The Character Counter tool gives users the platform that helps them streamline their social media posts. With this, you can ensure the ideal level of engagement of your social media posts. You can use the Character Counter online tool in formulating your social media posts according to the character count limit. Track the number of words and create your social media post according to the character limit.

The Character Counter tool should give content creators the ability to plan their social media posts ahead of time. Planning your social media posts will make it much clearer to your audience. Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram have a different word count limit. So, make sure you create the best social media posts that fit within each platform’s limits.

Being able to convey your message or your content is a crucial thing in social media today. Social media is the center of all things now that technology has progressed. You want to get the most out of each 80 character limit, or 150 characters in some platforms. With the Character Counter tool, you can convey the same message across different platforms. The word count may be different, but you can craft each post for every platform in the same idea and essence!

Character Counter With Spaces & Without Spaces

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Believe it or not, spaces bear the character count on some social media platforms. Some social media platforms will automatically count spaces as characters. So, this could be a problem whenever you try to craft your social media post without using the Character Counter tool. You cannot see the accurate number of characters with and without the spaces without using this tool!

Have a target character count in mind and edit it after you craft your social media post! This feature of the Character Counter tool will surely help make sure that your post is within the character limit! You can use this character counter with spaces and without spaces for your next social media posts!

Using the Character Counter tool, you will be able to accurately view your progress in terms of characters with spaces and spaces. The counter for both variations is visible on the Counter page. So, you can craft your social media post without minding your pace.

Character Counter For Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

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Character Counter tool is one of the best online tools that help in crafting a good social media post that can attract attention. Every social media platform has a limit on the number of characters you can type on your post. So, if you want to achieve your post’s ideal engagement, you must follow the character limit. You must convey your message within the 80 characters, 150 characters, or 240 character limit!

So, the Character Counter tool will then display the number of characters allowed by a social media platform. This online tool has counters for the three most commonly used social media platforms today. You can use the Character Counter Online tool in expertly drafting your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter posts.

You will see the characters of the draft or words you are typing on the space provided. With this, you will create adjustments to fit your message within the character limit. Type or key-in word afterword, and the Character Counter will automatically show the number of characters as you continue.

Can Your Social Media Post Exceed The Character Limit On the Counter?

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As we said, the Character Counter tool is a tool that helps you in maximizing the engagement of your posts online. So, you can still craft and upload social media posts that exceed the Character limit. The character limit is merely there to help in achieving the optimal engagement for your social media post.

The actual character limit for Facebook can go up to 63,206 characters. For Instagram, it can go up to 2,200 characters. Yes, these numbers go way above the character limit on the Character Tool. However, you cannot achieve optimal engagement by posting a 2,200-word Instagram caption!

While the character limit may stretch for Facebook and Instagram, we cannot say the same for the case of Twitter. You will only be able to tweet 280 characters at a time. However, you will be able to create continuous threads of tweets comprising 280 characters. You can work with 280; after all, it used to be 140!


character counter tool

You can be efficient and effective in delivering your message in your social media posts. All social media platforms have a relative character count limit. So, it is your job to adjust and convey your message that is fit for each social media platform. You can adjust, edit, or copy and paste your social media posts on the Character Counter tool and see if it is within the character limit!

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