What to Consider When Planning a Website Design?

Website Design

Before embarking upon the journey of developing your website, there are multiple things you would want to pay proper attention to. The scope of your digital business, the marketing strategies you implement, the transformation it garners, everything gets you enhanced results and a great end-user experience which eventually gets you low/zero bounce rates and great conversions.

 Websites today are no longer your organization’s representations; they are a market where you try and sell your products and services and people buy them. 

The overall design of your website, therefore, is the one thing you should be focussing on. Why? 

Since it is the first thing that is noticed by the users and keeps them glued to you. The design of your site should, therefore, be contemporary, modern, and attractive. 

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When a person visits your website for the very first time, they are allured by the functionality and the features your site displays. Strategizing in advance is therefore important before you actually develop the website or you are at the risk of losing out on your time and resources. 

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Here are a few things you should consider while planning your website design

Keep in Mind The End-users 

Website Design

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It is the end-users of your website everything revolves around. Audiences are the prime reason behind the success of your website. While it is a tricky business to design and develop a website without keeping in mind their personal requirements, but every single element of your website development activity should revolve around your target audience. 

For the same, you should know their questions, their queries, and their problems, only then you would be able to address those queries. Find out solutions to their problems. This will help you better define what your audience requires and will give you a rough outline of the work that you are supposed to put in. 

Make it Mobile-friendly 

Website Design

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More than 70% of search queries come in through mobile devices, which is why not keeping a tab on the mobile-friendly aspects of your website is where you lose out on your returns. Mobile devices are being injected into the market for years now. 

Sales and dependability are only rising, which is why you should ensure you make your website mobile-friendly as well. Mobile-friendly websites fare well with people who make most of their searches on their phones. 

Your mobile-optimized website adapts to the pixels, the screen size and the orientation of the mobile device it is being viewed on. In fact, Google algorithms make necessary to make your website mobile-friendly or you lose out on business in the long run by being penalized. 

Develop a Content Strategy 

Website Design

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Develop a feasible content strategy once you start developing your website. The content that is going to be displayed on your website should be prepared in advance, or at least strategized to be prepared before the actual website launch. 

Content on your website should be breezy, fun to go through, and informative. It could include multiple genres of content but should not be limited to just blogs and articles. It could also encompass documents, videos, images, slideshows, social media posts, embedded posts, etc. 

Your content strategy should begin by posting blogs and articles on a regular basis, preferably monthly and it could also include sending out quarterly updates to your customers in the form of newsletters and subscriptions. Invest in a dedicated and professional content strategy, that is fully optimized and potent to increase your sales. 

Make is all SEO-friendly 

Website Design

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We cannot emphasize this point enough. Make sure everything is SEO-friendly. Take into consideration the algorithms Google has posed for us as far as SEO is concerned. If your website is not SEO-friendly, people might not be able to find you on Google, which means your returns are going to decline. SEO is a significant part of website development and marketing. A fully SEO optimized website is the one you should be aiming for. 

Choose Your Website Hosting Partner 

Website Design

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Before you choose your website hosting partner, you should take into consideration multiple factors that come along. The bandwidth they provide, the security and the space they provide, the price they offer. Your web hosting partner should offer you all of these benefits and more, along with offering you support services. 

Be Creative 

Be as creative as you can be when it comes to website designing and development. Make sure you are going through your competitors’ websites and noting the elements of designs and colors they have put in. make sure your website stands out the same way. 

Incorporate the right color palettes, the right fonts, and typeface, the right amount of highlights and whitespaces or the right graphics and illustrations.  

Everything that you do on your website should be effective and responsive to ensure high amounts of creativity. It should strike a chord with the modern user in terms of appearance and placement. 

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Browser Compatibility 

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While people hardly ever use Internet Explorer anymore, people do use other browsers for their browsing needs. There is plenty to choose from the plethora of web browsers available for us; Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Tor, Firefox and a lot more. 

Ensure the website you develop meets the standards of all major web browsers around the globe. People are more likely to use either of these popular browsers to use and access your website, which is why you should ensure your website is compatible with each of the major web browsers. 

If your website is not adhering to the rules of these web browsers, your website is not going to be accessible through either one of them. Design and craft something that can be accessed on any platform, by anyone, anywhere in the world. 

Integrate Social Media 

Website Design

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When it comes to fully-optimized websites, incorporating social media becomes a vital part. Social media integration on your website is no longer a novelty, it is a necessity. 

People today are mostly found highly engaged over social media platforms, which is where you should be found as well. They are all expecting you there and this is why social media integration is important. 

Website Design

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Your business competitors are already there, you should take up some space there too. Connect with the people there instead of losing out on opportunities that would bring you success in the long run. 

Do whatever you can to seize the day but don’t lose out on marvelous opportunities. Be flexible in your web designing and development approach. Be known with a well-crafted website.