Virtual Halloween Party Ideas and Games for 2023

virtual halloween party

The COVID has made people around the world worry about the celebrations of Halloween. You can’t get enough of thinking about last year’s Halloween party, where you all had unlimited fun. You didn’t have to care about some virus roaming around, no mask compulsion, or even social distancing. After a lot of thinking and research, we have come up with the best virtual Halloween party ideas. To give you a hint – after reading this article, all you have to do is gather up the raw materials and start preparations. 

The year 2020 is about maintaining social distance and thinking about safety measures first. So what’s the solution? You already have the answer. This year all the birthday parties were virtual (online), so why not this too! Yes, virtual Halloween party! Don’t you think it will be a fun session? Whether you are attending it with office colleagues, family, or friends.

So here’s the guide on how to host a virtual Halloween party. 

The very first thing is to decide which video conferencing platform or software you are going to use. There are numerous options available, like Skype, Zoom, WebEx, GoogleMeets, and much more. 

Even Whatsapp has updated the number of participants in video calling to 8 people. If you don’t want to go for professional video conferencing software, WhatsApp is always an option.

What will you find in this article? 

  • Virtual Halloween Party Ideas
  • Halloween Games

Virtual Halloween Party Ideas

Create and Send Invitations


We should not let any virus make us forget about rituals and culture. If this Halloween were to be the normal as 2019’s, you would have sent out invites. So why not this time? There are two options, either you can DIY and unleash your creative side or opt for digital invites. 

You can create digital invites and place the meeting link so that they just have to click and enter the room. Many platforms offer you creative outlets for the same. Canva is one such platform where you can design invites with free templates available. Send them via mail or message.

Decide Halloween Theme


Now, you need to have a Halloween vibe to enjoy the virtual party to the fullest. Some of the video conferencing platforms have themes pre-installed in them. All you have to do is apply it. However, Halloween is all about decorating your place. 

Instead of telling you how to decorate your whole, we will provide you with a few scary and unique ideas. This year many people are opting for recreating the movies’ ambiance. Nothing can be better than that. 

Why? They are easy to recreate, and you can relate it to at another level. What kind of movie can you go for? We would suggest horror or something related to magic, like Harry Potter, Wizard of Oz, etc.

Get Rolling With Eerie Playlist


Music is an essential part of any party. Customize your own playlist or download the one available on the internet. Make sure the playlist has songs that resemble the eerie and spooky tunes. Only then it is going to make sense for the Halloween party night. Few classic Halloween songs are Monster mash, this is Halloween, thriller, superstition, I put a spell on you, and many more.

Tip: Share the playlist to the guests beforehand, so that they can play it alongside the meeting.

Arrange Costume Competition


Halloween is incomplete without costumes. Arrange a contest where everyone had to dress spookily. The one with the best outfit will win the trophy! However, planning for costume competition is not as easy as it looks.

You will have to make rules, as in only store-bought costumes are allowed or PG costumes. Even DIY costume contests will also be fun to observe. If not particular preferences for an outfit, you can set a theme as well.

For example, if the decor is related to the Harry Potter theme, ask everyone to dress only in the movie’s character. Assign the judges, make categories, and arrange for the prizes. This is going to be fun! 

Tip: If children are attending the party, make rules accordingly! Also, send out the details in advance so that they can prepare.

Decide on Halloween Entertainment


What will you do once everyone has arrived in the room? Just stare at each other and groove to the music? No way! There has to be something that can keep you all entertained. What can it be?

We would say games. But how? We are in the same room yet far away! Don’t worry, we have covered that part as well. But you will have to wait a little bit before you can actually learn about it. (It’s in the next section.)

For now, all you can learn is, there are games that don’t need you to be together and still enjoy. These games will heat-up the moment. Be careful, you might spill your secrets! Also, make your shots ready!

Solving Murder Mysteries


This one is also a kind of game. However, rather than playing it for a few minutes or hours, it will be with you from the start. Halloween eve is all about spooky things, then why not solve a bizarre murder mystery.

