Whatsapp Introduces 3D Avatars as a Digital Version of Users

whatsapp introduces 3d avatars

On Wednesday, 7th Dec 2022, Whatsapp introduces 3D avatars. 

As already available on other meta platforms like Facebook and Instagram, 3D avatars are available on WhatsApp now. 

Before launching it in a full fledge, 3D avatars were tested on beta for months. 

With the launch of 3D avatars, Mark Zuckerberg’s words on Facebook read, “We’re bringing avatars to WhatsApp! Now you can use your Avatar as a sticker in chats. More styles are coming soon across all our apps.

You can use these personalized avatars as your profile photo or use them as stickers by leveraging 36 custom stickers with various emotions and actions. There will be no wonder if you find WhatsApp 3D avatars similar to those of Facebook, Instagram, Snap’s Bitmoji, or Apple’s Memoji stickers.

Enough about the announcement! Here’s how to create Avatar on WhatsApp: 

Note: Ensure your WhatsApp is up-to-date.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating WhatsApp Avatar

whatsapp introduces 3d avatars

Source: fbcdn.net

✔ Open WhatsApp on your iOS or Android phone

✔ Open a chat

✔ In the message box, tap on stickers (If you are using android, you can find it in the emoji tab- next to the GIF) 

✔ Follow the steps to create your Avatar (By choosing your skin tone, hairstyle, hair color, face shape, outfit, and other features) 

Or you can copy your facial features into your Avatar by tapping the mirror icon available on the right side of the screen. 

✔ Tap Done. 

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To Use WhatsApp Avatar as a Profile Photo: 

whatsapp introduces 3d avatars

Source: fb.com

Note: You need to create an avatar to use as a profile photo. 

✔ Tap Settings

✔ Tap your profile photo > Edit > Edit 

✔ Tap Use Avatar

To Use WhatsApp Avatar as WhatsApp Sticker: 

whatsapp introduces 3d avatars

Source: fb.com

✔ Open a WhatsApp chat 

✔ Click on the sticker icon. 

✔ Scroll and select the Avatar you want to send

✔ Tap on the Avatar to send it 

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