Finally, Apple introduced the iPhone 15 series! iPhone 15 has genuinely impressed us with its sleek and fashionable design, stunning camera lenses, and impressive features. When purchasing a new iPhone, we also ensure it is protected from scratches, dings, and other types of damage. Using protective cases is a great way to protect your new iPhone 15 from unwanted damage. A good case should provide full coverage and shock resistance. Here, we have mentioned the best iPhone 15 cases to protect it from every angle.

1. Otterbox – Defender Series Pro

We are pleased to introduce Otterbox’s iPhone 15 case – the Defender Series Pro. Stylish & protective, this case will add a touch of style to your precious iPhone. Defender Series Pro’s rugged build is its most important feature, but it doesn’t stop there. Additionally, an antibacterial additive adds an extra layer of protection to the case by preventing microbial growth.

Otterbox - Defender Series Pro for iphone 15

As well as providing a secure grip for your iPhone, this case has raised edges that protect your camera and screen from scratches. With its rigid inner shell, the Defender Series Pro provides superior grip and impact absorption. Its rubber outer cover increases grip and impact absorption, making it hard to crack.

  • Rugged premium case
  • Bumper protectors for cameras
  • Hands-free viewing with kickstand
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Suitable for wireless chargers
  • Bulky due to its bulky design
  • No proper hand grip for holding an iPhone.

2. Mujjo – Luxury Leather Wallet Case

Mujjo’s Full Leather MagSafe Wallet Case is designed with functionality and elegance in one package. This case is your best option if you want to streamline your essentials and enhance your iPhone’s beauty. Mujjo’s wallet case turns your iPhone into a wallet elegantly. This leather wallet case comfortably holds up to three credit cards, ID cards, or travel cards.  

Luxury Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 15 with Magsafe

Aside from style, sustainability is also an important consideration, as this leather is eco-certified gold. The attention to detail is impressive. The machined metal buttons increase the clickability and responsiveness of your iPhone’s controls. It features a 1mm raised leather bezel that acts as a shield for your screen, protecting it from abrasive surfaces and potential scratches.  

It is essential to remember that functionality is of utmost importance. The raised rear camera bump protects the lenses, so your photos and videos remain crystal clear. The case neatly covers the base of your iPhone without blocking the speaker or charging port. Yes, it’s MagSafe charging compatible, but you must remove the cards from the pocket before charging. For the convenience and style this case offers, a small trade-off must be made.

  • Comes with a back card holder
  • Ultra-slim leather wraps
  • Raised bump protects rear camera lenses
  • Comes with a two-year guarantee
  • Fits 6.1-inch iPhone 15, 14 and 13
  • International shipping available
  • As leather ages, its color may fade

3. SUPCASE – Unicorn Beetle PRO MAG Rugged Case

The SUPCASE Kickstand and Belt-Clip Case is true armor for your iPhone 15. When it comes to protecting your iPhone 15 without sacrificing style and functionality, there is no case like this. SUPCASE’s rugged case has been rigorously tested and certified by MET Labs to survive a jaw-dropping 15-foot drop, so you don’t need to worry about anything.

SUPCASE - Unicorn Beetle PRO MAG Rugged Case for iphone 15

Its design is top-notch, and it is made from a scratch-resistant polycarbonate and TPU bumpers. As well as protecting your iPhone, this pair completes its aesthetics. Security is not just about durability but also prevention. Raised bezels around the screen and camera lens make them less likely to touch damaging surfaces, reducing scratches and scuffs.

Using this case means protecting your iPhone without sacrificing functionality. Precision cutouts make all your iPhone’s ports and features easily accessible. MagSafe is also compatible with it, so you can charge your device with all its features without removing your case. Additionally, the kickstand provides hands-free viewing without removing your case.

  • Protective bumper case
  • Built-in kickstand
  • 1-year standard warranty
  • MagSafe compatible
  • Military-grade drop protector
  • Feels bulky in the hand

4. Nomad – Modern Leather Folio

This luxurious full-grain leather folio case from Nomad seamlessly blends style, functionality, and protection. This case is a top contender if you are looking for a point that refines your iPhone’s look and feel while offering convenience and robust safety.

