Top 10 Website Copy Strategy Tips

Website Copy Strategy Tips

Only when you have the best website copy, one that is concise, optimised and clear, will you ever get the most out of your presence online! To ensure that your site is up to par, I’ve listed 7 tips that should help you in your journey.

1) Problem Solution Strategy

Website Copy Strategy Tips


This method is fairly simple, the website copy highlights a problem, then offers a solution.

The best copy writers will use this opportunity to fully engage with the audience. If you’re able to connect with your readers, then you can really ramp up your conversion rates. This is an excellent method to deploy, when trying to improve your rankings.

2) Paragraphs

Website Copy Strategy Tips


Forget about conventions, those which are universally accepted, where it concerns paragraphs. On the internet, a paragraph can be as short as two sentences, and in some cases, a single sentence.

This information is very important, as it makes it easier for visitors to scan through your content quickly. It also makes your content seem smaller than it actually is. Additionally, it also encourages the writer to be more concise with his/her words.

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3) Ask For Feedback

Website Copy Strategy Tips


When running a business, you shouldn’t always have to guess. Having the right knowledge is a very powerful thing. The more information you are able to glean about your customers, the more business you should be able to generate.

So you’re incentivised to ask for information. There are many ways that you can do this, such as the deployment of surveys. There are a number of advantages to using surveys, which include:

  • You can get a firm grasp of what your customers are thinking.
  • Surveys engage with the customer, making them feel like their opinions actually matter.
  • Surveys allow your customers to get involved in the running of your business.

You’ll want to go with a survey that is multiple choice, so that it doesn’t feel too intrusive to whoever is filling it out. You can also create an FAQ section.

Less than 20% of the visitors to websites, will actually spend the time reading your content, word for word.

Most people just skim through it. So there’s less reason for you to think that your customers will spend any length of time, to either phone you, or email you about a query that they need answering.

It’s for this reason, why you’d want to provide your potential customers with an FAQ section, which in turn can boost your sites authenticity.

It also means that your potential clients will have answers to questions that they would otherwise have to contact you to get. So there’s a lot of time and effort being saved here.

4) Make Your Content A Quick Read

Website Copy Strategy Tips


In this digital age, people are forever preoccupied, with messages and comments and emails, that they simply lack the time and in some cases, attention for many things.

If you want some of that time and attention, then you will need to provide your customers with the desired content, in as concise a manner as possible.

You want your web copy to be clear and easy to read. A lot of people that visit your site will opt to scan the content on your site, rather than read it through, word for word. If they are unable to quickly scan your content, then they’ll typically lose interest and leave your website.

5) Ensure Content Is Up-To-Date

Website Copy Strategy Tips


If the content on your site is starting to age, then it can adversely affect your sites conversions. There are some content, which are tagged evergreen, which means, they never go out of date, but then there’s everything else, and you don’t want your information to get wrapped up in that category.

6) Express Yourself

Website Copy Strategy Tips


If you write articles for your blog, then this is something that should definitely be a part of your webmaster efforts.

When writing any content on your blog, you’ll want to go with something more engaging and conversational, in reality, you’ll want to express yourself, let your real personality come out.

There are many people that like such a quality in a blog, the informal approach is definitely something to consider.

7) Have A Conclusion


Whenever you’ve come to the end of your blog post, it’s always a good idea for you to summarise everything by writing a conclusion. If your articles are long and informative, then a conclusion is definitely a must.

The reality is that most of your visitors, just aren’t going to take the time to read everything that you’ve written. Thus, if you can construct a conclusion that summarizes everything you’ve written, then that helps things a lot.



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