargers.

Factors to consider when choosing a MagSafe charger:

  • Power: MagSafe chargers come in a variety of wattages, with higher wattages offering faster charging speeds. However, it is important to note that your iPhone may not be able to support the full wattage of some chargers.
  • Portability: If you are looking for a charger that you can take with you on the go, you will want to choose one that is compact and lightweight.
  • Features: Some MagSafe chargers offer additional features, such as built-in stands or LED lights.

1. Apple – MagSafe Charger

Apple MagSafe Charger

First up on the list is the MagSafe charger by Apple itself. This 15W iPhone MagSafe charger makes charging a breeze. It attaches perfectly to iPhone 12 and higher models, keeping your iPhone charged wherever you go.

As with any Qi-certified charger, the MagSafe Charger can be used to charge iPhone models 8 or later wirelessly and AirPods models that have a wireless charging cover. Moreover, with an integrated USB-C cable, this charger provides fast and reliable charging. 

Key Features:

  • Perfectly fits to your iPhone
  • Qi charging compatibility
  • Integrated USB-C cable
  • Other items like Airpods can also be charged

2. ESR – 3 in 1 Charger Stand for MagSafe

ESR 25W Best iPhone MagSafe Charger

Next up on the list is the ESR MagSafe charger with a CryoBoost fan. The ESR 3-in-1 charger simultaneously charges three gadgets. It utilizes a CryoBoost fan and advanced heat-dissipating components to cool your iPhone, ensuring optimal charging speeds, a touch-friendly interface while charging, and a healthy battery life.

In addition, powerful integrated magnets instantly align your Apple Watch, iPhone, and AirPods, allowing convenient tap-and-go MagSafe charging. Furthermore, the iPhone charging pad is at the ideal height and position to watch freely while charging, whether viewing in landscape mode for videos or shows or portrait mode for FaceTime.

Key Features:

  • Allows charging of 3 devices at once
  • Fast charging
  • CryoBoost fan for cooling
  • Perfect height and positioning

3. Otterbox – MagSafe Power Bank

Otterbox Best iPhone MagSafe Chargers

Another name in the top iPhone MagSafe chargers is one from Otterbox. With solid magnetic attachment and alignment, this Wireless MagSafe power bank is slim and sleek. Providing a 7.5 W wireless charging capability, the power bank’s magnetic 3000 mAh battery extends iPhone life. 

Moreover, with a two-directional USB-C port, it can further be used as a standalone power bank. This power bank comes with a lifetime warranty by Otterbox, and thanks to it’s trustworthy drop protection feature, it is among the best buys of all time. 

Key Features:

  • Slim and sleek
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Trusted drop protection
  • Lifetime warranty

4. Belkin – MagSafe Fast Charging

BoostCharge Pro Best iPhone MagSafe Chargers

This slim, lightweight MagSafe charger by Belkin charges iPhones 12 & above up to 33% more rapidly. Additionally, you can simultaneously charge another device and your AirPods with the 5W Qi pad. 

The USB-C charger is small enough to fit into your bag or carry-on luggage and can be used to charge your MacBook or other devices effortlessly. In addition to its sleek appearance, your phone case won’t affect this 2-in-1 wireless charging pad’s MagSafe compatibility. Good enough to be your all-time travel buddy, the charger awaits you to get your hands on it. 

Key Features:

  • Slim and lightweight
  • Travel-friendly
  • Compatible with a phone case
  • 2-year warranty

5. PITAKA – 3 in 1 Wireless Charging Station

PITAKA Best iPhone MagSafe Charger

The wireless charging station by PITAKA offers secure 7.5W wireless charging. It includes a sliding battery pack that doubles as a travel power bank. You can slide the 4000mAh portable power bank in and out of it to charge your phone anywhere. It has battery indicators and a built-in low-battery vibration indicator.

The power bank’s curved, form-fitting design makes it easy to slide into your pocket without adding any extra weight. The rough surface made of 3D aramid fiber offers an excellent grip. Integrated sensors identify elevated temperatures, voltages, and currents to safeguard your gadgets during the charging process. Additionally, the charging dock can be rotated full circle and is among the iPhone MagSafe chargers that are in demand.

Key Features:

  • 3-in-1 wireless charging
  • 360-degree rotating stand
  • Ergonomic curved design
  • Sliding power bank

6. Spigen – One Tap Pro 3

Spigen One Tap Pro 3 Best iPhone MagSafe Charger

The Spigen One Tap Pro, one of the best MagSafe iPhone chargers for cars, provides up to 10 W of speedy wireless charging. Designed with integrated magnets for fast and accurate attachment, it is compatible with MagSafe cases and all the devices above the iPhone 12. 

It has a locking mechanism and a residue-free gel pad to keep your iPhone secure on your dashboard or windshield. The charger is easy to adjust and provides the best in-car entertainment for the passengers. Remember to take this along with you on a road trip. 

Key Features:

  • Fast wireless charging
  • Compatible with MagSafe cases
  • Can be mounted easily in a car
  • Easily adjustable

7. Anker – PowerWave Magnetic Pad

Anker PowerWave Magnetic Pad Best iPhone MagSafe Charger

The PowerWave Magnetic Pad Lite is sufficiently compact and thin at 8.7mm in thickness to fit into any daily carry. It travels with you from your house to your workplace. To safeguard you and your gadgets, it is built with safety features, including radiation shielding, temperature regulation, and foreign object recognition.

Take advantage of all the features of your iPhone and charge it at the same time. It also comes with a 5ft USB-C cable with an input voltage of 110V. Get this pocket-friendly iPhone MagSafe charger and let your phone charge easily. 

Key Features:

  • Top safety features
  • Included USB-C cable
  • Thin and compact
  • Pocket-friendly


Is the iPhone MagSafe charger worth it?

The MagSafe charger is compatible with MagSafe accessories like wallets, and cases. Also, it helps in charging your phone faster wirelessly anywhere you go. It is hence safe to say that it is worth every dollar.

Is it OK to charge an iPhone with a MagSafe charger?

Yes. The iPhone MagSafe Charger is made to swiftly and securely charge your iPhone wirelessly. To maximize charging your iPhone at up to 15W of peak power supply for faster wireless charging, the system smartly adjusts to the environment. Moreover, Apple has built algorithms that help regulate charging to avoid any chances of over charging.


Purchasing an iPhone MagSafe charger is no cakewalk. A charger with MagSafe compatibility provides an excellent addition to the accessory, keeping your device juiced whenever need be. If you need a charger that can charge your device on the go, a compact MagSafe iPhone charger can suffice your requirements. Get one of these MagSafe chargers and remain connected, keeping your device energized wherever you go!

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