WWDC refers to the Worldwide Developers Conference, an event hosted by Apple to announce the developers’ latest software developments and features. After the Covid-19 pandemic, Apple decided to conduct the WWDC 2021 event online. This apple event 2021 will happen from June 7th till June 11th. The WWDC 2021 event will go through a mode of union events, online sessions, one-on-one labs for developers, and exhibit new ways for the developers to contact the Apple engineers and designers.

Even though the event will occur online, Apple also confirmed that it would donate $ 1 billion to an education and equity initiative launched by the City of San Jose named SJ Aspires. It is a small initiative on the part of Apple to support the economy of San Jose, where the event generally takes place.

“Glow and Behold” is the tagline for the WWDC 2021 events, which drew its artwork inspiration from Craig Federighi meme that became viral from last year’s M1 mac event. Experts say that this can be a presumption concerning the AR/VR announcements.

You would be surprised to know that Tim Cook propagated that WWDC 2020 saw a heaping 22 million viewers across all the apple channels. Apple successfully put together 72 hours of video content for the developers and held around 4500 personal labs for them.

The event saw its inception on June 7th with a keynote address from Tim Cook and other respectable Apple executives and developers. Let us now glance through the things Apple announced in its WWDC 2021 event on the 7th ;

WWDC 2021 event

IOS 15:

WWDC 2021 event


Apple introduced IOS 15 before the whole world on June 7th, which comes with a major step-ahead in facetime, new features to avoid distraction and increase focus, a weather application, and more.

The improvements in facetime extend from IOS 15 to iPadOS 15 and macOS Monterey. This feature comes with an added portrait mode that blurs the background of the screen. There is also spatial audio for facetime which helps differentiate the user’s voice from the noise in the background. A new grid will allow the viewing of all the faces during group facetime.

The added feature of share play will enable you to share your screen, watch tv shows and movies, and listen to songs during facetime. Apple also emphasized holding talks with third-party platforms such as Disney+, ESPN+, HBO Max, Hulu, MasterClass, Paramount+, Pluto TV, TikTok, Twitch, and more.

apple event 2021

Focus and Notifications

The new feature of focus that comes with IOS15 enables the users to focus on things they want. They can filter the important notifications, let their friends know about their unavailability, and sideline distraction for important aspects. When the user’s focus blocks a notification, the person sending it will automatically know that the user is busy. Focus also helps users set backgrounds depending on the time of the day and the job they involve themselves in. focus will also lay more emphasis on the notifications you mark as important and sideline the rest for the other time of the day.

Apple Maps

Apple also revealed that it worked on upgrading the features of Apple Maps. The new Apple maps include a more detailed projection of symbols, the cities in commercial districts, the buildings, etc. Apple endeavors to roll out new features that include specific direction and information.

Weather App

The apple event 2021 showed that Apple worked a lot on bettering the design of the weather app and added a lot of features to it. The layout of the weather app changes depending on the climatic conditions you are in. The improvements also include receiving notification for the upcoming rain, snow, or any weather change, along with an animated background.

WWDC 2021 event


WWDC 2021 event

The major change was that the widgets are now available on the IPad home screen, with the coming of Ipad IOS 15. They are no longer hidden and are in between all your existing apps. The Apple library also finds a place in Ipads as Ipad IOS 15 gets introduced. The app library will facilitate opening any app from anywhere you are working.


The new IPAD IOS15 comes with a multitasking feature, which allows you to work on different applications simultaneously. You have a split view on the multitasking menu that appears on the top. The new keyboard feature and the redesign on the menu bar leveled up its effectiveness.

Translate for Ipad

The translate features come first with the IPAD IOS15. A user can translate the text anywhere on the iPad by selecting the text and tapping on translate. Handwritten texts are also up for translation.

Swift Playgrounds

The swift feature will enable the users to build iPhone and iPad apps on the iPad and submit it directly to the app store. The users can run their apps on full screen as a test trial.

apple event 2021

MacOS Monterey:

WWDC 2021 event

Shortcuts and Test Flights

In addition to the MAC, Apple unveiled the macOS Monterey at the WWDC 2021 event. The availability of shortcuts applications on the macOS Monterey is a whole discovery. The Shortcuts app on the Mac also partners with Spotlight, has a place in Finder, assists multitasking, and collaborates with the Menu bar. It also engages support for importing Automator automation.

Universal Control

Universal control is a unique control that allows users to use both Mac and iPad with a single mouse and keyboard. Such an innovation breaks the barrier among devices. Users can drag the content and shift it to the other device. Such activity is possible with two Macs as well.


