Staying hydrated is crucial for health and well-being, yet it’s easy to forget to drink enough water during busy days. Water reminder apps for iPhone provide a convenient solution, tracking your intake and sending prompts to help you meet hydration needs. In this article reviews the top water reminder apps to help you build your water-drinking habit and reminder. Compare features to find the best choice to stay hydrated.

1. Water Reminder – Daily Tracker

Water Reminder

The Water Reminder – Daily Tracker app makes it uncomplicated to log your water intake throughout the day. You can easily record each ounce or milliliter consumed with a quick tap when you take a sip. Fully customizable reminders can be configured to prompt you to drink at whatever interval works best, like every 30 minutes or every 2 hours.

The app incorporates motivational features to keep you drinking enough water, including awarding points when you meet your hydration goals which allow you to reach new levels, and providing charts that analyze your historical water consumption patterns. Although the free version of the app is limited in certain regards, the useful reminders and statistics about your hydration make this a beneficial water-tracking option.

  • Customizable reminders and drinking intervals
  • Motivational points/levels and celebrations
  • Stats provide insights on consumption
  • Easy logging and Apple Health integration
  • Limited free version lacks some features
  • Could use more detailed analytics

2. Drink Water Reminder – Tracker and Alert

Drink Water Reminder

Drink Water Reminder first uses your personal details like gender, weight, height, and age to calculate the optimal amount of water you should aim to consume each day. You are then able to tailor the app’s reminders to prompt you to drink water at set times throughout your day that match your schedule and needs. It logs every sip you take in a hydration diary, so you can closely track your cumulative intake.

Syncing across devices via the cloud allows you to pick up where you left off anywhere, and Apple Health integration permits sharing data with other health apps. Although the interface design is fairly plain, the personalized reminders tuned to your ideal intake along with the comprehensive drink logging diary help promote staying hydrated.

  • Calculates ideal water intake
  • Customizable reminders
  • Water diary for logging each drink
  • Fun achievement system
  • Cloud sync and Health integration
  • Interface is a bit basic
  • Advanced features require premium

3. AQUALERT: Water Tracker Daily


AQUALERT uses details like your weight and activity level to determine the perfect amount of water intake you should aim for each day. It then breaks your total recommended water goal down into individual servings and sends you reminders when it is time to drink each serving, essentially acting like a virtual water bottle reminding you to hydrate periodically.

It can track and log not just water but also additional beverages like coffee, tea, juice and more. While some users may find the fairly frequent reminders annoying, and many beneficial features require upgrading to premium, AQUALERT is a good option if you want an app that calculates your ideal water intake and reminds you exactly when to drink adequate amounts all day long.

  • Calculates your ideal water intake
  • Dynamic visual tracker
  • Reminders for each water serving
  • Tracks additional beverages
  • Hydration history insights
  • Reminders can get annoying
  • Free version is limited

4. Water tracker Waterllama – My drink water reminder

Water tracker Waterllama

Waterllama aims to make tracking water intake more engaging and motivating through the use of fun characters, challenges, games, and rewards. After setting up your profile, it calculates the specific amount of water you should target drinking daily based on factors like your weight, activity level, and other personal variables. Waterllama enables reminders throughout the day to prompt you to drink, with support for sending alerts right to your Apple Watch for at-a-glance reminders on the go.

As you log water, you fill up your chosen character – like a cute sloth, elephant, llama and more. Although many of the app’s features require a paid “premium” upgrade, Waterllama is a beneficial option if you want a motivational and entertaining app to help you remember to drink enough water consistently.

  • Personalized daily water goal
  • Fun games and challenges
  • Apple Watch support
  • Hydration calendar & analytics
  • Motivational rewards
  • Many features require premium
  • Can be distracting for some

5. My Water: Daily Drink Tracker

My Water

My Water: Daily Drink Tracker simplifies water intake tracking by first calculating your ideal daily water needs based on your weight, activity level, and other personal variables. You can then set up fully customized reminders tailored to your schedule to prompt you when to drink water throughout the day.

It closely tracks your cumulative water intake and displays your daily progress toward meeting your hydration goal. The app integrates with Apple Health, allowing you to share data with other health and fitness apps. While the free version of the app is limited in certain regards, and available customization options are basic, My Water: Daily Drink Tracker effectively streamlines the process of monitoring your daily water consumption levels.

