We are truly in the age of social media. Today, there are 4.33 billion social media users, or about 55% of the total global population according to a detailed post by Data Report. People spend countless hours on their feeds just scrolling and creators rise up in droves to share their own content. While many creators build their base to network, Instagram has also become a very viable platform where many content creators make money on Instagram.

One of the biggest juggernauts in this sphere of the internet, and the fifth most used social platform, is Instagram.

Initially launched as a photo-sharing app, the social networking site now hosts a wide array of content creators in different fields who make use of the visual medium to build their following.

With video uploads and other features now available on the app. Instagram has become a mecca for influencers, which draws in over 1 billion active users regularly.

So, how does a content creator capitalize on this wide net and bring in some profit?

1. Sponsored Posting

Content Creators Make Money on Instagram

As brands and companies hop on the digital sphere to garner more consumer attention and sales, a major point of interest in recent years has been influencer marketing.

By contracting Instagram creators to share their products and services on the platform, brands are instantly connected to a mass of users who are willing to trust—or at the very least, view—any opinions or reviews made by the said creators.

This year, digital marketing trends analyzed by the Technographx team continue to see a leaning toward video marketing and interactive advertising. These two are right up the alley for Instagram users who engage their followers with visual content.

As an influencer, you promote a product or service on your own feed and get compensated in exchange. The rates depend on the size of your following and the brand’s budget, but you can get a hefty sum if you end up making a lot of sponsored content.

Whether a creator simply teams up for a singular sponsored post or gets tapped as a brand ambassador, leveraging on your following and engagement rate to partner up with different brands can be your revenue maker in your profile.

Content Creators Make Money on Instagram

While the former focuses more on endorsements, being an affiliate puts you more on the direct side of things. You are essentially selling the products yourself, as being an affiliate means you earn money from commissions.

Every time someone clicks an affiliate link uses your promo code, you earn a portion of the sales Also, when someone buys a product using your platform, you also earn some money.

Creators usually get to get into this arena by joining affiliate programs or checking out platforms that put out ads seeking affiliates. This stream of income is becoming even more diverse as Instagram TV, or IGTV becomes more prevalent. 

Later’s feature on IGTV Ads breaks down a new feature introduction that incorporates ads into IGTV video posts.

This enables creators to monetize their videos as short ads play in the middle of their content. Creators will see a 55% share in advertising on the rollout.

3. Selling Their Own Goods

Content Creators Make Money on Instagram

Another way to earn money is to directly market your own goods. Whether you want to sell a product or services that you can offer like content creation or digital art. Instagram is a great way to reach potential consumers.

With a curated feed with good pictures and detailed engaging captions, you can build your audience and build a base of customers old and new.

Nowadays, users can directly buy products on Instagram from creators’ posts by way of product tags. This is a feature included in the subset Instagram Shopping.

Creators can set up virtual storefronts that allow users to browse all their products much like any other online marketplace. Creators can include other digital stores on the dedicated Instagram Shop as well.

Content Creators Make Money on Instagram

With these introductions, a creator can tap their audience and generate sales without having to connect to any external parties.

These are the biggest avenues for earning money on the huge platform that is Instagram. Today’s social behaviors and resources make it widely accessible for creators.

Whether you are still building a small following, this can be your ticket to making a living from your socials.

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