Business is a huge platform where you need to work with different elements and tools. Just do some analyses on how many emails you are exchanging every day and how it will brief the goals or progress of the business. When you feel that the answer or the result of the analyses make you cringe, it is the time to consider updating with the best team collaboration tool. Team collaboration is the software that will help you to be united and have some meetings and share your opinions.

The technology offers an abundance of options with more whiteboard apps with different features and functionally supporting tools. However, you need to be very careful in choosing the virtual whiteboard or other tools for the activities. Here is some description of the best free team collaboration tools that will help you for the perfect organization and success of the business. Have a look at it and implement the right measures.

Team Collaboration

Team collaboration is the communication and the project management approach that will be helpful for teamwork, equal participation, and innovative thinking to achieve objectives. Collaboration refers to the act of working with someone to produce something using some tools like an online whiteboard.

When it comes to team collaboration, it helps in incorporating corporate culture and technology. Here, the main goal will be completing the projects quickly and effectively, collectively brainstorming solutions, and it will also give all the team members a sense of accomplishment. There are lots of best free team collaboration tools available that will help you with the collaboration work.

Why is Team Collaboration so Important?

  • It helps in solving any issues and moving with some dedication to the online whiteboard.
  • Collaboration with different people of the organization and state your views or suggestions.
  • You can learn from different employees and analyze their strengths in this area.
  • It is the platform to communicate effectively regarding the huge crowd through the online whiteboard.
  • It helps in boosting the morale of the organization with the team collaboration tool.
  • The retention rate will be high with the best outcome, and team collaboration tools.
  • The future of the business can be far-seen and unity of effective work can be encouraged.

 Features of Team Collaboration

There are lots of features in the team collaboration, and this will allow you to have them based on the best team collaboration tools.

  • Single-channel like web whiteboard for all the interactions within the team.
  • Conversation mirrored across devices in the real-time in the free video conferencing.
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface in the platform of web whiteboard.
  • Sharing of real-time made samples via a virtual whiteboard.
  • Integration with some existing and future IT infrastructure and collaboration software.

Some Tools for Team Collaboration

1. Google Drive

Best Team Collaboration Tools

Google Drive is one of the safe places where you can store a huge quantity of files for future use. You can have up to 15 GB of free storage for photos, documents, and any other digital files. All these will be safe and easy to access by the entire. Further, the documents can be accessed quickly and easily to have an efficient collaboration. Thus, it also becomes one of the best team collaboration tools.

2. Slack

Best Team Collaboration Tools

Among the free team collaboration tools, slack is one of the popular and well-crafted platforms that can offer instant messaging, file transfer, and important messages to the others in the team. Apart from this, the tools have many other features and some dozens of integrations with other important tools like some other important tools like Trello and intercom as well.

3. Huddle IQ

Best Team Collaboration Tools

It is another virtual whiteboard that is designed specifically for the conference. It allows you to share the different documents and materials among the team members and conduct the best conference for the business. This free team collaboration tools support all the environments and people in a different location to access the conference.

4. Asana

Best Team Collaboration Tools

It is one of the most popular team collaboration tools for the business in the current days. Asana will allow the users to assign the task to the members of the team. Further, they can also follow the projects and monitor the given deadline. Also, this will be more useful as it offers a to-do list or calendar for strategic planning.

5. Redbooth

Best Team Collaboration Tools

If you are looking for some easy manageable and efficient free team collaboration tools, Redbooth will be the best tool. It is an important tool where the user can plan and collaborate through some functions. With the tool, you can enjoy the best video conferencing aiming to create some Gantt charts. So, install the right whiteboard app and start enjoying the benefits.

6. Trello

Best Team Collaboration Tools

This is an intriguing interface that can resemble solitaire. Here, you can also have facilities to drag the task card across Columns, just like playing cards. So, it is easy to learn and work well by managing the projects, assigning tasks to the members of the team. For these reasons, Trello has become one of the best team collaboration tools for the business today.

7. Flock

Best Team Collaboration Tools

This is the other free video conferencing tool that offers ease of use and supports for different channels of the conferencing. The user can communicate through text, share links, and documents using the tools. You can also store up to 5 GB of storage limit of text and have enough control and support to access the documents.

8. Zoho

Best Team Collaboration Tools

With millions of users, Zoho is considered one of the best collaboration software, and it is designed to help the members of the team. You can plan, track, and collaborate regardless of the location you are located in. Further, the tool will also allow you to plan some projects, keep track of time, track bugs, and manage documents of all the forms with a single platform.

9. Chanty

Best Team Collaboration Tools

Chanty is one of the simple messenger tools that will be seamless communications and collaboration powered. It is powered by Artificial Intelligence, and so, it is appreciated more by the people. With this team collaboration tools, you can improve the product with different available features. Further, you can also make use of the search history of shared files, uniting notifications, and multiple services.

10. ProofHub

Best Team Collaboration Tools

This is one of the important work management tools that can offer a comprehensive suite of collaboration and several other management functions. In this platform, you can easily organize the project to manage the files, monitor and plan, discuss with colleagues and stakeholders. With this best team collaboration tool, you can also review and approve the file for the online proofing, which is a considerable feature.

Final thoughts 

So, you might have gone through the features of the best free team collaboration tools. Are you ready to implement them for your business? Do not delay! Capture all the possibilities and take your business to the next level.