World’s first hydrogen train is now in service in Germany

Pollution is becoming a big problem these days with the health of the people being a great concern with the degrading environment. The toxic air particles released into the air by the vehicles are harmful and so a necessary alternative to the fuels should be thought of. Keeping the concern of pollution in mind and giving a push to eco-friendly technology, Germany has come up with the world’s first hydrogen train.On Sept 17, Germany came up with this amazing solution to tackle the diesel trains that generate a lot of amount of pollution in the air. Two blue trains called the Coradia iLint trains built by French TGV-maker Alstom will be running in the towns and cities of northern Germany. Stretched over a 100km long route, this hydrogen-powered train will run in the cities of Cuxhaven, Bremerhaven, Bremervoerde, and Buxtehude.

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Alstom CEO Henri Poupart-Lafarge said at the ceremony in Bremervoerde that the first hydrogen-powered train of the world is ready to enter in commercial service and its serial production will now increase more and more in the future. The trains will be refueled with hydrogen at the Bremervoerde station.

Alstom has said that there are future plans of delivering another 14 trains powered with hydrogen fuel to Lower Saxony state by 2021. Other German states have also expressed their interest in the hydrogen trains so don’t get surprised to see these trains in all of Germany very soon.

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The electricity is produced in the fuel cells through the combination of oxygen and hydrogen in the Hydrogen trains. This process only releases steam and water as the emissions hence it is safe for the environment. The excess energy is stored in the lithium-ion batteries in the train.

The trains can run for around 1000 km on the single hydrogen tank. It is very much similar to the range of diesel trains. The project manager at Alstom said that though it is costlier to buy a hydrogen train than a diesel train, it is cheaper to run it. The German cities that are fighting a battle against the air pollution will surely see a difference in the air after these trains have taken the place of diesel trains.

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It is good to see that other countries such as Great Britain, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Italy, and Canada are also interested in the hydrogen trains. France has also started the project and is planning to deliver the first hydrogen train in 2022.

This eco-friendly innovation is surely going to revolutionize the world and will urge people to come up with such more and more eco-friendly solutions in order to make this world a better place.