Best Youtube Optimization Tips For Digital Marketers

Youtube Optimization Tips For Digital Marketers

Youtube’s growth in the past decade has been staggering and the numbers are ever-increasing with the timeline. Almost 500 hours of videos are uploaded every minute to over 1.5 billion users to tap into it from every corner of the globe. 

Youtube is so popular that almost 30% of all internet users have a youtube account. Since its inclusion in Google, this video-sharing platform has crawled significant access to Google search engine. You will often find relevant youtube videos on your google searches. 

What makes Youtube more successful and find a place for its targeted consumers? Well, most of us would think about subscriptions, likes, and comments. No wonder these make your video popular and generates income. You can buy subscriptions, likes, comments, views from online marketing agencies like Galaxy Marketing

Other than that, what else do the marketers try to do by bringing their videos to the spotlight? It is not that all users get into youtube and find your channels for videos. There are users who directly put the keywords in Google and click on the videos on the first page of SERP. So, some marketers are getting viewers beyond expectations and growing demand in a very short time. 

To reach these viewers and scale-out popularity, the best YouTubers optimize their videos. Let’s crunch some tips on how you should optimize your youtube video for better success. 

  1. Longer Video Descriptions

Youtube permits 5000 characters which are equivalent to almost 700 words to write video descriptions. You have to use this opportunity to write a descriptive content of your video. It’s not necessary to complete all 5000 characters but make sure you are including contextual keywords to this text.

Write the text in such a way where you can target more side keywords instead of single long-tail keywords. Google will scrap these phrases when it finds any irrelevant searches. LSI integration is also a popular concept for blog and product review articles on websites. 

Some audiences also like to go through the content even after watching the videos. So, including a quality descriptive text along with your videos will increase your brand credibility. Furthermore, use this great space to insert affiliate links, social media profiles, websites, or landing pages. 

The best way to save time is to use transcription software to extract some sentences from YouTube videos and then add them to the description.

  1. Use High-resolution Thumbnails

Youtube is flooded with thousands of videos in the same slots. So, how do you differentiate from others? Use high-resolution customized thumbnails to separate your videos from others. It should be eye-catching and not disturbing to the audience.

Youtube Optimization Tips For Digital Marketers


A standard thumbnail is no more than 2 megabytes and maintains a ratio of 16:9. You can upload thumbnails in JPG, PNG, GIF, or BMP format. In terms of pixels, it should be 1280×720 pixels large. You can always craft one from a graphics designer.

One of the best ways to use a thumbnail is by using your brand logo instead of an avatar. This is important for the brand position and easy findings of your viewers. Make sure you add thumbnails to all videos of your channel. People generally have more tendency to click on videos with easily recognizable thumbnails. 

  1. Focus on Keywords and Video Title Length

Keyword research and your video title have a direct correlation to Google search Engine. One does not simply rank on Google’s first page without putting the targeted keyword in his video title. Besides, look for the portion of the title that is visible when you are searching on search engines or youtube. It’s not that a  long title plays the trick in every shot.

Youtube Optimization Tips For Digital Marketers


Try to optimize the title length within 10 to 12 words or in 100 characters and match it with your youtube thumbnail. To craft a better title you can include the brand name, video subject, or any other event you are promoting.

  1. Video Length Optimization 

Video length also has significant impacts on viewers’ response. Generally, video ads are short and run from 30 seconds to one minute. But, video contents are longer. Ideally, most YouTubers believe content more than 10 minutes is most responsive to viewers. 

But, this equation is different when it comes to songs or movie trailers. Even a three minutes video can go viral in no time. In a generalized view, Short videos are mostly for mobile consumption and video above 10 minutes or more finds more success in desktop and tablets. 

Videos over 1-hour length are the least responsive to the viewer. So, try to concise your content within 10 to 40 minutes. That is what most YouTubers do to draw more views. 

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  1. Make Use of Playlist

Curate a list of videos in your channel’s playlist. This is an incredible idea to bring more audience engagement to your channel. You can make a series of videos whenever it’s possible and draw more attention and increase the overall engagement time to your youtube channel. 

Another important idea of creating a playlist is stalking videos with a common interest. Let viewers find a video with a similar message or close to the last one to absorb more for a while. The engagement time is critical in order to rank in youtube searches. 

Youtube Optimization Tips For Digital Marketers


  1. Embed Video wherever Possible

Video embedding and sharing buttons are auto default whenever you are creating videos on youtube. You can use basic backlinks and add social media links, chat rooms, websites, or landing pages links in your video. 

Adding video to blogs, social media share, or email newsletter can drive more targeted audiences to your video. People just love to share and express their feelings. You have to use these stimuli and embed videos wherever it is possible to gather more organic traffic. 

  1. Don’t Forget Call to Action

To achieve common youtube goals like subscriptions, comments, views, likes, etc. there are no easy alternatives to call to action. In most cases, a direct host asks a viewer to subscribe to his channel. The common line is- If you like my video, don’t forget to press the bell button and subscribe to my channel. You can also try a video end card with clickable buttons at the end of your video. 

Youtube Optimization Tips For Digital Marketers


Final Verdict

Youtube video optimization can increase your marketing success by many folds. More viewers and subscribers can spike your ROI to reach beyond expectations. If you use the above-listed tips, hopefully, you will get significant improvements in video marketing.