Want to know how to delete your Venmo account for any reason? Then, read ahead and you will get to know the entire procedure of removing your account completely. In this blog, we have discussed that in detail. 

Venmo is one of the most efficient payment apps out there which has pretty good benefits. But if you have decided to delete your account in Venmo for any reason, that’s completely your choice. We will guide you with the steps to get it deleted. Before that, let’s have an overview of Venmo for those who don’t know what the app is all about. 

What is Venmo?

Venmo is a popular financial app where you can send or receive money with ease. It is a kind of wallet where you can store your money digitally. You can easily send/receive money using the app from your friends, family members or anyone within a few seconds. 

The Venmo app can make your life easy in various complicated day-to-day situations. For example, if you finished your lunch with your friends but don’t have enough cash to pay them now, send them money via Venmo at the same time within a few seconds before they even reach their home. You can use the app for business purposes as well. It has multimedia messaging features where you can send text, emojis, images, videos and more to your connections.

How to Delete a Venmo Account?

  • The first step that one needs to do is to login in their Venmo account. If you have forgotten your password in any case, reset it and then login in your account. 
how to delete venmo account
  • Next, you need to clear your account and be free of any debts or any funds in your account. If you need to transfer money to any of your connections for any pending transactions, do it now before you delete your account. Also, you need to transfer money from your wallet to your bank before you completely deactivate your account. Transferring money to your bank will take a few business days so till then you need to wait and can’t delete your account. If you want instant money transfer to your bank account, it will be on a chargeable basis. 
how to delete venmo account
  • After you are all clear and have no pending transactions to be made or don’t have any funds in your account, you can proceed to delete your account. For this, click “Settings”, then click “Close My Venmo” account, then “Next.” Check your most recent statement and then click “Close Account” again.
how to delete venmo account
how to delete venmo account
  • You will receive one final email from Venmo saying goodbye and including your transaction history. This is proof of the successful closure of your Venmo account. 
how to delete venmo account

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So, here are the steps on how to delete a Venmo account. Follow them and delete your account very easily. If you need any help in your Venmo account anytime, you can contact the support team and they will resolve the concern for you. 

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