Top 10 Necessary Androids Apps for Daily Life

Androids Apps for Daily Life

In today’s society, people already cannot put their phones down. I am not sure what everyone else is doing to them. They’re probably playing a lot of video games and are hooked to social media. But I use my phone as a complete life tool. It’s kind of like the Swiss army knife for running my life. I swear by ten necessary apps for daily life that help me get through my day, for both increased productivity and entertainment.

1. RescueTime


I am all about increasing my productivity in any way I can. And, the ultimate app for that is RescueTime. It quantifies your productivity by tracking your hours of proactivity and procrastination and shows all of the junk you are wasting your time on. It may be on purpose; we all need breaks sometimes – just not too much! This is the perfect tool for my time management in 15 minutes routine!

  • Allows blacklisting of certain sites and warns you if you use them for too long.  
  • Records activities and time on different sites, apps, and software.
  • Stores information on the Cloud for easy access.    

2. Waze


Waze is an excellent navigation app that’s owned by Google! That itself speaks volumes about the app. It is an excellent map to use pretty much anywhere in the world, even if the network is not that strong. You can access useful information, from live traffic to directions. It’s a must-have for daily traveling!

  • Both online and offline accessibility.
  • Fun voices for directions.
  • Easy to use and free of cost.

3. Loop – Habit Tracker


Good habits are hard to form. So to make that easier and to keep me motivated, I use Loop – Habit Tracker. It’s an open-source platform that maintains your activity schedule, records progress, and more!

  • Easy graphs and charts to show your activities.
  • Special formula to calculate your progress in the habit.
  • Options to manage time spent in the habit, set reminders, snooze activities, etc.

4. Pocket Casts – Podcast Player


Love podcasts? So do I. I love to listen to the ones that talk about life, mental health, and more. And, Pocket Casts has been one of the top podcast player apps for a long time! Your subscriptions will not be lost when you change devices. You can enjoy audio effects, too!

  • Frequent updates to improve your in-app experience.
  • Allows download scheduling when the app is not in use.  
  • Auto-syncing of episodes on all platforms.

5. Pandora


Music is my lifeline; it helps me focus and keep my head in the game. And for that, my favorite app is Pandora, which comes with a huge music library and the ability to sync stations across any platform! It’s simple and fuss-free, and even supports streaming!

  • Excellent cross-platform support for syncing stations.
  • A music library that keeps adding more, available for free.
  • Charges $4.99-9.99/month for services like on-demand streaming.  

6. MyLifeOrganized 


As a task manager, MyLifeOrganized is a multi-tasker itself. It doesn’t just organize your tasks.  It functions in sync with all task lists across your devices! On this app, you can add chores and organize them in the order of their inter-dependence and chronology. It even knows which task to remind you of and when!

  • Recognizes location and offers appropriate task lists accordingly.
  • Drag-and-drop system for easy organization of tasks.
  • Allows the creation and categorization of tasks and sub-tasks.

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7. Dashlane


Having trouble remembering your passwords? Dashlane to the rescue! This password manager – a vault, if you will – for all your passwords. You can store the details of online banking here, too, without having to worry about security.

  • Encrypted password storage and fingerprint login for complete safety.
  • Free app with no ads.
  • Perfect for personal details, card, and net-banking information, ID and passwords, etc.  

8. MyFitnessPal


When you’re busy or on the road, it’s difficult to pay attention to your food intake or your exercise regime. MyFitnessPal can be your best health and fitness buddy, as the name suggests. From recording your diet to tracking your workouts, it will do everything for you, to help reach your goals.

  • Records diet, as well as exercise routines.
  • It makes it easy to track the weight loss/gain/maintenance journey.
  • It offers a database of millions of food items and recipes with caloric and nutritional details.

9. Business Calendar 2


The calendar is a taken-for-granted app. But if you know its full potential, it can help organize your life. And, if you’re a professional who needs help, Business Calendar 2 is an excellent calendar app to manage events and tasks, besides information on public holidays.

  • Great tool for managing and sharing events.
  • Offers complete holiday details.
  • Various options for viewing and navigating through dates.

10. Librivox


Ah, I miss the days when I could sit cooped up in a corner, reading. At the end of a busy day, my eyes hardly allow any more reading energy. The best alternative is audio-books, with Librivox, offering an enormous library! You’ll find the best books on this app, for sure!

  • Free of cost and free from ads.
  • Easy to search, using a name, author, or just words.
  • Excellent features like multiple book reading, speed control, etc.


Every day in life can be a challenge. All you need is a little help to make it just a tiny bit better. Check the apps mentioned above, I am sure you will find 3 or 4 that fit your lifestyle and just have fun with life.