While it has been established that social media is the trending platform for brand advertising and awareness, having a social media content strategy is the core propellant to its success. A general discovery in the direction of brand promotion on social media revealed that asking the right poll questions can fetch likes, shares, followers, replies, and indirectly promote brand’s products or services. Generally, people like answering questions, this, on the other hand, makes them feel involved in a brand’s activity.

Likewise, it serves as a means to engage your audience and spark valuable conversation. And that is why this social media marketing strategy is being explored by many brands. For instance, Instagram story polls were introduced specifically to grab the attention of Instagram followers. This has two poll stickers: the first is the classic poll with personalized answer options and then the newest is the emoji slider. These Instagram poll ideas all point to the direction of utilizing polls to learn how to grab and maintain the attention of your customers. However, it’s not just asking questions, but asking the right ones. In this article, a shortlist of the right questions to ask your audience on social media will be discussed.

What Questions Should I Ask Instagram

Firstly, it’s important to remember that the questions you ask on social media should be related to your brand values. There are different types of questions to be asked on social media, they include:

  1. Questions that help you understand your audience: questions like – which of our posts did you like best? Share a link to the post, which do you enjoy more, Instagram stories or Instagram posts? How often do you use emoji sliders? These types of questions help you to understand your audience more and what gets their maximum attention.
  2. Multiple choice questions: this question gets customers’ attention because people have short concentration spans. Therefore, a question where they just choose an option and walk away will sound more appealing. For example, how often are you on social media? A) 24 hours B) 7 hours C) less than 3 hours. How would you rate our social media engagement? A) Excellent B) Just good C) Not Good.
  3. Fun Questions: These types of questions are asked for the fun of it, most likely to cheer your audience up, yet not deviating from your brand’s values. Examples are: Tell us the favourite apps on your phone, share your most embarrassing moments, etc.
  4. Comparison questions: a beverage brand can ask questions like – Tea or Coffee for breakfast?; while a men clothing brand may ask – pants or shorts for swimming? This type of question will inevitably grab attention and spark conversation, which is very good for business.
What Questions Should I Ask Instagram

In conclusion, if your company is already utilizing social media for business then it’s time to think about including questions in your market strategy. Its benefits include involving customers in decision-making, an opportunity to gauge customers’ feedback to mention but a few.

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