Gaming Mousepads are becoming a necessity in the general public for a variety of reasons. Concerning the common mousepad, gaming mousepad provides ample reasons to get attracted towards it. Many mouse pads provide an immense smooth layer for your mouse to hover on, while some also support RGB lightning. Other mouse pads provide us Wireless Charging if we are using some wireless mouse. Today we are going to discuss some of the best gaming mouse pad. 

It is preferable to have a large mouse pad as it is considered one of the top gaming mouse pads in service. The following are some of the popular gaming mouse pads that many professionals, as well as normal people, use in their day to day life. 

1. CORSAIR MM600 – For Accuracy and Precision

CORSAIR MM600 best gaming mouse pad

The Corsair MM600 isn’t keen on diverting you with splendidly hued lights like the MM800. Rather, it offers significantly more adaptability than its counterpart product. This twofold sided mouse cushion remains secure set up with elastic plugs on each corner so only your mouse will move, not your mousepad along with it. 

This is very important as many of the mousepads offer smoothness on top but are slippery at the bottom and are not stable. It is also prepared using aluminum, providing a very smooth surface with minimum resistance which provides a good response time inside the game and provides us with efficient smoothness. Check out the solution for middle mouse not working problem.

2. SteelSeries QcK – For Speed and Control

SteelSeries QcK best gaming mouse pad

This 133.56-inches square mousepad is completely made for a budget purpose. It has a high amount of thread count so that it gives the user complete precise movement and smooth structural glides. It has a rubber base beneath, which prevents it from gliding over the normal desktop. The Higher version of it, namely Qck-Prism, comes with RGB Lighting. It has a variety of sizes and colors and might come handy if you require a similar kind of stuff. That gives a beautiful sight as well as smooth texture. 

3. Cooler Master MP510 – For Pros

Cooler Master MP510 best gaming mouse pad

Currently, in the market, there are so many mousepads out there but still, we are quite baffle in picking the correct one. Some mousepads are too large to fit in our desktop, while some are too small to even place the mouse. 

For the solution of such a scenario, Cooler Master came up with these mousepads that come up in whooping 4 different sizes. It is made up of a special type of fabric, call Cordura, which doesn’t stink or absorb liquid. This comes handy if sometimes by mistake any type of liquid gets split on the mousepad, it will not affect the texture and quality of it. 

4. Razer Sphex v2 – For Style and Flair

Razer Sphex v2 best gaming mouse pad

This comes with a phenomenal seamless desk surface along with RGB colors. This mousepad is extremely thin and even less than a millimeter in height. It has a special polycarbonate surface, which is extremely useful and is optimize for control of the gaming mouse. The most preferable size is the general one, but if you’re having a smaller desk then no need to worry, you can opt for the smaller version of the mousepad as well which gives the same performance and visuals. 

5. Roccat Hiro+ – For Comfort and Durability

Roccat Hiro+ best gaming mouse pad

This Roccat Hiro+ is construct in such a way that it has a 3D structure. It is cover with a vulcanize silicone surface that not only improves our in-game experience but also provides us with smooth movement and improvise gaming accuracy. The bottom of the mousepad is construct in such a way that it gives the user the control they need. The surface of the mouse is prepare in such a way that it gives immense protection against the spilling of any liquid, and is also easier to wipe and clean it often. Check out the best wireless router for home.

6. Corsair MM1000Qi – For Beginners

Corsair MM1000Qi best gaming mouse pad

We might have thought that mousepad at maximum provides us a lightening and glorify look and it cannot provide more than it, but Corsair MM1000Qi prove every one of us wrong. It came up with astonishing technique and advancement in mousepads, providing Qi charging along with it. 

As soon as it hit the market, it was one of the biggest turnovers in the mousepad sections. Note that the mousepad is also one of the best performance-orient mousepads, and is not only famous for its Qi charging but also gives the best performance concerning about the smoothness as well in terms of the control over the mouse. 

7. Razer Goliathus Chroma – For Casual Gamers

Razer Goliathus Chroma best gaming mouse pad

If you are having different kinds of gaming peripherals with RGB Light, you can not keep your mousepad out of the group. This mousepad has luminous RGB implementation and is indeed very smooth to roll our mouse on. It is 140.6-inch square in size and is optimal for most of the gamers out there. It provides better support and quality. During our in-game battles, it will give us enhancing feel when we multi-kill and the light is glooming!

8. Corsair MM800 RGB Polaris – For Twitch Streamers

Corsair MM800 RGB Polaris best gaming mouse pad

If we are talking about the best mousepads to date, then we have to talk about the RGB ones. Since the arrival of RGB mousepads, the market of mousepads is seeing a different kind of advancements in the peripherals. Apart from the eye-catching RGB implementation of Corsair, it even uses low friction surface so that your movement of the mouse is precise as well as in control. 

It also uses the CUE2 interface to link it’s lightening with other equipment and your Device. It is one of the best mousepads out there that provides high-class quality along with one of the best visualizations and syncing of light. 

9. Asus Rog Scabbard – For YouTubers

Asus Rog Scabbard best gaming mouse pad

This Asus Rog Scabbard is gigantic as well as attractive. It covers not only your mouse but covers your desktop along with the keyboard in some cases. Also, it has minimal friction due to the sheath woven surface and provides maximum mouse control and smoothness. It has been test to temperature as low as -30 degrees Celsius, but we know you would not be able to do the same and play games at that temperature, even if you want to!

10. MSI Thunderstorm – For Content Creators

MSI Thunderstorm best gaming mouse pad

If the other mouse pads feel too soft, then this mousepad is for you, as it is, prepare with the help of all metal. This gaming mousepad is made up of aluminum material along with rubber stoppers that make it stick to the surface. 

The surface is prepare in such a way that it gives optimal mouse speed along with smoothness. It is L-shape, and hence can be situate very close to the keyboard. And if anytime you want to dismiss the metal surface, you can flip it over and find that the beneath surface is made up of cloth.   

So, these were some of the best gaming mouse pads out in the market. All of them are having unique features of their own and provide users with great comfort and smoothness. They are optimize in such a way that it gives the user the best experience, both in-game and visuals. 


Once you have considered your needs and preferences, you can start shopping for a gaming mouse pad. There are many great options available, so be sure to read reviews and compare prices before you make a purchase.