Nomad - Modern Leather Folio case for iphone 15

The Nomad Folio Case is not subtle in any way. It not only enhances the look of your iPhone, but it protects it well and allows you to store cash and cards. The star of the show is the full-grain, sustainably sourced leather. In addition to exuding elegance, it also develops a beautiful patina over time, giving your case a unique and personalized feel. As it ages, it tells a story.

With anodized aluminum buttons, the iPhone’s controls are durable and sophisticated. With this functional and practical wallet alternative, you have everything you need at your fingertips. It features three card slots and a cash compartment. With the Folio Case, you can choose between full coverage or a minimalist look with a magnetic clasp that can be removed.

  • Dedicated card and cash slots
  • Long-lasting leather folio case
  • 8ft drop protection
  • Removable magnetic clasp
  • Charging with MagSafe & wireless
  • Should’ve offered a kickstand
  • Only 2 Color available
  • Difficult to use when taking photos

5. Encased – Magsafe Clear Case

You’ll love the slim, clear body of ENSCASED MAG-AIR while it protects your device, maintaining a timeless yet modern aesthetic. It is trimmed in black for added protection, creating a sleek look. With the result of this case, your iPhone will look stunning and up-to-date while retaining a sense of timelessness.

Encased - Magsafe Clear Case for iphone 15 with Portable MagSafe Charger

Protecting your device is of utmost importance in this hybrid case. Air pockets are strategically placed along the edges and corners of this case to act as a fortress against drops and impacts. Best of all, the case maintains a sleek and slim profile without being bulky.

One of its most impressive features is its shock-absorbing bumper. It cushions against impacts, protecting your iPhone from everyday bumps and drops. With its clear body, you can show off your iPhone’s design while protecting it from damage. It’s like getting the best of both worlds.

  • Stylish and modern case
  • Responsive buttons
  • Precise port cutouts
  • Impact-resistant bumper
  • Compatible with MagSafe accessories
  • May make your iPhone thick
  • Limited stock available

6. Case-Mate : Tough Black Phone Case

Case-Mate’s Tough Black Case provides stylish protection without compromising durability, an ideal option for iPhone 15 users. This case is durable and resilient, ensuring your device remains safe every day.

Case-Mate - Tough Black Phone Case for iphone 15

If you drop your iPhone from a distance of 12 feet, you can trust that it will be safe. Despite any fall or accident, this Tough Black Phone Case will protect your iPhone well. The sleek black finish enhances your iPhone’s elegance while complimenting any style.

Case-Mate’s trust in its product speaks volumes about how well it protects your investment. Whether it’s from a drop or a bump, its rounded edges provide extra protection for the corners of your iPhone. When it comes to rugged, sleek, and easy-to-use iPhone cases, you’ve come to the right place.

  • Tough and sleek black case
  • Sleek Black Design
  • 12ft drop protection
  • International Shipping
  • lifetime warranty
  • Thickness not mentioned
  • Camera bumper not protected

7. Mous – Limitless 5.0 MagSafe® Compatible

An iPhone 15 case designed to complement its design, the Mous Limitless 5.0 Speckled Fabric integrates seamlessly with MagSafe accessories, providing extreme impact protection and keeping your phone stylish. Mous takes MagSafe compatibility seriously, and this case is no exception. With MagSafe compatibility, you can use a variety of accessories and enjoy fast charging from day one.

Limitless 5.0 - MagSafe® Compatible Speckled Fabric Phone Case for iphone 15

With its AiroShock® defensive technology, the Mous Limitless 5.0 protects your iPhone 15 against extreme impacts. Also, its high-def camera bump protects your camera lens from damage. With its protective features, this case maintains a sleek, slim shape, so your iPhone looks good while remaining safe. This case is available with a variety of stylish backplates.

As well as protecting your phone’s back, the rippled grip ribs on the case keep your iPhone secure. Further, the case includes eyelets on either side, so you can pair it with wrist straps and phone slings, making it even more convenient and safe.

  • Back protection with microfiber lining.
  • REACH and RoHS Certifications
  • Interlocking TPU construction.
  • Extreme AiroShock® protection
  • Available in multi variant
  • Lifetime Warranty*
  • Magnet compatibility is weak


Strong, stylish, and protective, these cases are ideal for protecting and flaunting the new iPhone series. Your iPhone 15 will benefit from these cases since they protect it from damage and keep its sleek design. We’ve listed a case for everyone, whether you love a leather finish, a fabric one, or prefer a hard and rugged solid case.

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