Safari is a new design for the tab that allows the users to view more of the tab as they scroll. A new tab bar resembles the web page’s color and brings the tabs, the toolbar, and the search field into one compact design. Now you can easily save and manage these tabs.

apple event 2021


WWDC 2021 event

The update of the watchOS8 is one of the least interesting updates announced by Apple, the experts say. It unveils a new version of the BreatheApp for Apple watch users. The photos app and photos watch faces got updates worth recognition.

Photo watch faces now have a deeper usage with portrait mode photos. The Photos app got an upgrade with featured highlights and memories. You can now share photos from the watch via Messages and Mail. Music, Maps, and Calculator are the three major additions to the watch application, along with increased compatibility for the non-supportive applications.

watchOS8 also brings forward a respiratory tracker that keeps a note of your oxygen saturation at all times. As we already know how important criteria oxygen saturation levels have become owing to this pandemic. The watch also helps you communicate with others in the house via HomePod, HomePod mini, or other personal devices. It also helps you keep track of your workout routine and keep the exercises updated.

WWDC 2021 event


Private Relay and Hide My Email are the new entrants of the apple world through the hands of an iCloud feature. The private relay will note all the traffic that leaves your device, and no one will have access to it, including Apple.

Hide my mail is another feature that comes with safari, mail, and other services, which allows you to customize random mails and forward them to your main account. It will enable you to hide your email from diverse services and increase protection. iCloud + also comes with unlimited video cameras.

apple event 2021

Updates from 8th June 2021:

On the second day of the WWDC 2021 event, Apple announced a few developments on the Safari website. The redesign includes a few things like the tabs easily pop-up on the screen, with a simpler and clearer look for the visual benefit of the user. In addition, the URL bars seem to take less space than they did earlier.

Apple gives out the good news to the developers by saying that this new design would extend to both the iPhones and the Ipad. The extensions of the web will be a major leap forward to increase the functionality of mobile devices. Apple brings a shock here by projecting that it breaks the existing barriers between apps and browsers to better connect the device.

Apple reveals that the new API features are going to allow the developers to make new applications. The smooth and swift usage of these features will be an add-on to the updated app stores. It will ensure that the developers can make apps without any extra trouble and a lesser stipulated time.

Updates in share play, isolating the user’s voice from the background, and portrait mode during video conferences were some of the updates from the previous day that Apple emphasized again. But, unfortunately, these are all API features that saw an upheaval along with other intricate ones.

Object capture is another feature that will allow the developers to capture flat images from an iPhone and then import it for upgrading it to 3D. The AR preview and the 3D resolutions will make the users feel as if they can grasp the images.

The new tools will make the job easier for the vendors to share the 3D experience with the customers. The executives of Apple also highlighted the importance of Swift. Swift is of use at a larger scale for the epitome apps in the app store. Concurrency is a new feature that adds on to boost prospects.

The inclusion of Concurrency will make sure that there is an increase in the responsiveness of Swift and a multi-core processing that can push its horizons to better heights. In addition, the unique feature of the Async awake pattern will facilitate isolating the codes in parallel simultaneously.

Apple revealed that it helped the developers make almost $230 billion, which is a huge amount. It can give us an idea of how Apple is running in massive profits.

The app store will assist the users by highlighting all their events and keeping track of their sensitive timings. It will mostly reflect the in-app events so that the users miss no important updates.

Next comes the arrival of the Xcode cloud, which Apple claims will make the workflow smoother by integrating all the apps under the same umbrella. Whenever the code witnesses a change, the Xcode cloud can form the app in the cloud and notify all the users about the inherent discrepancies. Then, the cloud will run the tests across all the devices at the same time. Once the app passes the tests across all the available devices, it will set it for launch.

The test flight will extend to Imac as well, where the developers and the users can take note of how swiftly the app is running. A limited beta also saw its inception on the 8th, extending its horizons later in the year. The prices will be available after autumn.

Updates from June 9th, 2021:

The brand new iPhone health app will give the doctors all the necessary information.

This health app comes as a boon for the doctors and the common people during the Covid-19 pandemic. The new IOS 15 will help the patients send their health reports directly to the doctor via this application. This new integration will collaborate with six electronic medical record companies in the United States of America. Center is a part of it, as it covers one-quarter of the total market and five other smaller groups.

Apple built this system with the help of a framework called SMART on FHIR, an open interface for third-party applications that can work within electronic health records. As a result, any random medical group can initiate an app using the platform.

Along with this, the apple watch will be responsible for showing the person’s heart rate, oxygen saturation, etc.

