VPNs are essential to every Internet user. A VPN becomes essential if you want to browse restricted content or international content. With the rise of Virtual Private Networks, many companies and brands began competing for the best service. When it comes to using a VPN on your Mac, you have many options. In the App Store, you can find more than 50+ VPN apps. If you cannot figure out the best, we have researched and tested the best for you. Check out the best VPN apps for Macs.

1. Turbo VPN

Turbo VPN for Mac

First in line is Turbo VPN – a powerhouse that offers the perfect blend of speed, security, and simplicity, tailored to maximize your Mac’s potential. It’s your express ticket to a world of encrypted connections where data flows like a secret conversation. Seamlessly designed, Turbo VPN beckons you with a user interface that’s as straightforward as a single click. It’s like being immersed in a world of privacy and access with a digital gateway that responds to your touch.

But the magic doesn’t stop there. Turbo VPN boasts the wisdom of automation, as it intuitively pairs you with the optimal server, pointing you in the right direction. Beyond the basics, this app stretches its wings to encompass advanced VPN features, each designed to empower you in the digital landscape. Whether Protocol, Auto-Connect, Kill Switch, or the safeguarding protection of Wi-Fi Protection, Turbo VPN offers a comprehensive toolkit to enhance your security.

So, whether browsing, streaming, or conquering new frontiers, Turbo VPN ensures your Mac experience is seamless and fortified with a layer of digital armor. You can try the best VPN Apps for Mac.

  • One-click connection
  • Fast, secure, and reliable
  • Advanced VPN features
  • Only one server in the free plan

2. Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield for mac

In terms of privacy empowerment, Hotspot Shield emerges as your guardian angel in the virtual world of your Mac. As you mask your IP behind this app, you’ll be virtually invisible, and an encrypted shield will protect your traffic. But it’s not just about security; it’s about speed, too.

Unlocking the fastest VPN servers with patented technology, Hotspot Shield extends an invitation to the seamless union of speed and privacy. Your every move is synchronized with the pace of the digital world with instant VPN connections and smooth navigation.

Worldwide accessibility is a promise kept, with a plethora of server locations spanning the globe. Hotspot Shield will transform your connection into a dashboard of insights, showing top speeds, daily data, and the heartbeat of your server. You must use these best VPN Apps for Mac.

With the option to choose between multiple VPN protocols, flexibility is the hallmark, bringing personalization and security together. Special features like Split Tunneling open new gateways, as DNS Leak Protection strengthens your online armor. As you explore the boundless frontiers of the internet, Hotspot Shield allows you to safeguard your privacy at the same time.

  • Quick Connect and disconnect
  • Smoothest app navigation
  • Faster VPN connection
  • Multiple server locations in free plan
  • Can view statistics of VPN connection
  • Switch between multiple VPN protocols
  • Could have provided various server locations in the free plan

3. Free VPN

Free VPN for mac

As a protector of your online browsing, Free VPN pledges to safeguard your data and keep it safe and anonymous. Achieve the security of an online champion with an intuitive interface and swift, reliable performance. As an instant favorite among global streamers, Free VPN makes it easy to access global content via platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, BBC Player, and HBO. With dedicated servers, your screen becomes a window to the world while protecting your privacy.

It’s just a click away from infinite possibilities. With the Mac status bar as your gateway to digital connections, you can switch between security and the digital world at your fingertips. It isn’t just about protecting your online activities; it’s about boosting your internet speed 10-fold. With the ability to automatically connect to a VPN server, you are enveloped in a secure virtual environment without doing anything.

Lastly, let’s not forget the trump cards – the private browser, where you can surf incognito, and the super ad block, eliminating ads that might interrupt your browsing experience. Using a Free VPN doesn’t just mean you’re safe. It’s about preserving the magic of anonymity while confidently navigating the digital world.

  • Features a private browser 
  • Dedicated servers for dedicated streaming platforms
  • Super ad block
  • Feature to increase the internet speed
  • Features just one server in the free plan

4. Atlas VPN

Atlas VPN for mac

Ingeniously designed, Atlas VPN invites you to explore its VPN world intuitively and creatively. This app is not just about protection – it’s a creative environment that wraps security in a layer of innovation. A world where dedicated streaming servers enable countries to stream their content would be wonderful.

With features like quick connect and auto-connect, Atlas VPN gives you the convenience of dial-up with a single click. VPN protocols, a kill switch, and multiple configurations help create a security narrative that is uniquely yours. It’s also the best VPN app for Mac.

