Have you ever wondered how many ways are there to uninstall an app on your iPhone? Of course, everyone is aware of the most straightforward method to do it – by simply pressing on an app, holding it down and waiting until it starts to wiggle and show an “X” sign to remove it. However, if you are looking for more handy tips related to your iPhone, this article will be just for you! Here are creative ways to uninstall apps on iPhone.

1 – Using Siri

Ways to Uninstall Apps on iPhone

One of the most fun ways to remove an app is by not even having to touch it. You guessed it – Apple’s virtual assistant Siri is able to do it for you. All you have to do is ask her by saying, “Hey Siri, delete [App name]”. It will then ask you to confirm which app you want to remove and, once you do, uninstall it for you!

If you don’t yet use Siri on your iPhone, you can easily turn this smart assistant tool on. Simply go to your “Settings”, select the “Siri & Search” option, and tap the switch at the top to enable it. You will then be requested to say “Hey Siri”, and a series of other phrases to set-up and calibrate this functionality to your individual voice.

2 – Through the Settings

Ways to Uninstall Apps on iPhone

Another way to uninstall an app on iPhone is by simply doing it through your phone settings. This option allows you to remove an app and access valuable insights into your storage space. This is the way to go if you need to get some extra storage but are unsure which of your apps will empty up the most free space.

To do this, go to your Settings, select “General”, and click “iPhone Storage”. Then select your chosen app and click “Delete App” to remove it.

3 – Using Third-Party Tools

Ways to Uninstall Apps on iPhone

Many third-party tools are available that allow you to uninstall unwanted apps from your iPhone. The majority of this software is aimed at helping you clear out clutter and get more storage space on your device, while others are dedicated app managers.

You can either find a tool installed straight on your iPhone or one used through your Macbook by connecting your smartphone to it.

4 – Through Family Sharing

Ways to Uninstall Apps on iPhone

Many people don’t know this, but it is also possible to remove apps through the “Family Sharing” functionality on iPhone. This is only relevant to people with a Family Sharing set-up, allowing them to easily share access to various subscriptions, files, apps, and other data with their family members.

To do this, go on “Settings”, select “iCloud”, tap “Family Sharing”, and click on the “Purchased” option. Then, select the app you wish to remove. This app will now be uninstalled from all of your family members’ devices as well.

5 – By Offloading Unused Apps

Ways to Uninstall Apps on iPhone

The “Offloading Unused Apps” feature is a clever way to get rid of apps you don’t often use, which helps eliminate unnecessary clutter and clean up some valuable storage space.

If you want to use this function, go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage and toggle on the “Offload Unused Apps” option. This smart tool will get rid of unused apps while keeping their data and documents, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally deleting something important.

6 – With the “Find My” App

Ways to Uninstall Apps on iPhone

The “Find My” tool has been created to help you easily find your iPhone or any other Apple device easily – even when offline. This app is particularly helpful if you lose your smartphone or have it stolen and need to find its exact location.

As a part of this functionality, you are also able to use the “Find My” app as a way to uninstall apps and erase any other data remotely. To set this function up, open your “Settings”, tap on your name, click “Find My”, tap “Find my [device type]”, and turn it on.

7 – Using the “Restrictions” Feature

Ways to Uninstall Apps on iPhone

The “Restrictions” feature on your iPhone essentially restricts particular apps from being installed. Therefore, if you add a specific app to your list of restricted apps, it will be automatically removed from your device.

But, unfortunately, it will also restrict it from being installed in the future (which can be helpful to those of us trying to lower our social media time). To access this, go to “Settings”, select “Screen Time”, tap “Content & Privacy Restrictions”, and toggle on “Restrictions”. Then, go to “Allowed Apps” and switch off the apps you want to remove.

Final Word

It may come as a surprise, but there are actually way more than these 7 ways to uninstall apps on iPhones! While some of them are much less convenient or quick compared to the simplest “Uninstall App” Apple feature, a lot of them exist for a reason and, therefore, can be essential in certain scenarios.

In case you missed it!