Over the years, people have started to watch videos regularly. The most used platform for watching videos is YouTube. This is the second most used social media site and over 1.8 billion users. First started in the year 2005 by three former PayPal users, this website was bought by Google for about $1.65 billion the next year. On average, people spend 40 minutes daily on this website and have 1 billion watch hours each day. The site is a great marketing tool that most companies should use. People like to watch a video saying a story in their advertisements. There is various software for making ads available in the market. But most of these software costs a lot of money.

We know creating a good video for the business is a tough job. All the right software, equipment, and resources are needed to shoot an ad. The good news is YouTube Director is available, a free app for iOS that one can use to create videos with their smartphones. The app offers a number of templates to its customers.

Why should I opt for video ads?

People often favor watching a video over reading an ad. A video ad talks about the business, products, and people involved in it. This is an excellent way to show off one’s brand, products, and services.

Video ads help to grow organic views, subscribers, and brand awareness for your YouTube channel. With the help of video ads, the company can reassure their potential customers to trust the brand. Humanizing a brand plays a huge advantage for small businesses. If creating a video ad is a part of your marketing plan, then one can use it for advertising on YouTube.

The content creators who are looking for free software to create ads should visit InVideo. They provide a variety of options for editing and creating an advertisement according to your choice. The promo video creator is efficient and comes with a variety of templates. All the templates are customizable, making it easier for users to produce an ad.

Ways To Create A Video Ad

What is a YouTube Director?

YouTube Director is a free mobile app that helps their user record, edit, and upload videos for their business. The app is available for iOS users. Google AdWords and YouTube Director work together so one can create an ad without any hassle.

For all the small businesses, this app is a lifesaver. One might not have a budget, equipment, or skill to create a high-class ad, but with the YouTube Director producing ads for small businesses is done easily.

How can I use a YouTube Director to produce video ads for business?

YouTube Director provides the users with a variety of templates. Select a template, and the app will guide you about what to say and for how long you have to speak. For a small business with less budget, this is a great tool to use for creating video ads. One can add their own touch to the video, but most of the YouTube Direct videos follow the same pattern.

First, download the app from your app store. Then log in to your account using YouTube or Google account.

One will see the few default templates on the home screen. You can see a bumper video, a 5 to 15 seconds intro or outro, testimonials, daily tips, etc. See the structure of your template by clicking on it.

Select the template of your choice and YouTube will tell you exactly what to shoot and for how long.

After selecting all the shots, you can start editing. The app also lets the user choose background music and add voice-overs to the video.

Once you finish editing, YouTube will bind all the features and changes together to create a complete video you can publish on your channel.

The additional benefit of this video is one can use it in their About Us page rather than uploading it in the channel.

Ways To Create A Video Ad

What type of videos can I make?

YouTube Director offers a variety of templates to their users apart from the 30 seconds Business Introduction. Here, you will get to know all the different types of videos one can create using YouTube Director.

  1. Long business introductory videos

Using YouTube as a marketing tool can turn out to be beneficial for users. TV often has a guideline to create 30 seconds video. But YouTube lets their users make videos for 2,3, 15, or 30 minutes.

One can cover a lot of parts with their introductory videos. The video can showcase business mission, products, employee stories, founder, and even add humor to keep the audience entertained.

A good introduction video should have the following characteristics:

  • Talk about who you are as a brand or company.
  • State reasons why your company or brand is special.
  • Give enough information to your customers on how to get in contact with your business.
  1. Short business introductory videos

People often spend less time watching an introductory video. For those audiences, create a small business introductory video of 30 seconds that focuses on what the business does and who runs it. The majority of these videos are visually appealing and rarely have voice-overs or faces of the founder.

  1. Product videos

Your customers will love to know about the products offered by your company. Create a video that will talk about your product in-depth and all its features. This is an amazing way to grab your audience’s attention to your product.

  1. Promotional video

If you have the latest promotion or seasonal sale, then creating a promotional video will be great to get your audience’s attention. Emphasize on the offers given by your brand and make human-interest videos for your YouTube channel.

Ways To Create A Video Ad2

Following the ways mentioned above and methods, one can create video ads easily by using this tool. It is cost-effective and provides small businesses with a lot of opportunities to produce ads. Make sure to follow the steps carefully to avoid creating a mistake and create the ads in a few simple steps.

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