What Web Designing Mistakes Must You Avoid?

Web Designing Mistakes

If you are a business owner, then you will know that it is important to make a stand on the internet if you want your business to grow and develop. The internet has the potential to create a brand out of a particular business venture and make it more profitable. However, in order to get success on the internet, it is important to have a fully functional business website first. A business website will help catapult your business from the bottom to the highest levels of success. 

But it important to ensure that your business website is properly optimized for search engines and that it has a beautiful web design to ensure that the website is effective in its functionality. In this article, you will learn about some of the important web designing flaws which you should avoid in your business website.

1. Focus on SEO

Web Designing Mistakes

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When you are creating a new web design for your business website or if you want to redesign your older one, then it is important that you should remember to focus on Search engine optimization during the entire process also. Web design is an essential aspect of the overall search engine optimization process, and how you design your website will affect the rankings which you get on search engine results pages. Thus remember to adhere strictly to the SEO friendly web design elements in order to ensure that you continue to get good organic traffic.

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2. Clutter

One of the foremost things which you must look to do is avoid creating unnecessary clutter on your business website. Do not stuff your web pages with unnecessary information at the same place. Always provide a short and simple copy first and then include a much detailed report on your product on a new page, which can be opened by clicking on a separate link. This will help in ensuring that more and more people are able to understand what you want to sell comprehensively. 

Web Designing Mistakes

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Remember, cluttering is bad for your SEO also because the search engine crawlers would not be able to understand what specific product you want to sell, and hence, the indexing would not be done properly. Thus you must provide specific and detailed information but not on the same page. Also, remember to include subheadings and divide your information according to different categories and groups. This will help in giving a neat and clean appearance to your content.

3. Photos overload 

While pictures and images are an important part of your web pages content but you must never overdo them. Always put an optimum number of 2 or three photos per page. It is worthwhile to remember that the photos would be complimenting your textual content, so you must put the relevant photos next to the specific information, which is about that photo. So put visualization for the things you mention in your textual content. In addition to this, you should also remember that your images must be of high resolutions so that they can clearly show your products in all their grandeur. But you should also note that uploading the images with a very large resolution can make the load speed of your website slow. 

Web Designing Mistakes

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The loading speed of a website is the amount of time the web pages on a specific website takes time to open and load. In general, people on the internet would not like to wait for more than 4 seconds to see a web page open, so you must ensure that your load speed is not suffering. Always go for a resolution that is optimum and would look good on both smartphones and desktop screens. Then you must write your codes in such a manner that the web page loads quickly.

In addition to all of this, you will also have to focus on the color of the images which you upload. The colors should suit the background of the web pages, and you must ensure that it does not take up too much space either. These little things can go on to create a big impression in the eyes of a user, so you must pay attention to these details. 

4. Meta tags

Your Meta tags and alt tags re-key elements of your web design. Often times, these tags need to be updated in order to ensure that your website remains updated with the latest SEO strategies. So you should remember to pay attention to these technical aspects also.  

5. Update the CMS

If you are running your business website on any CMS system, then you should always remember to update the CMS to the latest version. A lot of times, you might find that you are unable to incorporate some specific elements in your business website’s web design. The reason for this is that the CMS of your website is outdated and does not support such new technologies. So to be on the safe side, always update your web hosting platform.

6. Static website

It is important that you avoid creating a static website. A static website is when you have separate websites for mobile phones, tablets, smartphones, computers, laptops, and so on. A lot of business owners used to make static websites in the past when only desktops were used for accessing the internet. Slowly some people started making mobile versions of their desktop websites. But you should avoid making such static websites. For designing, you can contact the web design company Mississauga.

Web Designing Mistakes

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Instead, you should go for a new responsive business website. A responsive website is dynamic and extremely useful because it will be easily accessible from smartphones, tablets, and desktops/laptops. Thus the images from the web pages would be easy to load on these websites. So you should remember that you are creating your website to become mobile-friendly as more people would access the internet from their mobile phones now.

For more information on web designing, you must search for professional web design NYC. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.