Apple drops a major hint regarding M1X Macbook Pro:

Even though Apple did not come up with any formal announcement concerning Macbook, it dropped a major hint by mentioning M1X Macbook Pro and M1X on the tag of their youtube live streaming. Developers predict that this MacBook will come with the all-new M1 chip, a high-profile upgrade for Macbook. Developers and customers seem happy with this hint.

Updates from June 10th, 2021:

The announcement of icloud+ propels apple’s promise of pairing privacy with upselling:

The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, emphasized that privacy is the fundamental right of all users. Apple has been working hard to prove itself as the epitome of privacy maintenance.

iCloud gives you an additional 5GB of storage where you can back up your pictures and other important files. Besides, Apple announced that the security features will not be free and that the users have to pay a monthly subscription to continue their security benefits across all apps. However, the Prices will still range from $0.99 a month for 50GB of storage to $9.99 for 2TB.

The new features of Ios, iPadOS, and macOS that Apple did not announce on stage:

IOS and iPadOS 15:

  • Inclusion of more emoji options dawning new outfits and better accessibility.
  • FaceTime will alert you when you are talking without knowing about being on mute.
  • FaceTime comes with a feature to allow you to zoom your back camera and show people the surroundings you want to show.

The Announce Messages feature found in AirPods will also be a part of car play so that your phone can automatically read your texts out loud for you when you’re driving. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT210406 iPhone users in worry will be able to duck the iOS 15 upgrade and still get security updates.

  • Find My phone will allow you to track your iPhone when it’s off (or even after a factory reset). Apple still did not clear the cloud concerning which phones will support this feature.
  • Inclusion of improved print dialog with more advanced options. https://twitter.com/stroughtonsmith/status/1402000042316210184?s=21
  • Apple will give you free temporary iCloud storage when you shift to a new device; however, it will last for only three weeks.
  • Leaving and arrival times are a new inclusion of Apple Maps that helps you plan trips better in the future.
  • iPhone apps for iPad will now run in landscape. You need not flip your iPad around when you need to start an app that is a part of the iPhone only.
  • There will be push notifications to inform you when it is going to drizzle or rain heavily.
  • You will be able to make schedules concerning your HomeKit devices with Siri (for example, asking it to turn on your kitchen lights at 9 PM).
  • Safari is coming with the pull-to-refresh mechanism that is found in mail and many other social networking apps.
  • Settings for accessibility like text size and contrast will be available for use on a per-app basis.
  • Photos, including camera and lens info, will consist of EXIF data.
  • Now you can opt for adjusting the date and time of a photo.
  • The newly redesigned software Apple TV remote looks more like the new hardware version.
  • Panoramas taken on iPhone 12s will have fewer disturbances, and mobile objects will look better.
  • You will have the power to regulate the address of the Photos, such as a few photos that cannot appear in places like the Photos widget or Memories.
  • You can access the Spotlight from the lock screen and Notification Center.
  • Filtering for spam texts will allow you to identify and ignore the spam texts without any doubt.
  • You can continue dragging and dropping files across apps on the iPhone.

macOS Monterey:

  • Now you can use your Memoji as your user profile picture (it’ll even shake its head if you try to log in with the wrong password).
  • A software microphone indicator light in the menu will show you when an application listens to your instructions.
  • A better file copy interface will facilitate you with the ability to stop and resume transfers.
  • The easy facility of deleting without reinstalling the OS (great for if you’re selling your Mac)
  • You can now regulate your saved passwords in System Preferences. There is an additional advantage of importing them from other password managers or exporting them.
  • You can customize the outline of the mouse cursor and fill it with color.
  • Windows will automatically resize itself when you move them to a different monitor.
  • Shortcuts will allow you to access your commands.
  • The macOS monetary comes with an improved Go To Folder dialog in Finder.

The apple watch includes a feature that looks after the well-being of elderly people. The walking steadiness indicator will indicate an alarm if the person is going to fall owing to any health issue. The feature will track all the physical features through the working day and assess whether the person is fine or not. The fall detection will alert before the person falls, and if he remains unconscious for a minute, it will dial the closest emergency service.

New iOS 15 Features:

  • Focus: Do Not Disturb feature to keep you away from message disturbances and away messages.
  • Notification summaries: lesser number of notifications in a schedule that gives you an overview of the overall.
  • Interruption levels: App developers decide how many notifications you will get.

The above information is a glimpse of what Apple announced throughout the three days of the WWDC 2021 event. Overall, we can understand that Apple did develop some innovations for its developers and users, making them happy.

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