WordPress Customization Made Easy!

WordPress Customization

WordPress presents its users with flexible and effective options to add a personality to their website. Customization is necessary because it influences the way your reader perceives your work. Your theme must have a connection with the subject of your website to establish a visual impact on your user. To the merit of WordPress, the platform provides a user with beautiful standard themes. You can choose from hundreds of them before settling on one for your site. In addition to this, WordPress also gives plenty of room to make changes to these themes. WordPress theme customization is super easy and convenient. You don’t have to be a tech expert to make changes to the theme code. Given below, is a breakdown of the basics of customization in WordPress. Let’s take a look!

The WordPress Themes

WordPress has various pre-installed themes for its users. These themes cover all the major genres that a blog may be operating into. There is something for everyone out there. The portal has a broad set of dynamic or static, mobile-friendly or strictly computer-based themes; choose as you require! You will not have to worry about the permanency of a theme. You can always come back and choose a different one when you desire. The flexibility offered is one of the pros.

WordPress Customization

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Make changes to the Standard Themes

This is another remarkably appreciable feature offered by the platform. The themes offered are not rigid to their preset norms. You can change almost all the pasts of your theme. Naturally, you have options to change the background color, image, text color, and style, etc. if you please to beyond such options, then WordPress gives you access to the CSS code of your theme, where you can change the basic layout of your template as well. The process is not very technical. You can easily achieve your vision.

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Make a Room to Return to The Original

Whenever you make any changes in the basic codes of standard themes, there is always an underlying fear of running into issues due to mistakes. It will be a disaster if you end up with customization you don’t like without having an option to retrieve the original version. To deal with this possibility, leading WordPress theme developers do not recommend making changes live on your website. Also, you may use the concept of a Child theme.

A Child theme is a copy of your parent theme, which stores all the original settings of your website while you make changes online. In this way, you are given plenty of room to test your changes with a free mind. If you run into some problems, you can always restore the original version using the child theme.

On the other hand, you may also choose to test your changes offline, on your child theme, and then upload that version online. This is possible due to the remarkable dynamic quality of a child’s theme.
You can create a child theme in a few easy steps. Here are they:

Create a folder on your local computer. Name it after your child theme. The best format to use will be: parentthemename-child

Open your preferred text editor, create a file with the name, style.css. Store it in the new folder.

Write this code in your file:

Theme Name: My Child Theme
Theme URI: http://mysite.com/
Description: This is a custom child theme I have created.
Author: My Name
Author URI: http://mysite.com/
Template: parenttheme
Version: 0.1
PS: This is a generic code. Make necessary changes according to the information on your theme.

As of now, your child theme has no information about the style of your parent theme. Add the following line to your code: @import URL(“../parenttheme/style.css”);

Now, it is time to add your child theme to your WordPress installation. For that, connect to your web host using an FTP program. Go to the /wp-content/themes/ folder. Once you are there, upload the child theme folder.

Go to the dashboard and activate your child theme in the Themes section. Now, you can make changes as your desire while preserving your parent theme in the backdrop.

WordPress theme customization is enjoyable and exciting. All you have to do is follow some simple steps. Building up an aesthetic for your website is not a mammoth task anymore. The best feature of WordPress is the security with which it gives you the space to reverse the changes. You won’t have to worry about disasters when implementing changes.
There are many blogging platforms out there, but the handy user interface makes WordPress stand out. So strap into your seat and get to work! Your dream theme is not far away!

WordPress Customization

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