WordPress is one of the popular CMS today. People worldwide select it to manage content, create sections, and edit web pages. This content management system is aimed at advanced users and those starting their journey in website administration. 

Due to its popularity, demand is growing, the market for plugins expanded, and web developers create unique designs. Today we’ll discuss the advantages of using WordPress templates, how to choose them, and why to select trusted sites such as TemplateMonster.

What Are WordPress Templates?

These products are ready-made website designs. So, after installation, your sections get a new appearance. At the same time, you may edit many points to adapt the look to your brand’s style.

Remember, the themes you buy or download suit a specific CMS. So if the name of it consists of words, for example, PrestaShop or Joomla, the templates are compatible only with these CMSes.

Let’s see that goods have several similar names – theme, layout, design, etc. In any case, the essence doesn’t change. Instead, it provides the buyer with a new look for web pages.

Advantages of Using WordPress Templates

WordPress Templates

There are several features why these goods have become so popular. Among them are the following advantages:

  • Quick launch of the project. The working process with a new appearance consists of only three steps – purchase, installation, and adjustment. It takes a different amount of time for each specialist. It all depends on your knowledge and experience working with similar layouts. However, one crucial fact remains in common – you launch a new site many times faster than ordering a similar unique website appearance from a web developer.
  • Budget savings. On average, a good layout costs 80 dollars. Some options are cheaper; some are more expensive. The price varies depending on how many unique elements it has, how many additional functions, whether useful plugins are, etc. However, if you order such a service from a specialist, the budget realistically increases ten times or even more. It depends on your wishes.
  • Customizability. The appearance is editable. Often, web developers add well-known drag-and-drop technology. Its essence is that you don’t need to edit the site code to load content, move blocks on the page, or delete them. Instead, you carry out all processes with the help of a computer mouse and moving parts. At the same time, changes are visible instantly without a preview.

Furthermore, you can make all settings online. Also, on TemplateMonster, there are many products from different companies. At the same time, web developers compete with each other and add several color schemes to choose from or even different layouts for different types of businesses.

These advantages of using WordPress templates make the purchase practical and profitable.

How To Choose

WordPress Templates

Earlier, we mentioned one of the famous marketplaces – TemplateMonster. The company’s specialists advise on finding and choosing a suitable appearance for the site on their website pages:

  • Make a good list of suitable themes. So, go to the product section for your CMS and try the filter. There are hundreds of ready-made items for download on the marketplace. You spend much less time searching if you reduce the list to the most relevant. Among the fundamentally essential parameters are the CMS version and the business topic.
  • Observe the demo. This page is a preview of how the web resource will look in the future after installing the theme. At the same time, at the top of the demo, there are cool buttons for previewing on the screens of a smartphone, tablet, and laptop. Imagine that this is your site. Then, scroll through the slider, go to different product categories, and see how the sections will look. Remember, the demo has random pictures and texts.
  • Read the description. We singled out a couple of essential points that should be – SEO-friendly, responsive layout, drag and drop, and one-click installation. However, you can finally have your list of favorites.
  • Pay attention to the bonuses. Please, learn about them from the description. These are additional excellent-quality pictures, plugins that save money on the purchase, free support, and more.

The advantages of using WordPress templates are not only their appearance but also their technical parameters. Keep this in mind when looking for a design.

Features Of The Marketplaces

WordPress Templates

First, any web developer can post their product for sale in the marketplace. Of course, it’s better to choose verified ones, for example, the same TemplateMonster. After all, their specialists check each layout for quality; therefore, you see only verified themes from leading companies.

Secondly, there are special offers or sales. TemplateMonster has a whole section of such items in different categories. Among them are 3D graphics, video content, templates, and more. There is also a complex solution with a monthly fee – MonsterOne. The amount of the tariff is small, but the potential is vast. After all, you get unlimited downloads. 

The launch of a new project is unlikely to be limited to the purchase of a website layout. You’ll need a lot more of all kinds of things. If you have a small business or an advertising agency, then the benefit of the purchase is not comparable to the received items.

Thirdly, the marketplace has a rating among its customers. For some people, this factor may become enjoyable. However, we still believe that opinions are subjective. Therefore, it is up to you to make your own decision as to whether this look is right for your business.


Why Are Paid Ones Better Than Free Ones?

Any paid theme has its bonuses. It is constantly updated. And you won’t have work failures. Web developers monitor his work and carry out frequent updates. Many firms also offer bonuses. And all buyers receive free support for six months.

What Are the Advantages of Using WordPress Templates in Terms of Installation?

Often you see in the description that a one-click installation is available. This note is especially relevant for the novices. The process takes minutes, literally. You’ll find all step-by-step manuals in the instructions attached to the purchase.

What Are the Advantages of Using WordPress Templates in Terms of Settings?

Paid items have detailed manuals for the most common settings. You need to open the instructions and follow the steps specified in them. It would be great if you already had a similar experience. However, even people without experience can handle the basic settings. For example, it’s easy to change the color or fonts.

Where Is the Best Place to Buy Themes?

You can download the design even in the CMS admin panel. However, we would not advise doing this. Dozens and hundreds of people download such goods. Therefore, there is no question of uniqueness. Instead, choose a good, well-known marketplace with more choices and opportunities to choose something you like in terms of style and description.