However, the true marvels emerge in the form of standout features. Safe Browsing stands guard, protecting your online privacy against the likes of 3rd party tracking, ads, and malicious websites – your online privacy is as secure as a vault. With the Data Breach Monitor, Atlas VPN doubles as a watchdog for your digital world.

In a world where personal data is precious, this feature stands to alarm you, alerting you to potential breaches and ensuring your secrets remain just that. Atlas VPN is more than just a tool; it’s an expedition where security is curated with innovation to give you the freedom to explore while protecting your privacy.

  • Dedicated streaming servers
  • Safe Browsing
  • Data Breach Monitor
  • VPN Protocols, kill switches
  • Limited VPN access for free plan
  • Can access only two servers in the free plan

5. VPN Unlimited for Mac

VPN Unlimited for Mac

Embark on a global adventure with VPN Unlimited, where security and exploration blend seamlessly into a seamless security experience. You can view a virtual map of servers across continents, offering a visual feast of global connections. This app isn’t just about safeguarding; it’s about choice. With a plethora of free servers around the world, you become your digital navigator.

The wonders continue with dedicated streaming servers tailor-made for platforms like Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and Netflix. Streaming isn’t just a pastime; it’s a gateway to global content, all accessible with the power of a click. As far as security is concerned, VPN Unlimited offers a wide range of options. Various VPN protocols or DNS firewalls protect your online sanctuary from malicious websites.

However, the most convenient feature is connecting and disconnecting at your convenience – a virtual harmony. VPN Unlimited empowers you to explore your journey across the digital landscape with confidence that your security is protected.

  • Numerous free VPN servers worldwide
  • DNS Firewall 
  • Half a dozen VPN protocols
  • Dedicated streaming servers
  • Limited free usage
  • Need to create an account to use its services

6. Surf Shark VPN

Surf Shark VPN for mac

With Surf Shark VPN, you’ll have the passport to a world without borders – your digital nomad’s passport to freedom. This app offers many options, allowing you to journey to the nearest country VPN server or the fastest location, masking your IP address.

However, Surf Shark VPN is more than just a way to connect; it’s also a way to gain access. With servers strategically placed across the US, India, and Australia, you become a global traveler of content, unlocking digital doorways across continents. Security takes center stage as Surf Shark VPN dons the cloak of MultiHop, securing the digital labyrinth while maintaining seamless connectivity.

Are you looking for exclusivity? Purchase a dedicated IP, a digital address that’s exclusively yours. And if that wasn’t enough, advanced connection options like Rotating IP and Invisible on LAN redefine the control landscape. It’s the best VPN app for Mac.

However, the magic doesn’t stop there. Surf Shark VPN extends an invitation to features like Quick Connect and the trusty Kill Switch, offering you not just a realm of security but a realm of control as intuitive as it is powerful. Surf Shark VPN stands out as your online guide, guiding, empowering, and ensuring that your online world knows no bounds.

  • Offers dedicated IP
  • Servers spanning across US specific
  • Quick Connect for faster connection
  • Offers only one server location in the free plan
  • High pricing for dedicated IP

7. Star VPN

Star VPN for mac

Meet the maestro of convenience – Star VPN, where simplicity meets speed, all at your fingertips from the Mac’s taskbar. This app is like your digital butler, handling your online security with a seamless, quick, and effortless grace. With a minimalist approach, Star VPN securely wraps your online presence, offering basic features with a power far from basic. In this world, advanced VPN protocols become your digital companions, and auto-connect becomes your lifeline.

This app isn’t just about guarding your privacy; it’s about choice. Star VPN extends a global invitation with servers that span continents a virtual expedition across the US, Australia, Europe, Germany, India, the UAE, and Spain, all accessible with a mere click. But it’s not just about the places you can go; it’s about how you get there.

Star VPN isn’t just an app – it’s a bridge to the online world that keeps your steps safe while connecting you to the internet. It can be difficult to navigate the complexities of online security, so Star VPN simplifies it, standing as a sentinel and watching your digital journey in style.

  • Seamless app navigation
  • Servers available across the globe
  • Easy to connect and disconnect
  • Can access only one server location in the free plan


There is no question that VPNs are the digital watchman you need to protect your online activities without being tracked. There are many Virtual Private Network apps to choose from in the Mac App Store, but these proved to be the best. Having an intuitive user interface and quick connection options, they’re easy to use.

Besides, most apps offer auto-connect, DNS configuration settings, and multiple VPN protocols so you can customize your browsing experience. Try these apps, and let us know which one you like best in the comments. These are the best VPN Apps for Mac.

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