Aside from the new corporate name “Meta,” Facebook has made a ton of changes to both its platform as well as to its ad platform. And as marketers and advertisers, we’ve gained access to massive new resources. However, did your campaign’s performance suddenly begin to decline after a few weeks? Ad fatigue on Facebook is probably the one to blame. This facebook Updates occurs when your target audience has had enough of seeing the same commercials over and over again,

Below, the article will share the most important updates on Facebook policy and ad management so you can anticipate better advertising.

Facebook Ad Fatigue

Facebook Updates in 2022

When consumers view your ad too many times, you’ve reached the point of Facebook ad fatigue. Due to high levels of ad fatigue, Facebook drastically restricts the delivery of your ad. The frequency metric may be used to gauge ad fatigue on Facebook.

Ad fatigue is easy to identify since the “frequency” measure begins to grow at the same time that one or more important KPIs in your campaign starts to decline. Ad weariness isn’t present if your key metrics fall, but frequency doesn’t, or the other way around.

Comment Moderation (Including for Live Chat)

Facebook Updates in 2022

Content creators often use Facebook’s live video technologies to boost their audience and monetize their work. While live-streaming may attract positive attention, trolls and spammers can make it difficult to keep the dialogue going. It applies to both live and pre-recorded footage.

Creators may now block and hide undesirable comments and establish new profiles on Facebook due to the new capabilities introduced by the social media giant.

Using keyboard blocking, creators may exclude certain words, numbers, symbols, and combinations from their comments.

Facebook Live comment moderation is now here, allowing content producers to have greater control over who and how people interact with their material. In the future, it would be able to eliminate offensive language, prohibit or suspend users, and even control who is allowed to post comments on live video streams.

Ad Eligibility for Cryptocurrency Brands

Facebook Updates in 2022

Facebook has always required companies to apply for ad eligibility before advertising cryptocurrencies. To run crypto-related advertisements, you need one of three separate licenses.

In light of the industry’s recent expansion and stabilization, Facebook has chosen to increase the number of regulatory licenses it accepts from cryptocurrency businesses. It is the first of 27 licenses that Facebook says it will examine, and a list of them will be made public on its policy page. Another way to verify your eligibility will be to use a “variety of signals.”

Advertisers who Facebook has already authorized will not be affected by the change and will not be required to reapply. Pre-approval goods and services would not be altered, according to the statement.

Stable CTRs and Higher CPCs

In comparison with the beginning of the pandemic, advertising has become more expensive. As of the second quarter of this year, cost per click was up 85.1% annually worldwide.

Marketers are under more pressure to make the right decisions to avoid wasting budgets. Facebook Ads CTR has remained fairly stable, indicating the ads are still providing value.

Ctrs Are Best for News Feeds and Instream Videos

Facebook Updates in 2022

Facebook’s News Feed receives nearly half of all social advertising spending, followed by Instagram’s feed, Instagram Stories, Facebook videos, and Facebook instream video.

Facebook’s in-stream video (0.33%) CTR is higher than Facebook’s news feed (0.29%).

Personalized Video Ads

Facebook Updates in 2022

Videos get 135% more organic reach on Facebook than images, so personalized videos are a powerful marketing tool.

Therefore, Facebook video ads are rising and will not disappear anytime soon. As a result, 46% of marketers plan to add a video to their digital marketing initiatives shortly.


Facebook Updates in 2022

In this year alone, Facebook Messenger will have 100,000 bots, and that number is expected to grow in upcoming years. Businesses can use Chatbots in various ways; however, the most common one remains customer service.

When you use chatbots must keep the following things in mind:

-Let your customer’s chatbot experience be as personalized as possible; let’s face it, nobody enjoys talking to a bot that answers the same question repeatedly.

-Make it simple if you can. Customers will be happier if the information is delivered quickly.

-Be aware that chatbots do not work like a magic wand. The road to success isn’t always smooth, and that’s okay.

Final Thoughts

Another year has come to an end! There is no doubt that Facebook is always striving to improve the quality of its services for its users.

What a year it was, and we can’t wait to see what awaits us in this year! Make sure to follow the latest Facebook updates and trends so you can use most of the platform for your business.