10 Brain Training Apps to Kick Up Your Brain

Brain Training Apps

With games for a mobile phone, you can develop memory, speed of thinking, get writing help, and mathematical talents. For example, Peak is a set of mini-games with exercises for memory training, speed of thinking, and mindfulness. After installing the application, pass the test. Based on its results, Peak will determine the basic level of your skills and offer puzzles of suitable complexity. You will need to pay for the extended version of the application, and for owners of devices from Apple, it will cost 7 times more than for users of Android. Platform: Android, iOS.

The next app is Brain Training. It is an app for the lovers to neglect the versatile development and focus only on core activities. Here you do not have to add words from letters or develop emotionality. The application offers four games for pumping memory, attention, mathematical skills, and speed. By concept, this is a somewhat shorter version of Peak. Platform: iOS.

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Another app to try is Lumosity. It is an application for training memory, attention, and other mental abilities developed by neuroscientists. In it, you will do exercises that, at first glance, seem simple, but in fact, require quite a lot of mental effort. The tasks are like those offered in Peak and Brain Training. Based on the test results, Lumosity will select an individual lesson plan. The creators of the application promise that regular training will positively affect the performance of your daily tasks.Platform: Android, iOS.

Puzzles, Locked Rooms, and Apps for Funs to Count

 Brain Training Apps

At Real Kakuro, you can enjoy a variety of sudoku. The application offers hundreds of different options that will make you sweat your brains. You will need to fill in the empty cells with numbers from 1 to 9. The application works on iOS and Android platforms.

The next one is the Elevate. In this application, you will develop your humanitarian skills. Also, you will find assignments for reading, listening, and writing in it. After each theoretical material, you will pass a short test. The application runs on Android and iOS.

More puzzles? Try Puzzles of  Da Vinci: Quiz! It’s simple: it will ask you a question with four answers, you need to choose the right one. It divides puzzles into over 10 categories: business, science, cities, and others. You can answer questions or fight erudition swords with a random player. To solve mathematical problems, it builds a calculator into the application; it provides a special drawing for visualizing the task. Platforms: Android, iOS.

Do you need something thrilling? DOOORS is a room-escape game. The application will lock you in a room and offer to play one game, almost like in the movie “Saw.” To leave the room,

you have to smash your head. There are not so many levels in Dooors (80 in the version for iOS and 50 for Android), but they are enough to pump the skill of solving problems. Platforms: Android, iOS.8.1001

If you install “Tasks for Counting in the Mind,” you have to solve problems and enter the correct answers in a special field. According to it, in the second half of the 19th century, peasant children were engaged, who unsuccessfully solved the examples in mind. You can check whether an IT specialist in the 21st century can cope with a similar task. Platforms: Android, iOS (“in mind”).

Do you need to increase the speed of your thinking? So, try Mathematical Tricks! As the classics said, mathematics is the gymnastics of the mind. This application will first offer you to solve an example, and then will tell you how to do it in a faster way. Even if you do not have to add and subtract directly at work, regularly engaged, you can increase the speed of thinking. Platforms: Android, iOS.

The last app to try is “Brain Wars.” Do you want to train your memory? Or maybe you need to develop the speed of your reaction or mathematical skills? If so, then this app is for you!

However, in this application, you are not just completing tasks; you are competing with other users. The application itself will choose for you the player with whom you will play. The algorithm of the program will pick up a user of equal skill to you. This way, you can evaluate your skills, get a boost of motivation, and have a good rest.

Choose the application that intrigued you. You can just kill your time sitting with your phone, or you can train your memory, develop various skills, and have a good time.