Home Depot is a popular name in the home improvement industry. It has all the things that a person or a worker needs for designing homes. If you also shop from Home Depot and own an iPhone, then you may have thought does home depot take apple pay or not? Through this blog, you will get all the details regarding it.

Home Depot and Apple both are popular names and giants in their industry. Both of them have a large customer base. There is a high possibility that both have the same customers, and customers of Apple will need to shop from Home Décor and vice versa. 

As the trend of digital payments is increasing, companies have also started accepting digital payments as much as possible. Paying through digital methods is easy and fast; thus, people today want to pay through digital modes. 

Home Depot is a big company, and Apple Pay is the same; thus, people expect that the home improvement company may accept payment through Apple Pay. Over the past few times, people have a question does home depot take apple pay in store or not. If they accept the payment through Apple Pay, it would be easy for people to pay for shopping at Home Depot.

In the past few times, there has been a lot of confusion about whether Home Depot takes Apple pay. Through this blog, we will clear out this confusion. 

Does Home Depot Accept Apple Pay?

Does Home Depot Take Apple Pay

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If we say about the current scenario, Home Depot does not take Apple Pay in the retail locations in the USA. 

Once upon a time, Home Depot used to accept Apple Pay as a payment mode; thus, many people doubt does home depot take apple pay 2023, but later they stopped accepting it as a payment form. Many customers later got confused; the company reversed the decision. 

Today, the companies are fighting for the exclusivity of the rights; the same goes for the digital wallet companies. The companies like PayPal and Apple Pay want exclusive rights, and in the case of Home Depot, Home Depot – PayPal owns the rights. 

As Home Depot has a contract with PayPal, they would continue accepting money exclusively from PayPal regarding digital wallets. 

Will Home Depot Accept Apple Pay Again in the Future?

Does Home Depot Take Apple Pay

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Home Décor has a partnership with PayPal, and due to its business factors, it may not accept Apple pay now.

A company can’t sign a contract with another company and do business with another company. So, currently, these possibilities look difficult. 

If we talk about the future, there are chances that Home Décor may start accepting Apple Pay. But it will only be possible when their contract with PayPal ends. 

So, the answer to does home depot take apple pay 2023 will solely depend upon the company itself. 

What All Payment Method Does Home Depot Accepts?

Does Home Depot Take Apple Pay

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At Home Depot, you can give cash for your shopping. There are no fees related to cash-based transactions. 

Home Depot also accepts bank cheques as a payment mode. However, not many people make payments using cheques. 

A big part of the company’s sales comes through online payment modes. 

There are also Home Depot gift cards, which you can use for exclusively paying at the Home Depot store. 

Another payment method is debit and credit cards; however, one must incur extra charges while paying through debit and credit cards. Following are the major credit cards accepted by the company:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Discover
  • American Express

The last payment mode accepted by them is ‘PayPal’. It also offers its debit card version, which is also known as the PayPal cash credit card. Given that the card is connected to your account, it effectively withdraws the money from your PayPal balance. 

What are the Payment Options for HomeDepot.Com?

Does Home Depot Take Apple Pay

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In the current digital world, it is important to discuss the company’s online channels. Home Décor does have a website, but on the website, you can’t use cash or cheque for purchases. But you can use debit or credit cards on the website. 

One can also use gift cards on the official website of the store. Apart from this, you can also use PayPal to pay on the website. If you have enough funds in your bank account or credit card linked to PayPal, then the money will get transferred from PayPal. 

You won’t see the option of paying for Apple Pay or Google Pay on the website. 

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Does Home Depot Support Payment by Phone?

Does Home Depot Take Apple Pay

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Home Depot does not support payment by Phone. One must use forms like cash or physical cards to make the payment. 

When it comes to Home Depot, PayPal is the fastest payment method. By using PayPal, you can save time. But you must fill in the card information and register if you do not have the account. 

Payment Options for the Home Depot app. 

Home depot has its application like all modern companies. It is available in both the Apple store and Google play store.  

Through the app, you can easily browse all the products, store all the information and get a price guide. It increases convenience, and people can easily shop for the products of their choice. You cannot use cash and cheques, but you can use credit cards to make purchases. 

Customers have the option of using the Home Depot card, and last but not least, PayPal is always a choice while buying at Home Depot. 

Final Words

Finally, we can state that Home Depot and Apple Pay are both major corporations, and iPhone owners anticipate paying for purchases at the home improvement shop using Apple Pay. However, the Home Depot corporation does not accept Apple Pay as a form of payment since it has a partnership with PayPal for online payment using digital wallets. 

If we talk about the future, we must wait and see the company’s approach. It will also depend upon the company’s contract with PayPal. The decision will mostly be taken once the company’s agreement ends with PayPal.