The rise in the popularity of computer headsets continues to soar nowadays. Due to the influx of remote jobs, plenty of people begin to invest in computer headsets that have a built-in microphone and earpieces. It has become an essential business tool, especially if your job requires you to join several online meetings with your bosses and colleagues. This device can allow you to listen properly to all the discussions and let you speak up clearly so everyone can hear.

But there are different types of computer headsets in the market today. Some belong to the analog headset variety, while the others are under the USB headset category. There are pros and cons to both sides and troubleshooting audio issues like no signal from headset mic is approached slightly differently.

Before you buy your first Plantronics USB headset or chose an analog headset, here is a comparison between the two types of computer headsets that you need to know.

What Are Analog Headsets

Analog Headset

All headsets that have separate plugs for the headphone and the microphone belong to the analog headset category. While these devices come in a single piece, you need to put the two separate plugs in their designated ports on your desktop or laptop. You need to connect one of the plugs to the computer’s audio input while the other one should be in the audio output. Also, the analog headsets utilize the computer’s integral audio processing system and usually take the place of all the other plugged-in audio devices.

What Are USB Headsets

USB Headset

Compared to the analog headsets, the USB headsets have a more elaborate technology. They usually look like an ordinary analog headset, but they come with a USB plug that you need to insert into your computer’s open USB port. Because of this, they no longer need to use your computer’s sound card because they have a dedicated sound processing system. It allows them to work with other sound devices attached to your computer.

Analog Headset Vs. USB Headset: Which Is Better?

Analog Headset Vs. USB Headset

There are two advantages if you choose to invest in analog headsets. First, this device usually is more affordable since they only need to get plugged into your computer’s standard ports. It can also function using any advanced sound hardware that your computer possesses. It means that it could be the right choice if you need a headset with excellent sound quality.

Meanwhile, USB headsets like the standard Plantronics USB headset also come with a couple of primary benefits. The first one allows you to get a more improved sound quality compared to the ordinary headsets. It means that you no longer have to worry about removing all the noise or distortion while you are in the middle of a business meeting with your bosses. Also, the extra sound processor provided by the USB headset can let you send sounds to two separate places simultaneously. For example, you can make your computer play music through analog speakers while you are in the office and send the audio of your internet phone calls through the USB headset.

Using high-quality headsets will allow you to join any virtual meeting with ease. If you have a good headset, you will be able to hear every single word that your companions say. It also allows you to be heard by the others correctly. As long as you have a good computer headset on hand, you will become more productive during all your online meetings while working remotely from the office

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