Can ChatGPT beat Google in its very own search game? Let us try to find the answer to this question in this write-up.

The Growing Curiosity Over ChatGPT


Chances are, by the time this news piece gets published, you will have already drowned in an overflux of content on this stunning Chatbot known as ChatGPT. It is perhaps the best chatbot to ever come across on the internet. The fact that its reach crossed over a million users in the first week of its launch shows its impact on people.

The Hot Question That Everyone Is Asking


I will not circle around the facts you have read on the internet. I am interested in knowing whether it can dethrone Google, which has been at its peak for a long time. Many on the internet have already passed on the judgment and proclaimed nothing could save Google. Others say OpenAI has made Google contemplate hard on its next search strategy.

Let us try to find out the answer to this question in the next section.

Will ChatGPT Overtake Google in the Search Business?


It is a fact that Google is already on the back foot from new emerging services like ChatGPT. But, the stronghold that Google already has in the search space cannot be ignored at any cost.

Since ChatGPT is a new entrant in the search space, it has a lot of catching up to meet the number of users Google gets in a single day. Google receives approximately 4 billion daily users and answers billions of search queries. ChatGPT received 1 million users in one week since its launch date. This is a massive difference between the two!

There are certain areas where ChatGPT has the edge over Google. One such area is providing travel recommendations. It is a complex query and indulges in a lot of creativity on the part of the software.

But, the one thing that gives an edge to Google over ChatGPT is the investment the search giant makes in AI and machine learning. So, you can expect the company to pull off the socks and go deep down to take down competitors like ChatGPT.

One thing that is getting clear is that many companies today are interested in ChatGPT. This will help bring more investment into the AI field. Companies like Google that have put in years of work in technology have a definite edge. The money that Google can invest to improve the search will always give the company an added advantage over the other competitors that enter the search domain.

From the Rumor Chain


Certain reports claim that Google has been perplexed by all the attention that ChatGPT has been getting. They have already hit the panic button by declaring a Code Red over this matter.

Inside Information About OpenAI – The Company Behind the Emergence of Chatgpt


If you speak about OpenAI, it considers Google its primary competitor and Microsoft a major investor. Here is a brief introduction to OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

It was in November 2022 when OpenAI released ChatGPT, a text-based AI tool. The amazing thing about this revolutionary product is that it is the next best thing we have ever come across after Google. In the world of generative AI, ChatGPT has proved to be a blessing for people looking out for solutions on the internet.

Now, you might have a question: How does it work?

The Working Mechanism of Chatgpt


The chatbot functions on OpenAI’s GPT3 large language model (LLM). ChatGPT4 will soon arrive. It will have 100 trillion-plus neural network parameters. LLMs are considered to be one of the most powerful autocomplete technologies ever existing in the world. It uses machine learning to predict the next word in the sentence based on the previous entry.


Theoretically, it can be used for search, but the current version of ChatGPT is intended for something other than that. And logically speaking, it is true. Here are some of the reasons that prompt in that direction.

First, it does not crawl the web, which becomes a major handicap to searching for a piece of information and telling you where it is sourced.

Next, its knowledge base was trained in the year 2021. Hence, the information that you get from it will not be current.

For example, it will never give you the result that Russia attacked Ukraine or that Queen Elizabeth is not the queen of England.

But you are absolutely wrong if you think ChatGPT will not upgrade itself! According to OpenAI’s co-founder John Schulman an upgrade tentatively called WebGPT will roll out in the next few months.

What Does This Mean for Pichai and the Brain Behind Google?


Pichai might have his heart in his mouth for a minute or two after learning about the massive success derived by ChatGPT. The good news is Google has already started working on a similar product called Google Brain with the leading AI team across the world. You can also count on Google to develop innovative AI solutions considering their past track record.

The Successful Launch Of LamDA – A Product Similar To ChatGPT


Google currently owns the best deep learning engine, DeepMind. In 2022, the company launched LamDA, a similar product to ChatGPT – helping people resolve their problems through chat. It was so life-like that Google engineer Blake Lemoine proclaimed it could analyze sentiment and even feel or perceive things.

How Will LamDA Be a Better AI Product Than ChatGPT?


The next big thing that Google is eyeing is to integrate LamDA in its search, voice assistant, Gmail, Docs, and Drive. The final objective behind the launch of such a product is to create a conversational interface that enables people to retrieve different forms of information like text, visual, and audio across all Google products simply by asking for it.

Bottom Line – The Future of Search Is Bright

Just imagine if Google can come up with a similar product like ChatGPT, what kind of impact it would have on the users. Remember, Google was the first company to start the search functionality on the web. Now with the emergence of ChatGPT, we will see Google using more innovation in its search business.

Ultimately, this will positively impact users’ experience when searching the internet. Irrespective of whether ChatGPT can beat Google, it will surely raise the bar in the search industry. What more can we ask for?

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