Web Developments Framework: Top 5 Trends To Watch Out For In 2018

web development frameworks 2018

 In today’s technological world, web development is necessary and desirable more than ever. The reason for that is, each day appears various innovations and new web development trends. Because of this reason, all the small and medium-sized owners need to keep in touch with the latest trends and innovations.Along with these, there are multiple web development frameworks that will allow significantly simplify web development process. Moreover, to automate the web development activities, frameworks can contribute a lot.

Here are some of the top trends to look out for in 2018:-


web development frameworks 2018

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When it was first developed, it was referred to as AngularJS. For creating a dynamic web applications, Angular can be used which is a JavaScript framework by Google. With the help from this framework, a user will be able to develop their front-end based apps without the necessity to use any other plugins or frameworks.

In the Angular framework, all the expressions are like code snippets that enclosed within curly braces and do not use any loops or conditional statements.


web development frameworks 2018

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This framework is written in Python and it was released in 2005. Majority of the developers prefer the syntax of Python as it’s clean and doesn’t have too many symbols that clutter a language. This features of the Django makes it popular among the developers. The learning curve of the Django is not that steep.

It follows the Model-View-Template architecture. Predominantly, complex and data-driven websites are built using this framework. With this, more complex web development frameworks can be developed.


web development frameworks 2018

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Laravel is an open source PHP framework and has captured the imagination of web artisans over the years. PHP is the seventh most popular language, according to the Programming community. GitHub ranks at fifth in that list.

This shows the popularity of the Laravel. This framework follows the Model-View-Controller architecture. There are many systems built using this framework such as a lot of social networking sites, news sites, and content management systems.


web development frameworks 2018

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This is a web application development network that has been developed in Node.js. If the primary goal of the business is to develop web applications than this framework should be chosen.

With the help from this plugin, numerous features are provided. Moreover, using this framework, a mobile application can also be developed. Simple knowledge related to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript along with a basic knowledge of MongoDB can be useful in developing the websites.


web development frameworks 2018

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It is one of the open source web development framework based on PHP. The primary focus of this framework is to build more secure, modern, reliable, web services and applications. Various professional PHP packages are used in Zend. because of this reason, different packages make the developing of high-end websites significantly easier and faster.

Final Thoughts

One of the most important steps that can influence the quality of a future website is choosing the right framework. Above few trends out of many web development frameworks 2018. It can be used for front or back-end development.

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