YouTube is a place where some way or other, we all end up watching videos of things we like, whether it be finger-licking recipes or just some music videos or even some movies. While playing these videos on YouTube in your browser, some users often come across an error message. Got youtube audio renderer error?

The message being Audio renderer error, please restart your computer.Audio renderer error in YouTube is very common and could be faced by any person randomly. If the user has switched the audio device and freshly installed an update, there are high chances that they come across this message. 

This error message can show up on any web browser and any Windows version. Well, don’t panic when the error message pops up on your screen as it can be fixed quite easily. 

Method 1: Through Sound Properties

Step 1:

Well the first and foremost step is to right-click on the windows icon on the bottom left of your screen.  

Step 2:

There will be a run option that will be visible in the list of the available options. Click on that run option.

YouTube Audio Renderer Error

Step 3:

After that, type mmsys.cpl in the search box and hit the ‘enter’ key so that the ‘sound’ properties dialogue box opens. 

YouTube Audio Renderer Error

Step 4:

The “sound” dialog box will get popped up. There will also be a playback tab available there. Under that tab, check that you have already enabled the device you want as the primary or the default device. Sometimes, this option is unchecked and hence, we get the error. 

YouTube Audio Renderer Error

Step 5:

Similarly, we want you to check for the recording. Inside the recording option, check that you’ve properly set the device you want as your default one. 

YouTube Audio Renderer Error

Step 6:

It may be possible that you want to select another device as your default one. If you want to do the same, click on that device and select the device as “default one”. You can do the same by clicking on the set-default option at the bottom of the window. 

YouTube Audio Renderer Error

Step 7:

Even after this, if you still suffer from a problem, then simply select the wanted ‘recording’ or ‘playback’ device and left click on the ‘properties’ button. 

YouTube Audio Renderer Error

Step 8:

There will be an option named the advance tab inside this section of properties. Visit the section that says Default format. Here, you will find various options. Select the sample rate here based on your preference. 

YouTube Audio Renderer Error

To test what you have chosen, simply click on the test button. Doing so will make you see your own choice. You can see and verify that is the proper one you want to set or not. After completing all these tasks, click on apply followed by the option ok to save the changes that you have made inside. 

There is also another way to solve the problem if the above-mentioned one didn’t fit with you precisely, which we can have a look at below. 

Method 2: With the help of Device Manager

Step 1: In the beginning, we will click on the Windows option along with X. This will make the quick link menu open. 

Step 2: From the given available options, select the Device manager option.  

YouTube Audio Renderer Error

Step 3: Scroll to the bottom of the device manager window and there you will find various options such as ‘sound’ or ‘video’ as well as ‘game controllers’. There will be an arrow available on the left of it. Click on it to expand. 

YouTube Audio Renderer Error

Step 4: Here, you need to select the default audio output from the list. Click on the one that you want to get the output on. Next, right-click on it and select ‘disable device’ from the right-click menu. 

YouTube Audio Renderer Error

Step 5: Now, select ‘enable’ from the right-click menu after right-clicking on the default audio device again.

YouTube Audio Renderer Error

Now, try playing the YouTube videos again in your browser, but kindly make sure to restart your computer first. The audio should now play satisfactory without any unwanted errors. 

Some users have reported that when they have two or more external audio devices hooked up to their computers, this error pops up. If that is the case with your setup, the speediest solution is to just detach the secondary device and keep your preferred audio system or your primary system. 

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Method 3: Disconnect and connect your sound system 

We can try the infamous and the classic, ‘have you tried turning it off and on again’. It helps more in some situations; in case it helps more often than not. If you are using an external audio device, for instance, speakers or headphones, then you can simply unplug these devices and reconnect them again.

Just for the added safety, you can restart your computer, which could also help solve the issue. 

Method 4: Use the Troubleshooter

YouTube Audio Renderer Error


The extent of automation it offers is one of the greatest things about Windows 10. 

You can have Windows diagnosing the problem and carry out the solutions on its own, to get rid of the undesired error. The ‘troubleshooter’ may advise you on possible actions that you can take to work out the error. Kindly follow the steps below to run the Audio Troubleshooter:

  • Hit the Windows key on your keypad or simply go to the ‘start’ menu. 
  • Access settings. 
  • Go to the ‘Update & security’ option. 
  • Select ‘troubleshooter’ from the vertical menu located on the left side of your screen. 
  • Now, go to the ‘playing audio’ heading and press on the ‘run the troubleshooter’ option. 

Now, just wait for the program to try to solve the problem and run on its own. This method usually works for faulty drivers. On the other hand, it might also inform you that there are more up-to-date drivers available for installation.


This was all about the audio renderer error that comes across YouTube. Such errors are generally generated due to normal problems and can cause a high amount of trouble. 

We hope that this article has helped you in every way possible and whenever you face this kind of issue, the methods we have informed above will help you in sorting the problem. This was all about from our side. The solutions we have mentioned might vary from device to device as there are multiple causes due to which the problem can arise. Get updated with the latest technology news by Technographx.