In the last few days, ChatGPT has taken over the internet, and multiple debates and controversies have taken place about what things you can do with ChatGPT!

Some say that it will replace many jobs, while others believe it is just another trend holding no significant importance. Well, only time can tell which statement holds the water, but as of now, on Google trends, the search has got a “breakout” – meaning more than 5000% growth! 🤯

There is already enough information about chatGPT when it comes to what it is, who owns it, what you can and can’t do with chatGPT, and much more but interestingly, there isn’t much information on the internet when it comes to blogs posts that truly experiment with ChatGPT’s potential.

People are using ChatGPT as a new way of entertainment, and you can find many Tweets and memes going around about ChatGPT. So here’s our cent to it! 🤏

Scroll the blog post to discover some amazing, fun, and creative things you can do with ChatGPT! We’ve listed the top 15 things as of now, but we will keep updating the blog with new creative stuff, so bookmark the page and keep visiting the page to get the latest update.

Is This Blog Post Written by ChatGPT?

If you are wondering whether this blog is written by AI or not, let us tell you that it’s clearly not!

Want proof of that? See this!


First, we started the conversation by trying to give it a human touch and asked what interesting questions can we ask ChatGPT.

We got some technical questions in answers, and then we asked ChatGPT to give us some creative questions as an answer, and in response to that, here’s what we got!


As you can see, the response is good enough to keep the conversation going; we tried asking more questions to see what level of fun, creative and interesting answers we could get!

So, let’s get started and see the variety of questions you can ask ChatGPT!

1. Poetry on a Subject with a Particular Theme:

To start with, we asked ChatGPT to write me a poem on the corporate world with a sarcastic tone, and here’s what we got:


As you can see, the poem is full of corporate words and rhyming with the previous line. Anyone with a good sense of poetry and art can find this poem subpar and does not meet the standards of true literature.

Nonetheless, we can consider this poem as “better”, considering it is written by AI and not a human.

To see the further potential, we asked to write on the same topic but with a different tone with the question, “Can you write one on the happy and beneficial side of the job? With a cheerful tone?” Here’s the response!


As you can see, ChatGPT replied well enough, but still, the standards are not up to the mark!

2. Brand Names With a “Particular Keyword”

If you are planning to launch a brand or a company but not getting any ideas about what the name should be, ChatGPT can be your savior.

Here’s the response we got when we asked ChatGPT to give us a brand name for a web development company and here’s the answer we got:


As you can see, most of the brand names already exist; we asked ChatGPT to provide us with some more suggestions, to which we got a response that it has limited knowledge and can’t make sure if the brand name already exists.


To be fair enough, we can say that you can definitely try ChatGPT to get direction in finding a name for your brand and give clear instructions and brief to get even better suggestions and ideas.

3. Simple Translation Tasks:

The next amazing thing you can do with ChatGPT is to perform simple translation tasks in multiple languages. We asked ChatGPT to translate “How are you?” into 5 different languages, and here’s the response we got:


As you can see, the answer is pretty much satisfactory, and thus, we tried to take a step further and asked for a translation from famous literary dialogues.

Here’s the response of “Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?‘” in Hindi with a Roman script and here’s the response we got:


If you have read and interpreted Shakespeare before, you clearly know that Juliet isn’t asking only where Romeo is but also asking “why he’s Romeo”

There’s no doubt artificial intelligence can’t compete when it comes to an understanding complex human emotions and language, specifically that of great literature.

Here’s the translation of the same in French:


4. Ask for Gift Ideas for Your Partner/Colleague/Friends:

Going to a party or have someone’s birthday coming up? We all have been in a situation where getting gifting ideas makes us scratch our heads, and we don’t know what we can gift someone.

In such situations, asking ChatGPT to come up with some good gift ideas can help you get a way out and save you a day!

Here’s the response we got from ChatGPT when we asked about gifting ideas:


To get more precise suggestions, you can give more details like gender, age, preferences, and hobbies.

5. Playing Games With ChatGPT

The next up in line is playing some interesting and fun games with ChatGPT when you are feeling bored.

Starting from simple games like tic-toe-toe to complex games like chess, ChatGPT has got your back! Here’s the list of some of the games ChatGPT can play with you:

Hangman, 20 Questions, Rock-Paper-Scissors, Chess, Connect Four, Go, Scrabble, and Minesweeper.

Nonetheless, you have to be a little mindful and aware while playing the game. We tried playing a simple tic-toe-tic game, and just on the first try, ChatGPT failed to follow the instructions:

See the images below for more reference:


But you are totally free to do your experiments, and tell us your experience in the comment section below! 😉

6. Ask for Bedtime Story or Poem:

How many times have you tried to fall asleep but just couldn’t? Or it could be your child that isn’t falling asleep no matter how hard you try!

ChatGPT can hold your hand in such tricky times and help you have a smooth and sound sleep with sweet dreams.

When we asked ChatGPT to give us a bedtime story, here’s what we got as a response:


You can also ask bedtime story for a 5 year (or any year old, to be more specific) or a poem based on your preferences.

7. Solve Coding Problems:

If you are a coder wanting help solving a complex problem or finding a bug in the code or someone who wants to build a simple app, ChatGPT can be your help.

