Looking for motivation to work is an important issue at any job. What you did yesterday by feeling the drive today can become routine. For creative professionals such as designers or developers, this can be a serious problem. It is impossible to create something new, for example, a video game, without inspiration. And no one canceled the deadlines. Where to look for motivation for a video game designer? Let’s talk about it!

The Profession of Video Game Designer: Where to Look for Sources of Inspiration?

It all starts with the idea of how it comes unexpectedly during a walk or in the middle of a party. You can spend days puzzling over video game ideas, and the moment of enlightenment will come unexpectedly.

All designers are looking for inspiration from resources like the game idea generator. And it definitely works. But in this article, we propose to consider an interesting technique for motivation. This is a distraction from the main job. Let’s just say: distraction on scrolling social networks or thoughtless viewing of the series does not work. Read more on what we advise to distract the video game designer.

Read a Book

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Read more than just books related to your gaming career. Such literature is part of professional development, but not a source of inspiration. Read fiction of various genres.

Writers paint the world in words. It’s a kind of magic, and it works. Take time to read thoughtfully without haste. This will help your brain to relax and promote all-around development. And don’t be surprised if in the middle of an interesting scene you feel the idea that you have been looking for for so long.

See a Play

It is said that ideas are in the air. But this is not quite true. Video game ideas come from unexpected realms, even from classical art.

Watching a play in the theater can make you think of a video game script. The main thing is not to hesitate when you hear the idea in your head. If you can not start work immediately, then at least record the right opinion in a notebook.

Listen to Music

It’s one thing to turn on your favorite music at work. And finding a free minute and just listening to music is something else entirely. Try to spend at least a few minutes a day just to relax from your favorite music.

Draw a Landscape

Remember as a child you attended art school or attended an art studio. Just to draw and enjoy the process. Give yourself back this pleasure! 

Go Hiking

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What does a game designer do when motivation disappears? The correct answer leaves the workplace and goes outside. And what could be better for a holiday than a city tour? Of course, going hiking.

Do Volunteer Work

Find a community of like-minded people and join a good initiative. It can be anything that resonates in your heart: animal protection, environmental initiatives, charities. Volunteering gives you the feeling that you are doing the right thing.

Take an Online Course

Learn something new, but not related to the topic of how to become a game designer. Each of us needs to develop new skills from time to time. Learn the basics of public speaking or the basics of financial literacy. Use the webinar recording software to not miss anything.

How to Choose the Best Video Game Ideas?

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Consider the life cycle of an idea in the work of a video game designer. Psychologists describe five classic stages for the development of ideas in creative professions.

  1. Preparation. This is the period of becoming interested in the topic. You can show interest in different ways. Such as communicating with like-minded people and colleagues, participating in events, for example, WWDC 2021 Event, watching professional videos. Ideas rush to where there is interest.
  2. Incubation. This is the period when ideas “churn around” in your subconscious. They are barely audible and completely blurred. These are only vague conjectures, not formed thoughts. At this stage, give yourself some time: read, draw, walk, listen to music. Do not force ideas out of the subconscious.
  3. Insight. This period is also called “The aha! moment” The idea seems to shoot in your head. And for some reason, the thought immediately comes: “It’s so simple! How could I not have guessed before?” It is important that the idea does not disappear. Remember about the handy notebook for ideas that every video game designer should have.
  4. Evaluation. This is an important decision-making process: whether to research insight. Remember how in the beginning, when you were learning how to become a game designer, you heard this advice. Not every idea is worth the effort to implement. Eliminate the excess.
  5. Elaboration. And finally, it’s time to implement the idea. Now is the time to get to work and not be distracted by external stimuli. Get out of social networks and work!

This is a typical process of the birth of an idea described by psychologists. It’s not scary if you have a “The aha! moment” at the stage of preparation. It is also normal to discard all the ideas written in the notebook and start all over again.

The main thing is not to dwell on one thought and keep a reasonable emotional distance from your idea. Mistakes are one of the integral stages in a designer’s job. Learn to work with them without exhaustion.

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Believe in Your Ideas and in Yourself

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No matter what stage you are in now, don’t give up. There are ups and downs in life, as well as in the professional sphere.

At the farewell, we will give you some more tips. Ask for help. The team members you work with on the project or colleagues from the design community will listen to you and help with at least a kind word. Read about people who have achieved incredible results in your profession. They all went through a creative crisis when they did not hear ideas. The creative crisis is just another growth point. Take advantage of it!