User Manual For Gamers: Connect PS4 Controller On PC

Every PS4 lovers have one common dilemma, is PS4 compatible with Windows PC? Perhaps they think that the controller is designed specifically for Sony’s Playstation 4 console, so it may not be working on a Windows computer. However, they will be happy to hear that the PS4 controller for PC is now a reality by following a simple procedure.

Step 1:- Connect PS4 Controller With USB Or Bluetooth

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The most common and simplest way to connect the controller to the Windows computer is to use a micro-USB cable. There are upsides of doing these as once it is connected to the computer, there is no further configuration required. Also, a regular micro-USB cable, like the one used for modern smartphones is easy to find and it will work efficiently.

Step 2:- Install An Xbox 360 Controller Driver

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PS4 controller for PC won’t work if the user just physically connects it to the computer. Games on Windows cannot directly recognize the PS4 controller. To emulate an Xbox 360 controller with a PS4 controller, the user requires a third-party application. A user needs to install an Xbox 360 controller software on their computer, in order for these applications to work fine.

If the software is yet to be installed on the computer, then go to Microsoft to download the software:-

  • For Windows page, go to the Xbox 360.
  • Click Downloads. Then select the operating system and language. After that, click the file to download.
  • Open the file which is downloaded and install on the computer.
  • Restart the computer.

Step 3:- Use Third Party Xbox Controller Emulator

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Downloading the third party program will enable the computer to take their PS4 controller for an Xbox controller. This will enable the user to use PS4 controller on PC. Connect with the Steam and make sure that Steam client is updated and plug the controller to the PC. But, even if the Steam is up-to-date, a user may encounter a few problems while setting up their controller.

Step 4:- Customizing Setup

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The primary DS4 interface allows players to adjust almost every facet of the controller, right down to the color of the LED light bar. If the default controller is designed to work with the Xbox controller already than it should work for most recent PC games.

Users can select specific premade profiles or create their own, for the games that aren’t easily adaptable to controllers, assigning more or less any keystroke to any of the Dualshock’s buttons. Users can look around to see what works best for them like touchpad sensitivity, macros, and game-specific profiles are supported.