Here’s an example of one simple question we asked ChatGPT, followed by its response:

“How do I make an HTTP request in Javascript?”


However, you can ask more complex questions, and ChatGPT will help you with all your queries, including the ones where you need to decode the bug with an explanation.

8. General Questions That Might Be Troubling You:

We get it; we are humans, and sometimes, even what seems a minor issue to others can be a major and time-consuming issue for you.

In such cases, you shouldn’t undervalue the importance of taking the opinion of ChatGPT. Though the chances are thin that you will really find something meaningful that may blow your mind, solutions always lie in small yet significant statements.

We asked ChatGPT about how to manage time effectively while doing household chores, and here’s the response we got:

OpenAI's new Chatgpt bot

Going further, we also asked if these tips can be applied to office work time too, and here’s the response we got:

OpenAI's new Chatgpt bot

Certainly, ChatGPT has improved the AI Chatbot standards, as you can see!

9. Knowing Interesting Facts

If you like knowing new and interesting facts and statments from around the world, ChatGPT can be a fun thing for you! Get your curiosity to its highest and explore a new world of fascinating facts you would like to deep dive into.

We asked about the top 10 tourist places in the world with their respective numbers, and here’s the answer we got:

OpenAI's new Chatgpt bot

This is just one example of interesting facts you can ask ChatGPT, but you don’t have to limit yourself when it comes to coming up with new ideas and a list of interesting things you can ask.

Some of the examples include the number of languages used in the world, how many national parks there are across the globe, how many stars there are in the galaxy, and some fun things to do on your first date! 😉

However, you need to note that ChatGPT can provide data limited to the information it has – up to 2021. So, if you want the latest data, ChatGPT is more likely to disappoint you.

10. Create Outlines for Blogs and Articles:

If you are in the writing field or need an outline for your blog or an essay, or want to support your research paper with a quick simple fact check, ChatGPT is there for you.

We asked chatGPT to create an outline for a blog titled “Things you need to know before hiring a digital marketing company?” We must say that response is good enough to get started when you feel writer’s block.

Here’s the outline we’ve got:

OpenAI's new Chatgpt bot

OpenAI's new Chatgpt bot So, next time when you feel writer’s block, you know where to turn, right?

11. Do Some Initial SEO Keywords:

The next on the list is the initial SEO keyword research. Though ChatGPT can’t compete with real-time and SEO-centric tools like Google Keyword Planner, Google Analytics, Ahrefs, SEMRush, and Screaming Frog, it’s good for getting related words if you are totally new to the industry.

We asked ChatGPT to get us some keywords related to website development, and here’s the response we got!

OpenAI's new Chatgpt bot

12. Jokes to Lighten Your Day:

If you are feeling low or depressed lately and want to have an ear-to-ear smile on your face, you can rely on ChatGPT to make your day bright.

You can ask generic jokes or jokes centering on a particular theme to impress someone with your sense of humor.

Here are some of the examples of jokes ChatGPT can come up with!

OpenAI's new Chatgpt bot
OpenAI's new Chatgpt bot

13. Definition and Explanation of Various Words and Concepts:

How often has it been with you when you had to turn to Google for the new words and phrases you come across when learning or reading something new? Quite common, right?

Now next time when you face a similar situation, you can simply go to ChatGPT and share your curiosity there.

What’s more interesting? You can ask ChatGPT to explain the same concept in two different languages. We asked ChatGPT to explain the concept of relativity in English and French, and we are definitely happy with the response we got!

OpenAI's new Chatgpt bot
OpenAI's new Chatgpt bot

The story doesn’t end here! You can ask ChatGPT to explain a particular concept keeping a certain perspective in mind. For example, we ChatGPT asked to explain the same concept as it is being explained to a farmer. See the ChatGPT’s response below.

OpenAI's new Chatgpt bot

14. Asking for Suggestions & Recommendations:

People often want to follow their passion or dreams but don’t know where to start. Your dream can be as simple as reading 2 books a week or a little more complex as building a huge network of like-minded people.

You can take the first step by asking ChatGPT and figuring out a way from there. We asked ChatGPT to give us some book recommendations having a realistic theme without romance, but it shouldn’t be a real story. Here’s what ChatGPT came up with:

OpenAI's new Chatgpt bot

You can ask for any other recommendations like movies, games, magazines, clubs, and communities.

15. Seeking Primary Guidance:

Lastly, you can ask for primary guidance about anything in the world to ChatGPT, and you will get a path to start your journey forward.

It could be as simple as looking for recipes or getting basic guidance to choose further studies or career paths. Surely, you can’t take all the advice of ChatGPT seriously, but it is good to start to get some lights to your tunnels.

We asked ChatGPT to give us some guidance about pursuing an MBA, and it seems that the answers are good enough for someone looking for primary-level information or guidance.

OpenAI's new Chatgpt bot

This is Never Ending:

No, we mean it!

When you are having a chat with AI Chatbots, there’s no end to the conversation, even when you ask them not to respond!

Don’t believe us? See the screenshots below to get the assurance.

OpenAI's new Chatgpt bot
OpenAI's new Chatgpt bot
OpenAI's new Chatgpt bot

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