There are many virtual murder mysteries available on the websites to solve at the Halloween party. Browse and select the one you think will be most entertaining and sinister.

Food and Beverages


Whether you are attending a virtual party or having a physical get together, one thing not to miss is foods and beverages. At an ordinary party, you can simply order or cook the easiest and simplest recipe. 

Plan and let everyone know about it. Tell everyone to make spooky cocktails and Halloween treats. There’s definitely no fun without the uncanny food and beverages around the table on the party night.

Dance Party 


You already have a playlist curated, turn up the volume and start dancing. Let the Halloween spirit take over, be weird, be happy. Dance parties can be enjoyed sitting behind the screens too. If you want to sync, decide a signature step ahead, let the guests know, and learn them.

Movie Marathon


Probably you won’t be able to watch a movie while video conferencing, but hey, we have a Netflix party! Create a room, invite your guests, play a movie, and enjoy the marathon. See isn’t that easy?

Also, pick the horror movies, or else there will be no feeling of spine-chilling or frightening moments where you hide behind the pillow. To name some, you can start with the Annabelle series of movies, A Haunted House, or something related to Zombie.

With all the activities planned ahead of time, you can take advantage of a virtual Halloween party to the next level. Perfect lighting, decorations, and playlist will do the wonders. Hope you have a bone-chilling Halloween this year!

Coming to the next section, we have virtual Halloween game ideas mentioned with a brief explanation about the same. Let’s go!

Virtual Halloween Game Ideas

Pumpkin Carving or Decoration


The most basic and traditional culture of the festival is pumpkin carving. Plan a contest where the one with the best carving done in the shortest time wins. Tell guests to have a pumpkin ready beforehand and on the count of three, start carving. This game is popular among children as well as adults.

Halloween Charade


Halloween charade is a fun game to play in a virtual party as well. Split the guests into two teams and give the word to describe to the player in a private message and tell him/her to explain that. You can also use charades idea generation for more fun. If not words you can also go for the movie or character’s name.

Halloween Bingo


Yes, bingo! You haven’t thought of a day when you will have to play bingo online. But what can we do now? So rather than whining about it let’s play. You can use a virtual caller with traditional (physical) number cards or the ones available on the internet. If you are going for the physical one, make it more hallowe-y with the spine-chilling printed number cards.

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Most likely to…. Or Never have I ever….


Warning! This game is for adults only. Playing Never have I ever… is simple and easy. You won’t have to make an extra effort. Take shots in hand and let one of the guests start the game. You might already know about the game, but still! 

In this game, a person will say a task like, ‘Never have I ever kissed in the public place.’ The twist is that those who have done will take a sip from their drink, and others are safe. Continue the game until you want. It’s a never-ending game!

Name, Place, Animal, Thing


Seems childish, but it can be fun! Pick a letter from the alphabet, now tell everyone to write a name, place, animal, and thing starting with that letter. To make it more interesting, keep a time frame like writing all four in a minute only. See how everyone warms up their head.

Scavenger Hunt


Playing a treasure hunt needs a heck of planning and everyone to be at the same place. While the Halloween scavenger game is the best substitute with no advance planning required. Make a list of the things that a person has to find, mail them at the moment, and hit the timer. 

The list will contain things to find around the house, in the video call, on the internet, and last will be the act out scenes. The one who does all this in the minimum time limit will be the winner. 



Miss playing truth and dare with friends. Here’s the online application available on both Appstore and Google Playstore. It is easy to play. All you have to do is create a team, send the invite codes and start playing.

The game has pre-installed questions. You have to give the fake answer to the real trivia questions. Then vote for the funniest answer (p.s.: you can’t vote your own answer). At the end of the game, the person with the highest votes on the answer will win.

Have a Happy and Mysterious Virtual Halloween Party:


In this article, you learned how to have fun even when a certain virus keeps you away. This year, let’s make a virtual Halloween party an easy deal. With the guide above, you can host the best virtual party ever.

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