The stunning curved edge-to-edge display of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra needs protection to prevent scratches, cracks, and damage from daily use. A high-quality screen protector is a must-have accessory purchase for preserving the S23 Ultra’s beautiful high definition viewing experience. In this guide, we detail the top 8 screen protector options to suit different budgets and needs.

We’ll cover the pros and cons of premium tempered glass, flexible TPU films, privacy protectors, and more. Whether you prioritize maximum impact protection, touch sensitivity, or affordability, we’ll help you find the right screen protector to keep your Galaxy S23 Ultra display flawless.

1. Dome Glass – Whitestone Screen Protector

Dome Glass - Whitestone Screen Protector

The Whitestone Dome Glass stands out as the pinnacle of protection for the Galaxy S23 Ultra display. This premium tempered glass uses an innovative liquid glass dispersion technology that flows evenly over the curved screen, filling microscopic crevices that adhesive glue can miss.

While pricier than basic film options, its unmatched coverage, clarity, touch sensitivity and rugged protection make the Whitestone Dome Glass the top choice for those who want the very best screen protector for their Galaxy S23 Ultra.

  • Full adhesive coverage
  • Easy installation with UV light
  • Tempered glass protection
  • Bubble free installation Kit
  • More expensive

2. ArmorSuit – Military Shield Screen Protector

ArmorSuit - Military Shield Screen Protector

The ArmorSuit MilitaryShield screen protectors are the top choice if you’re looking for an ultra-thin profile film that can handle the curves of the Galaxy S23 Ultra display. Made of flexible yet durable thermoplastic polyurethane, these thin protectors offer decent scratch protection while maintaining the slim form factor of your device.

While not as protective as tempered glass, the self-healing technology enables small scratches to disappear over time. If you tend to drop your phone frequently, a glass protector may be a better choice for impact protection. But for guarding against minor scuffs and use with cases, the ArmorSuit MilitaryShield is an excellent film option for the S23 Ultra.

  • Slim profile
  • Self-healing abilities
  • Case compatibility
  • HD Clear Film
  • Not as protective as glass

3. Samsung Official Screen Protector

Samsung Official Screen Protector

For a screen protector designed specifically by Samsung for the Galaxy S23 Ultra display, look no further than the official Samsung option. Made from flexible elastomeric polyurethane, this protector offers great scratch resistance and enables full fingerprint sensor compatibility.

The material not only protects from surface scratches but also includes an anti-fingerprint coating to limit smudges and oils on your display. While it only includes a single protector in the package, the custom design by Samsung to precisely cover the S23 Ultra’s curved screen makes it well worth the price.

  • Anti Scratch
  • Anti Fingerprint
  • Great touch sensitivity
  • Only includes one protector

4. Geekboy – Soft EPU Protectors

Geekboy - Soft EPU Protectors

The geekboy screen and camera protectors offer an innovative soft EPU material and 9H lens covers for full protection. EPU stands for elastic polyurethane, a type of thermoplastic that is more scratch resistant than typical TPU films. The set includes 2 precisely contoured screen protectors plus 2 tempered glass camera lens covers.

With 9H hardness rating, the glass lens covers guard against scratches and cracks from drops or dings on the camera array. While the EPU isn’t as hard as actual tempered glass, the flexibility better adheres to the curved screen. For solid scratch defense and maintaining a slimmer profile, the geekboy EPU and 9H lens combo pack is a great choice for all-around protection.

  • Soft EPU material
  • With Camera Lens Protector
  • High Definition Bubble-Free
  • With 2+2 Pack
  • Easy Installation
  • Not full tempered glass

5. amFilm – Ultra Screen Protector

amFilm - Ultra Screen Protector

For protecting the entire phone, the amFilm TPU 4-pack gives you 2 screen protectors plus 2 camera lens covers for complete coverage. The thermoplastic material provides good scratch and impact resistance for your Galaxy S23 Ultra’s display and lenses.

The flexible TPU enables edge-to-edge protection on the curved screen while defending against dings on the camera area. While not as protective as glass, the 4-pack bundle gives great value by protecting both the front and back of your device. But for an affordable full coverage option, the amFilm TPU 4-pack offers a solid solution for your Galaxy S23 Ultra screen and camera array.

  • Protects screen and camera
  • Alignment tool included
  • Fingerprint ID Compatible
  • Easy Installation Tool
  • TPU Film Full Coverage
  • Great value
  • Material not as strong as glass

6. MOHAVE – 3D Curved Anti Spy Screen Protector

MOHAVE - 3D Curved Anti Spy Screen Protector

The MOHAVE hybrid screen protector uses an innovative 7H hardness material matrix to provide scratch protection and durability while also limiting viewing angles for privacy. The protector diffuses and narrows the field of view on your Galaxy S23 Ultra display to help prevent unwanted eyes from snooping on your screen.

With the MOHAVE applied, content is only visible if looking straight at the display, providing privacy from the sides. While the MOHAVE isn’t made of the strongest tempered glass, the clever viewing angle technology offers robust privacy protection. If you often use your phone for private business or banking in public, the MOHAVE is an excellent option to enhance confidentiality.

  • Private viewing angles
  • Self-healing abilities
  • Full coverage and Case Friendly
  • Ultrasonic Fingerprint ID Compatible
  • Not tempered glass

7. Letosan – 5G Glass Screen Protector

Letosan - 5G Glass Screen Protector

For rugged protection, the letosan tempered glass 2+2 pack provides great value for the Galaxy S23 Ultra. You get two screen protectors plus two camera lens covers for complete protection. With 99.9% clarity and 0.26mm thickness, the 9H hardness glass shields the curved screen from edge to edge.

The temper glass works flawlessly with the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor for fast unlocking. By defending both the display and camera array, letosan’s glass guards against scratches, cracks, and dings. For just $11.99, this 4-piece set is a smart buy, giving your Galaxy S23 Ultra 360 degrees of coverage.

  • Tempered glass protection
  • 2 screen protectors + 2 lens covers
  • Ultrasonic Fingerprint Support
  • HD Clear Scratch Resistant
  • No alignment tool

8. AACL Tempered Glass

AACL Tempered Glass

As one of the more affordable tempered glass options, the AACL 2-pack provides excellent protection for your Galaxy S23 Ultra screen. The 9H hardness rating means these 0.33mm thick glass protectors are extremely scratch resistant. Constructed with silica and strengthened through a heat treatment process, the AACL tempered glass is also shatter-resistant in case you drop your phone.

While installation tools aren’t included, the precisely contoured sizing ensures full edge-to-edge coverage of your display once aligned correctly. For cost-effective rugged protection from scratches and cracks, the AACL tempered glass 2-pack is a great pick for your Galaxy S23 Ultra.

  • Budget tempered glass
  • Precise fit and Anti-Scratch
  • Ultrasonic Fingerprint Unlock Tips
  • High Definition and High Sensitivity
  • No installation tools


Protecting your expensive investment in the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra should undoubtedly involve a screen protector. While tempered glass options provide the most rugged protection, flexible TPU films are great for maintaining a slimmer profile and case compatibility. Be sure to consider key factors like impact resistance, scratch protection, touch sensitivity, coverage area, and affordability as you choose the right protector.

Keep your Galaxy S23 Ultra display pristine and enjoy stellar high-resolution visuals with one of these top-rated screen protectors applied.

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