The best free AI art generators will take in the text, analyze it, and generate an image, all within a span of a few seconds. With the help of the best free AI art generator, you can create images from text with incredible depth and precision. The AI-powered software analyzes textual descriptions using advanced machine-learning techniques and produces visuals that closely resemble the input. This technology allows you to describe any kind of scene, be it a tranquil landscape, a busy cityscape, or a mythical creature—and it does it in visually spectacular ways.

Come up with the correct words to express your idea if you are unable to find the perfect picture. It is as simple as that. With these best free AI art generator apps, you can embrace the future of creativity and see your ideas come to life on a digital canvas.

1. Vivid AI – All-in-one AI image generator from text

Vivid AI - All-in-one AI image generator from text

The all-in-one AI picture generator, Vivid A,I offers incredible multipurpose AI technologies. With this tool, you can create AI art from text prompts and get a variety of artistic genres, such as pop art, cartoons, oil painting, and steampunk. You can also obtain four amazing photographs by simply typing the image you would like to create and waiting only a mere second.

AI Scene is another advanced element of Vivid AI. Any photo can be transformed into a variety of themes, like Lego, fairy, sunset, or graffiti, using the AI interior design capability. If you’re still not happy, you can even use text input to specify the artistic style you wish to use with the image. Now that is some fun!

Key Features:

  • AI interior design feature transforms the pic
  • Generates outfit that suits your needs
  • Backgrounds can be changed easily

2. WOMBO Dream – Easy-to-use Image from text AI-generator

WOMBO Dream - Easy-to-use Image from text AI-generator

Next up is the Dream by WOMBO. With this, you can quickly start producing images within seconds after entering the text prompt. A diverse range of styles are also available for you to choose from, including Nightly v2, VFX v2, Horror cut, and realistic v2. Some of the popular freestyles nowadays are Ghibli, Unrealistic, Anime, Line-Art, and Surreal.

The smartphone app and the web app are both available for use. Both offer a nearly identical set of features. So, get ready with your thoughts for creating an image the same as you’ve it in your mind.

Key Features:

  • Variety of styles
  • Quick outputs
  • Can be used on mobile and laptops

3. Nightcafe – Best free AI image generator

Nightcafe - Best free AI image generator

This is among one of the best AI image generators that can be used for free. Use Nightcafe’s AI to transform any simple English statement you type into a painting. You have a wide range of artistic styles to pick from while making a new image, such as cubist, surreal, oil painting, matte, steampunk, and more.

Additionally, you can select the model and method to utilize, which includes DALL-E 2 and the well-known Stable Diffusion, among others. Moreover, NightCafe provides official competitions called “daily challenges,” where participants can submit their artwork in hopes of winning compelling prizes.

Key Features:

  • Design customized challenges & participate
  • Choose between high & low-resolution images
  • Easy-to-use

4. Starry AI – Best for generating customized images

Starry AI - Best for generating customized images

The best free AI art generator available is Starry. This innovative technology is changing the way we approach visual content by enabling users to easily create AI art from text prompts.

Based on the result, StarryAI divides the picture into Altair and Orion categories when you enter the prompt. You can select based on what you need and can even create customized images. What’s best? It is a tool that is free and easy to use and does not contain watermarks.

Key Features:

  • Simple to use
  • Can generate personalized images
  • Usage of varied styles and templates is possible
  • Watermark free images

5. Deep AI – Ensure open-source image creation

Deep AI - Ensure open-source image creation

DeepAI is among the AI art generators that aspire to enable anyone to create images through open-source software. Nearly half of the various image styles available are free. The free ones include, among others, simple text-to-image, adorable animals, fantasy settings, cyberpunk, vintage, renaissance art, and abstract.

It further also provides you with an image detector tool to help you weed out images that aren’t suitable for your task. In addition, you can make numerous works of art or photos for free with this app only if you enter the correct prompts.

Key Features:

  • Create unlimited images for free
  • Can customize the image resolution
  • Diverse image styles are available

6. Craiyon – Learns by reading captions of other images

Craiyon - Learns by reading captions of other images

Craiyon is another AI art generator that learns by reading descriptions of other pictures. The tool generates a digital image based on its present understanding by combining concepts it has learned from photos when you submit a prompt.

Developed by DALL-E mini, using your text, Craiyon will create nine distinct graphics, any or all of which you can save and download. The app can also provide pre-stored AI images if it matches your prompt. So, go on, enter what you think, and make the world see your thinking via images.

Key Features:

  • Can offer pre-built AI images
  • Diverse filters available
  • Provides high-resolution images
Canva - Free and popular AI design tool

One of the most popular photo-editing and design apps for phones and the web is Canva. Users don’t need to be very skilled in design to unleash their creativity while using Canva to make images from text.

The user-friendly interface of the platform facilitates effortless navigation and allows users to submit text while choosing from an extensive selection of customizable themes, pictures, and fonts. Best thing? You can go on creating images at no cost.

Key Features:

  • Customizable text inputs
  • Offers pre-designed templates
  • Generated images can be refined using other tools Canva offers

8. Bing Image Creator – Top AI image editing tool

Bing Image Creator - Top AI image editing tool

With Bing Image Creator, you can create an image by just expressing the words, thanks to an optimized version of OpenAI’s DALL-E model. Good quality photographs are produced by the Bing Image Creator. Moreover, its “surprise me” feature brings up random prompts to generate images.

Four art variations are generated when you enter a prompt to make an AI image, allowing you to choose the best of all. You can sign in with your Microsoft account and explore all the features of this AI image creator. The Bing Image Creator is among one of the best free AI art generators.

Key features:

  • “Surprise me” feature
  • Gives four images for same prompt
  • Availability of Microsoft awards to make images quickly

9. PicsArt – Best for batch editing & applying filters

PicsArt - Best for batch editing & applying filters

PicsArt is a popular app for designing and modifying photos. Along with the free account, you can use the AI Image Generator. In addition to many other capabilities, this app has editing tools, AI tools, and a batch editor. Put text into the input section on Picsart, and it will generate an AI image for you.

You can further add text and effects, change colors, and apply filters to personalize the images obtained. This application lets you create artwork in a range of styles. Generating four variations from the prompt entered, it can also be used as a learning app, especially for designers.

Key Features:

  • Artwork customization available
  • Variations in AI images allow you to choose the best one
  • Can set tailored aspect ratios


How do these text to AI art generators operate?

Huge text and image datasets are used to train text-to-image AI generators. Envision a library where every image has a detailed caption. Through this collection, AI learns the relationships between words and visual components.

What are the benefits of using the best free AI art generators?

It offers tools to enthusiasts, offering them a gateway to bring imagination to reality. Moreover, by allowing a larger audience to express their creativity through clubbing words and images, these applications democratize the process of learning and creating art.

Final Words:

Using these AI art generators for free and creating AI art from text prompts can aid you in getting the best images you would’ve deemed. Trusted by various businesses across multiple domains, freelancers, and other individuals, some of them let you curate the pictures as per your needs. Let your imagination do the work for you while you sit relaxed!

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