More than 60 million Americans have suffered the effects of cybercrime, and the government has spent $15 billion on cybersecurity. From small businesses to high authoritative government officials, everyone has gone through. You and I are no less, sooner or later we will also be a victim of it.

What to do? How to save your personal data? There is one and the only option, installing the best antivirus for windows. Cybercrime can be done in several ways through network intrusions, software piracy, identity theft, and many more.

Who does this and how? This can be carried out by any individual or group (whether small or big) with the help of internet hijacking or hacking. They know how software and internet runs. 

For instance, the one who makes locks can break it as well. The same is in this case, the people who know in-depths of the internet, both their positive and negative sides, do this for their own gain. Cybercrime is done by sending phishing emails or ransomware.

You can stop it, as this all starts with the lack of security on your computer. So basically, what are antiviruses for, what does it do, and there would be a plethora of questions running in your mind.

The thing we know is, it protects us from the viruses that may harm your privacy. Antiviruses are made to detect and remove computer viruses. In addition to that, it also protects us from malware such as spyware, ransomware, rootkits, phishing attacks, and provides parental control.

When you search for antivirus software, there are thousands of options available, of which some will be well-known and heard companies. How will you know which one is genuine and who is just going to make you a victim of cybercrime?

Let us tell you not all antiviruses can protect your computer, and there is much software available whose malware protection is zero and transfers your personal data to the third-party without you knowing. So the question is,

How to Select the Best Antivirus Software?

There are key features to look at while selecting the antivirus software. Along with it, also do the background check of the application, read the case study of it, go through the reviews, ask for the opinions, and be double sure about it. 

The antivirus software must have the following features:

  • Strong malware protection,
  • Good quality and extra features,
  • Fast and efficient,
  • Easy-to-use,
  • And an excellent deal to go for.

Summing it up, look for the one that provides you with enough features to protect your data and computer at a reasonable price.

To assist you in buying perfect and just-right windows antivirus, we have gathered a few of the best antiviruses for your computer. Scrutinize the options and differentiate the most suitable one for you.

Which are the Best Windows Antivirus Softwares?

1. Norton Antivirus

best antivirus for windows

Norton 360 Deluxe has saved the identities of many, with the high-class malware protection, it succeeds the expectations of most. Whether you are an individual or a firm with multiple users, the plan provides enough safety to everyone.

There are eight Norton antivirus products, from the basic to the high-tech security one. Even its standard plan offers malware protection, unlimited VPN access, 10GB of cloud storage, and a password manager. It’s a lot for a starter package!

As you upgrade the plan the benefits keep on increasing with better parental control, more storage, and the identity protection and monitoring from Norton LifeLock (the last one is for the US users only).


  • High-tech Malware Protection.
  • Parental controls, unlimited VPN access, sufficient cloud storage, and Identity protection.
  • Easy-to-use 


  • Anti-ransomware protection (It is there but it could be better).
  • Slowdown during full scans.

Bottom Line: Norton 360 is all you need to protect you and your PC from malware attacks. It provides the best security with its reasonable and reliable price.

2. Avira Antivirus

best antivirus for windows

The super lightweight software with heavy security is Avira Prime. Avira Antivirus has a number of products for providing safety to different devices, from computers to mobile phones, be it android, mac, iOS, or windows.

The main focal point of the Avira cybersecurity products is its wide variety of key features in each of them. The Malware protection level is good, but it performs well when it comes to ransomware. The anti-ransomware software detects and protects the file from getting encrypted by one. 

Avira’s app is designed to boost the system and make it run smoothly by freeing up the hard drive space.


  • Good Malware Protection.
  • System speedup optimization tool.
  • Unlimited access to all its products. 


  • False positives.
  • Basic backup module.

Bottom Line: If you have a laptop, PC, or any devices that work slow go for Avira, along with safety measures it will also provide you with the system speed booster.

3. Bitdefender Antivirus

best antivirus for windows

Bitdefender is one of the best antivirus software for windows as well as mac. It comes with tons of extra features alongside malware protection. Among its three products, Antivirus Plus, Total Security, and Internet Security, the second is the best. 

The total security plan covers up the every needed aspect for the protection with extra features. It has multi-layer anti-ransomware protection, webcam protection, anti-theft tools, tune-up tools, VPN, and password manager which resulted in billions of users around the world.

You will have to struggle a lot for its installation but once done you will have a 100% protection from intrusions.


  • Good Malware Protection.
  • Tons of extra features.
  • Excellent deal to go for!


  • Complicated installation.
  • Malware protection can be better.

Bottom Line: if you can deal with the computer software easily, the Bitdefender is the perfect one, it will provide you with a safe online life and smooth running system.

4. Kaspersky Antivirus

best antivirus for windows

Online financial transactions can be risky sometimes, in terms of your security. There are cyberattacks reported in the past few years. Kaspersky’s cybersecurity products save you from the cyberattack threats. 

It has three plans, basic, internet antivirus, and total security. If we look at the overall security and extra features offered the last one is better. Kaspersky Total Antivirus covers protection against, online financial transactions, webcam hijacking, blocks phishing attacks, has parental control, a password manager, and file storage.

The best feature of the product is Safe Money, which launches a sandboxed window browser on detecting an online payment (to be made) with a one-screen keyword to avoid keylogger detection. That’s smart, isn’t it?


  • Excellent malware protection engine.
  • Safe Money feature
  • Fast scanning


  • Capped VPN usage.
  • Expensive product.

Bottom Line: Kaspersky antivirus products are good for the one dealing with umpteen online transactions.

5. McAfee Total Protection

best antivirus for windows

The perfect and reliable home security product, which will protect all devices connected to your Wifi network. It has two variants one for home and another for the enterprise. It has different plans according to the needs such as internet security, total protection, and even gamer security.

It can protect many devices at a lower price with high-grade malware protection. It’s home security add-on features and tools get the favor of many homeowners. With the help of those, you can have an online control over all the connected devices. In addition to that, it will also lock out the intruders.

Gamer security plan provides less malware protection but is a great option to have smooth and risk-free gaming sessions. The total protect + VPN plan of McAfee is at the top due to its unlimited VPN service.


  • High-grade malware protection.
  • “My Home Network” feature.
  • Two-way firewall.


  • Require more system resources to work.
  • Complicated UI.
Reasons to BuyReasons to Avoid
High-grade malware protection.Require more system resources to work.
“My Home Network” feature.Complicated UI.
Two-way firewall. 
best antivirus for windows

Getting the Best Antivirus for Windows:

These are the few best antiviruses for the windows to protect it from all the cyber attacks and thefts. There are many free antiviruses available in the market such as windows defender (the one that comes with windows 10), AVG, avast. Moreover, the free versions of the antivirus software mentioned in the article are also there. The one claimed to be the market player had issues in malware protection while the lesser-known provided the highest safety.

Always look at the necessary features, this you will be able to get the product worth the value. 

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