Australia happens to be the only country that is also a continent. Its moniker is the Land Down Under because it is located in the lower portion of the globe with very few neighboring countries. Those who live here are generally warm and friendly because they like seeing new faces. Because of its distance and isolation, shopping from overseas stores can be a bit of a problem because shipping can get expensive, especially for bulky items.

On top of that, customs duties are levied on high ticket items, making it a lot more expensive than its original price tag. Those who are looking to buy a personal computer must factor all of these hidden expenses in the final computation. This is the only way to determine if you are indeed getting a bargain.

Thankfully, you can find many computer shops like HP distributors in Australia that sell quality desktops, laptops, and hybrid computers that don’t break the bank. Consider the following tips to help you pick your perfect computer.

How to Pick Your Perfect PC

Choose Your OS

The very first thing that you must do when you are looking for a PC is to pick your OS or operating system. In the key cities of Melbourne, Queensland, or Sydney, you will notice that people who have their laptops open in coffee shops use two popular brands. Australians generally rely on Windows or Mac OS.

This all boils down to preferences on what you think is easier to use. If you generally visit the PlayStore and use Windows-based software, then you will find it more comfortable to use the Windows operating system.

In contrast, if you are well-versed with using an iPhone or an iPad, chances are you will enjoy a Mac or a Macintosh Apple computer. You can set up your Macbook using the Apple iTunes store.

There are other less popular operating systems like Linux or Unix, which computer programmers and coders prefer. Again, choosing the operating system will depend on your comfort level. But remember, all the software, apps, and programs you install on your PC will depend on your chosen OS. Speak with the HP distributors in Australia if you want any advice.

Pick the Style

There are three types of computers that you can buy now: a desktop, a laptop, or a hybrid. A desktop is a great workhorse that can accommodate many functionalities because of its more sophisticated specifications. You can use it for professional purposes, and you can also load it with apps for gaming and entertainment without any worries that you will compromise performance or storage. However, this is not portable, so you cannot take it wherever you need to go.

In contrast, both a laptop and a hybrid can be carried with ease as they are designed to be lightweight and portable. A hybrid is just like a laptop, but the screen can be folded in a 180degree fashion to turn it into a tablet. Both are excellent choices if you need to travel for work, so you can make documents on the go and prepare your presentations.

Think of Functionality

After thinking of these things, then you must figure out who is using the computer and for what purpose. If you are buying this for your teenager who is in Year10, then a simple laptop without all the bells and whistles is fine. You just need something with simple word processing, so your child can do his/her paperwork with ease.

However, if you are buying this for your business that’s located in the Sydney Central Business District, then you may want a desktop with superior performance because the last thing you want is for your work files to crash. You can opt to get a cheaper laptop so that you can have something to take for business travel if you need to fly to Perth or Canberra for a meeting.

How to Pick Your Perfect PC

Final Word

It is essential to do your due diligence and shop around for various brands and models. Make sure you talk to your computer supplier about specs. If you are into gaming, then you will want a high-end sound card.

Those who work with graphics will enjoy a top of the line graphics card. There is a broad range of computers out there to fill your needs. You just need to find one that suits your budget and your lifestyle.

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