Why to Stop the Apps Running In The Background and How You Can Do It?

how to stop the apps from running in the background

The frustrating problem with the smartphone is the battery drain. No one likes the phone that has a battery that drains faster. One of the reasons for the battery draining is the background apps. The background apps use the battery and the resources.These background apps can be shut down for stopping the battery draining problem. You can think of updating the phone to Android 8.0 Oreo if your phone supports it as it contains a new feature called the Background Execution Limits. This feature prevents the background services from running freely.

Now the developers won’t be having a social media app running in the background looking for updates. This feature keeps the apps from running unlimited background services and limits the possibilities around listener services running constantly as well.

how to stop the apps from running in the background

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You can check which apps are draining out your battery. The battery usage is monitored by your Android OS. For checking the power usage of the different applications, just go to Settings> Battery> Battery Usage. You will get a complete list of applications that are draining your battery.

Using the developer options, you can also check which apps are dominating your limited RAM size. It might be possible that an app is not using that much battery but it might be using some MB of your RAM in the background.

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Once you have identified that what app is draining the battery or gobbling up your free RAM then you have to know now how to stop the apps from running in the background.  Tapping an app and hitting stop will stop the app from running and free up the RAM. But be careful, if you stop an essential service just through testing or by mistake then you might crash the phone.

Find the app and click on force stop/uninstall

After you have identified your apps, it might be worth checking all the apps you have installed and stop them from running.

how to stop the apps from running in the background

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Move to Settings > Apps and Notifications > Apps

You will see the applications loaded in the alphabetical order and from here you can click into any app and decide to Uninstall or Force stop it. Force stop might cause a crash but performing the reboot will be ok. Now, you have known how to stop the apps from running in the background so you can do it for your own mobile easily.