What is email marketing? Where do we start? In the simplest of its definitions, email marketing is the means of promoting your brand in a cost-efficient way. In its expanded form, it is a way to enhance communication with your customers, learn about their needs, and prompt them to perform various actions to boost your ROI. 

Contrary to popular belief, the best email campaign software doesn’t only serve to boost sales. It is a tool to get to know people interested in your brand and to offer them something more than the competition does. For, let’s face it: why would anyone stay loyal to one brand when the offer is huge?

The reason may be simpler than you thought: because the chosen brand makes people feel special. Email marketing is, in that sense, the tool to greet people, ask them for their suggestions and feedback that will help you get better and grow with your target group.

Rewarding Loyalty

Loyalty hasn’t changed over time. It’s pretty much the same as it was before the internet. In a similar way that one person remains loyal to someone customers remain loyal to a brand that is trusted and reliable. 

The aim of your email campaigns (and all other marketing efforts, for that matter) should be to gain credibility and respectability so that people will not look elsewhere for their needs because they know your brand is to be trusted.

Email Marketing Loyalty

If you perceive email marketing in that way, your messages will appear way more personalized and heartfelt and will speak directly to the recipients rather than a more general audience.

You should also make an effort to behave in the same way towards the customers as they do towards your brand. Reward loyalty with special offers, more special than the general target group. 

Special offers don’t necessarily have to be discounted. You may add a touch of subtlety. I.e., Book Depository sends special vouchers for the next purchase and custom-designed bookmarks to their loyal customers. Others may include a special-themed gift for less known holidays (e.g., The World Chocolate Day). Ideas are close to limitless. To boost the efficiency of your gestures, use insights to determine the type of offer each loyal customer will be interested in. 

This is easily done by observing browsing- and purchase history and communication channels with the customer (i.e., feedback on social media and direct messages). 

Attracting New Customers 

All that is nice, but you need to obtain some customers first, right?

Just so. When it comes to targeting, different approaches do the trick for different brands. We take it nobody will rush into paid campaigns before determining the budget and drafting a strategy first, so we’ll jump straight to the point.

Email marketing is the cheapest way of advertising by far, but many brands still allocate funds for Google and Facebook ads if nothing else just to stay on top of things. This is more common with large brands that can allocate greater sums for advertising, but rarely the case with small businesses… which brings us to the point…

Know your audience. Analyzing insights and creating segmented and targeted campaigns are the two most important factors when it comes to drafting successful marketing campaigns. Grab customers’ attraction by offering what they need immediately and in an effortless way to boot.

How do you do that?

Again, make use of insights.   

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Email Marketing Customers

Your goal should be to make your emails welcome. If you’re offering used cars to people looking for rare books, your campaign will utterly fail. The example may be exaggerated, but it promptly illustrates campaigns getting nowhere, which many new businesses fail to comprehend.

 There’s nothing easy about brainstorming email marketing. Your campaign is as likely to be unsuccessful if it misses the mark as is a student who studies math for their chemistry exam. 

Don’t be lazy with the insights. Every piece of information is important and part of a greater puzzle called – your customer. What is their gender? Their location? Their interests? Their price range? Their browsing history? Their cart abandonment rate? What are the reasons for cart abandonment? Is it a poor website experience? Is it something else? What is it?

 As you can see, there are questions and questions to which only insights can provide answers… to an extent. Remember the part about making the customer feel special? Ask them for their feedback. You may offer an incentive in return, just so they know their effort is appreciated.

In a Nutshell

Email marketing is the fastest way to increase your customer base and to enhancing your business operations by following up with customers’ feedback. It is cost-efficient, highly customizable, accessible to everyone and quite enjoyable once you get into it. 

The thing to remember is to keep analyzing everything. Audiences change over time, offers come and go, but the reliability of your brand will be there forever if you set up your email marketing campaigns keeping all these insights in mind.

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