Video editing for the real estate industry is a specialized field unto itself. Sadly, this is not a common ability among real estate brokers. Members of the marketing team may have a passing familiarity with video editing software, but that is not their area of expertise.

In a real estate paradise, for example, a team’s members would each do the things they’re best at. This is how you get the best jobs. Team members are the most productive. Team members will be happy if they only do what they are good at. They’ll want to be with you when they’re excited instead of going to your competitors. Outsourcing video editing services allows in-house staff to continue working on their specialized tasks.

Professional real estate video editors know how to grab the attention of prospects. And they have a good eye for making the place look its best. You can do things like blur out the background for dramatic effect or animation callouts to highlight key features. Or you can overlay architectural drawings on top of your site survey, highlight the location on a map, choose appropriate music, and more. Create the perfect intro to grab your customers’ attention.

Benefits of Freelance Video Editing Companies

Saving the Outsourcing Cost

Video Editing Services

If you’re not a major real estate firm, you probably don’t have enough need for a full-time video editor. Hiring part-timers is always difficult because good part-timers are hard to find. If you have in-house staff, you’ll also need to pay for overheads such as social security, vacation, and pensions.

Scaling up or down for seasonal workloads is also difficult for in-house teams. However, outsourcing allows you to complete as many hours as you want. You only pay for the contracted hours. Avoid overhead. And you can scale up or down as your workload increases or decreases.

You Get a Virtual Assistant

Video Editing Services

If you decide to outsource, you can contract with a local video editor. They were advertising on the freelancer’s website and social media. Then go through resumes, interview potential contractors and choose one. Depending on your location, finding someone with real estate expertise can be difficult.

Training video editors who lack real estate knowledge takes a lot of time. Hiring freelancers gives you more scalability than employees, but you’re limited by the amount of work your chosen contractor can take on. Your schedule can be busy. Imagine you’re in the middle of a busy season and can’t edit videos fast enough.

A more flexible option is to choose a virtual real estate assistant affiliated with a company specialising in real estate. The company screens applicants and introduces them for interviews. No need to train them in real estate. You already have this knowledge. If you need more help, the company can find another editor who can quickly fill the gap.

Eliminate Tedious Post-Processing

It may sound simple, but editing real estate images is a lengthy process that requires a high degree of skill and utmost care. Even professional photographers choose to outsource solutions to avoid the burden of this tedious task.

Rather than spending a ton of time and effort on image editing, outsourcing allows you to take advantage of the expertise of professionals who can bring out the best in your real estate imagery.


All in all, Alex Drone Photography is a suitable freelance video editing company that fits your real estate video editing needs very well. There are many other video editing companies in Utah, and video editors in salt lake city that you can hire for your professional video shooting needs. Hence, stay wise and choose your editor creatively!

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