  • Calculate your recommended water intake
  • Customizable reminders
  • Easy water logging with Health integration
  • Achievements & motivation system
  • Metric & imperial units
  • Compatible with Apple Watch
  • Fairly basic features
  • Most customizations require premium

6. Drink Water Tracker Reminder – Balance Hydration App

Drink Water Tracker Reminder

Drink Water Tracker Reminder combines a lighthearted, friendly interface with helpful reminders, motivational features, and water intake logging capabilities to help users build better hydration habits. You can log each sip of water in your drink diary, and set up fully customizable push notification reminders to prompt you to drink at specific times or intervals throughout your busy day.

Your drink logs are synced across devices via the cloud so you can seamlessly pick up where you left off when switching devices. While some users may dislike the playful, childish aesthetic or find the statistics and insights to be limited, Drink Water Tracker Reminder provides effective reminders and motivation to help you drink enough water consistently.

  • Customizable drink reminders
  • Drink diary and drink constructor
  • Motivational messages and celebrations
  • Cloud sync & Apple Health integration
  • Interface feels a bit childish
  • Light on insights and stats

7. WaterMinder – Most Advanced Water Tracker App


WaterMinder excels at robust water intake tracking and monitoring. Based on your weight and other personal variables, it calculates the amount of water you should strive to drink each day and prominently displays your goal in an intuitive visual hydration gauge. As you log water throughout the day, the gauge dynamically fills up to represent your intake progress.

You can compete in hydration challenges, earn trophies when you hit major milestones, and extensively customize nearly everything – from reminder frequency to app appearance. While the powerful advanced features may feel overwhelming to casual users, and many customizations require a paid “premium” upgrade, WaterMinder is an excellent choice if you want a fully-featured app with deep tracking capabilities to help optimize your daily water intake.

  • Robust features & customizations
  • Visual hydration gauges
  • Apple Watch support
  • Challenges and trophies
  • Powerful analytics and reporting
  • Many features require premium
  • Can feel overwhelming

8. My Water – Daily Water Tracker

My Water - Daily Water Tracker

My Water – Daily Water Tracker offers a free, simple option for water logging and basic tracking. After entering your details, it calculates personalized recommendations for how much water you should aim to drink each day based on your health profile and needs. The app allows you to set basic hourly reminders to prompt you when to drink water.

It syncs your data to Apple Health so it is shared across other apps, and provides some minimal statistics showing your daily progress versus your hydration goal. However, customization options are very limited, and the app only offers the bare essential features for straightforward water intake tracking at a glance. But for a streamlined free logger, My Water – Daily Water Tracker gets the job done.

  • Free and simple
  • Calculates recommended water intake
  • Custom reminders and Apple Health integration
  • Hydration calendar & stats
  • Very basic features beyond tracking
  • Limited customization options

9. Daily Water Tracker Reminder – Hydration App

Daily Water Tracker Reminder

Daily Water Tracker Reminder provides an efficient option strictly focused on the basics of water intake logging and reminders. You manually set your daily water consumption goal based on your individual needs. Custom reminders can then be configured to prompt you when to drink water throughout your day, such as every hour from morning until evening.

It shows simple stats so you can gauge your daily intake progress versus your hydration target. To motivate you to build consistency, it tracks daily streaks of meeting your water goals. Without more advanced calculated recommendations or insights, this pared-down app is best for those seeking the core necessities of water reminders and quick logging.

  • Simple water logging from notifications
  • Custom reminders
  • Motivational streaks
  • No water goal calculation
  • Very limited features and stats

10. MyFitnessPal – Macro, Diet & Fitness Tracker


MyFitnessPal is an enormously popular comprehensive health, fitness, and nutrition app that also incorporates robust water tracking capabilities as one of its myriad feature offerings. Based on your goals, it calculates a recommended daily water intake target and allows you to log your cups and ounces consumed toward that goal along with extensive food, exercise and other health data points.

Reminders can be set to prompt you to log water in the app. Detailed analytics provide insights on your hydration patterns, and the app seamlessly syncs data via Apple Health. Although not focused solely on water, for those seeking to track their overall nutrition, activity levels, weight changes and more in one place, MyFitnessPal provides full-scale health monitoring with integrated hydration monitoring as well.

  • Robust all-in-one health app
  • Calculated daily water goal
  • Logging, reminders, analytics
  • Apple Watch support
  • Connects with other health apps
  • Not focused solely on hydration
  • Many features require premium


In summary, the ideal water reminder app depends on your specific needs and habits. Key aspects to compare include customization options, calculated recommendations, motivational features, analytics, and simplicity of use. Any of these 10 best water reminder apps for iPhone can be effective in keeping you hydrated by tracking intake, setting reminders, and motivating you to drink more daily.

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